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Huang X.,Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College | Wang W.,Chinese Helicopter Research and Development Institute | Jiang W.,Chinese Helicopter Research and Development Institute
Jixie Qiangdu/Journal of Mechanical Strength | Year: 2012

Rotor system is the core component of the helicopter, flexible blade with the spherical thrust bearing connected to provide the wielding, shimmy and pitch degrees of freedom, the stiffness characteristics is one of the main mechanical properties. Test the spherical thrust bearing compression, torsion and bending stiffness characteristics by twisting the screw to drive the semi-circular fixture. These results indicated that the test method is distinctive and general. It can accurately determine whether the spherical thrust bearing is qualified and provide a test before installing for different type of spherical thrust bearings.

Liu Q.-P.,Beijing Jiaotong University | Liu Q.-P.,Jiangxi University of Science and Technology | Liu Q.-P.,CAS Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular | Huang H.-J.,Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College | And 4 more authors.
Wuli Huaxue Xuebao/ Acta Physico - Chimica Sinica | Year: 2012

Al-doped TiO 2 thin films were synthesized by the hydrothermal method. To prepare a working electrode, a TiO 2 or AlTiO 2 slurry was coated onto a fluorine-doped tin oxide glass substrate by the doctor blade method and the coated substrate was sintered at 450 ° C. TiO 2 and Al-doped TiO 2 films were characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and tested by the dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSCs) system. The influences of Al-doping on TiO 2 crystal form and the photovoltaic performance of DSSCs were investigated. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) data indicate that the doped Al ions exist in the form of Al 3+, and these ions play a role as e - or h+ traps and reduce the e -/h + pair recombination rate. The corresponding Mott- Schottky plot indicates that the Al-doped TiO 2 photoanode shifts the flat band potential positively. The positive shift of the flat band potential improves the driving force of injected electrons from the LUMO of the dye to the conduction band of TiO 2. The Al-doped TiO 2 thin film shows a photovoltaic efficiency of 6.48%, which is higher than that of the undoped TiO 2 thin film (5.58%) and the short-circuit photocurrent density increases from 16.5 to 18.2 mA·cm -2. © Editorial office of Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica.

Tong L.,Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College
Jixie Qiangdu/Journal of Mechanical Strength | Year: 2013

Tension-torsion low cycle fatigue tests were carried out using thin-walled tubular specimens of BT9 titanium alloy under proportional and non-proportional cyclic strain paths at room temperature. The results of experimental investigations of the non-proportional low cycle fatigue are proposed and analyzed. The investigations show that the cyclic hardening under the circular cycles and the torsional (or axial) cycles with the same value of von Misses equivalent strain range is equal in the saturated state. Fatigue lives of BT9 titanium alloy are reduced by non-proportional loading of the specimens compared to proportional loading, but the reduction is not that large as in case of stainless steels.

Wang S.-B.,Jinggangshan University | Liu X.-H.,Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College
Materials Science Forum | Year: 2011

On the basis of analysis of linear contour errors model, a new strategy of independent contour error control was presented for high precision contour machining. The proposed control scheme, in which the equations of the well-known cross-coupling controller were implemented, is shown to be able to diminish the linear contour error without using any cross-feeding signals between the driving axes. The simulation results show that the proposed control scheme is effective and that better effect of the contour tracking can be obtained. As a result, the contour machining precision is improved greatly. © (2011) Trans Tech Publications.

Wan M.-H.,Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College | Liu X.-H.,Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College
Materials Science Forum | Year: 2011

A novel material synthesis technique, microwave process was investigated for the production of phosphor powders. In this study, we have developed a new method to product phosphor powders, and applied this process into two materials fabrication. EuDL3 where L is cinnamic acid (C6H5CH = CHCOOH, HL), D = 2, 9-dimethyl-1, 10-phenantroline (dmp), or 2, 2′-bipyridine (bipy) phosphor powders were successfully synthesized by microwave process. The process takes only 24 min to obtain two phosphor powders. The process takes only 24 min to obtain two phosphor powders. The resultant phosphor powders were investigated by TG-DTA, IR, luminescence spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The results revealed that the two materials is significant different, compared to micrographs of scanning electron microscope (SEM). © (2011) Trans Tech Publications.

Tang Y.,Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College | Deng Y.,Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College | Xu X.,Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering | Year: 2013

Through researching on multicultural teaching education, teaching methods based on the conceptual model, and by using the establishment steps of conceptual model and combining the actual situation of students in the learning process, we can establish an education and teaching ring. At the same time, under the analysis of the multiple meanings of multicultural teaching education based on conceptual model and using the analytic hierarchy process and factors influence to establish a conceptual model of multicultural teaching education, we can obtain the results of impact factor. Finally, the relationship diagram of the impact factor obtained by regression analysis of the model will provide a guidance on the practice and development of multicultural teaching education. © 2013 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Li H.,China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation | Zhao J.,China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation | Su Y.,China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation | Shi H.,Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College
2016 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation, IEEE ICMA 2016 | Year: 2016

Simulating inertial system was applied to the test of the starting and braking performance of rotary mechanism. The accuracy of inertia has an important impact on test precision of simulating inertial system. So the distribution of the inertia error caused by the mass error and the centroid error is analyzed and the models of the simulating inertial system with the theoretical inertia and the limit inertia are built by SIMMECHANICS or 'M-function'. These models are carried out and angular acceleration error of rotary mechanism caused by mass error and the centroid error is investigated by these simulation models. It lays a theoretical foundation for the actual testing of rotary mechanism. © 2016 IEEE.

Liu J.,Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering | Year: 2013

At present, basketball in the community has been getting more and more attention, and there are more and more college basketball games. Therefore, how to enhance the physical fitness of basketball players and basketball skills has gained the widespread concern of the community. This paper made a comparison test on the university's male basketball athletes in this article from a specific sport aerobic gap training starting from the maximum running speed, vertical jump height, agility and repeated sprint ability of several projects to test the physiological responses of male basketball players, which will lay a good foundation to strengthen training, learn from each other, and to avoid issues such as errors in the game of basketball, basketball player to be sport-specific training to strengthen the physical endurance of its special qualities, so that they can fight fatigue, maintain a long focus, and play to their competitive level in basketball races. © 2013 Springer-Verlag.

Yang M.,Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College | Zhang X.,Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College
Proceedings - 2014 IEEE Workshop on Advanced Research and Technology in Industry Applications, WARTIA 2014 | Year: 2014

With the improvement of network technology and the popularization of education information, education information integration and sharing is the development trend of the future. But strong network resources for education services at the same time, it also make education resources construction and management is facing new challenges. Because of various reasons of all kinds of resources and the function of the university organization, management is chaos, and at the same time, the data resources and services of university is relatively isolated. In this paper, we study how to integrate the university teaching resources and data information, and on the basis of the implementation of resources sharing, establish college teaching resource database sharing platform. © 2014 IEEE.

Li T.-P.,PLA Air Force Aviation University | Wang G.-M.,PLA Air Force Aviation University | Lu K.,PLA Air Force Aviation University | Xu H.-X.,PLA Air Force Aviation University | And 2 more authors.
Progress in Electromagnetics Research Letters | Year: 2012

In this paper, on the basis of proposing a novel complementary split-ring resonator (CSRR) using Koch fractal curve, a bandpass filter based on such a new structure is designed To validate the designing method. Transmission characteristics and reflection characteristics of the presented filter are given by both software simulation and experiment measurement. Consistent results have confirmed the design concept and excellent performance of the new structure and indicated that the proposed filter has a low insertion loss a high selectivity and small size.

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