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Jiujiang, China

The Jiujiang University is a college in Jiujiang, northern Jiangxi Province in China. Wikipedia.

In order to decrease the negative effect of limitation factors like distance,region and time in the system of wireless image monitoring, this paper designs a wireless remote image monitoring system which based on ARM and GPRS through digital imaging and network transmission technique. The system give full play of embedded picture collection and processer: small volume,low power consumption,high reliability and low cost of GRPS network. The result in the experiment shows that the system have advantages of easy to design,reliable performance,the real-time image which stratify the demand of remote transmission,checking at anytime and anyplace for users, it will have a wide perspective. © 2011 Published by Elsevier Ltd. Source

Wu Q.,Jiujiang University
Computers and Education | Year: 2015

The researcher developed a Basic4Android smartphone app (named as Word Learning-CET6) and investigated its effectiveness as a tool in helping English as a Foreign Language college students learn English vocabulary. The app, containing 1274 English words, was designed to be installed into smartphones with Android operating system. To test the program's effectiveness, two groups of students were set up as a test group (those with Word Learning-CET6) and a control group (those without Word Learning-CET6). Knowledge of the vocabulary was tested before and after the study to assess the impact of the program. The study showed that the students using the program significantly outperformed those in the control group in acquiring new vocabulary. At the conclusion of this study, the researcher designed an app and established a pedagogical paradigm which can be followed as a way of mobile learning. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Source

The researcher designed a smartphone app to help college students to learn English (L2) vocabulary. The app contained 3,402 English words that were compiled into an alphabetic wordlist with each word displayed on three features; namely: spelling, pronunciation and Chinese definitions. To test the effectiveness of the app, an experimental group (with app) was compared with a control group (without app) and knowledge of words was tested before and after the research. The study revealed that the students using the program significantly outperformed those in the control group in vocabulary acquisition. This paper introduced a research design method and set up a pedagogical paradigm which can be followed as a way to practice MALL. © 2015 Qun Wu. Source

Shu-yue M.,Jiujiang University
Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences | Year: 2012

In traditional application of chaotic theory in encryption, we can find the computation rate is low. In order to solve such problems, this paper proposes a chaotic image encryption algorithm based on maximum entropy. Firstly, we have to regard the image for encryption as a common data flow, and then we exert the image features with an algorithm based on maximum entropy. Next, we encrypted the data flow regarding the chaotic binary sequence with chaotic theory as the key. Through the design of encryption algorithm with a chaotic binary sequence, the computation cost and efficiency in encryption and de-encryption have been comparatively improved. The analysis algorithm has strong anti-key brute-force attack and resistance capabilities. The experimental results show that the algorithm proposed in this paper has features of effectiveness and practice. In addition, the image encryption has reached a higher security level. Source

Hui-fen L.,Jiujiang University
Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences | Year: 2012

The methods for intrusion of network is diverse, as for the attack of virus and hacker, there are some issues that the detection speed is slow and accuracy is low due to unreasonable set of initial value of traditional method. In order to improve the accuracy of network detection, a genetic algorithm is proposed to optimize RBF neural network weight value. At first, by genetic algorithm find the most reasonable weight value of RBF neutral network, then study and detect the network data by adopting optimized RBF neural network. The test indicates compared with traditional network intrusion detection algorithm, the optimized RBF neural network improves the accuracy of network intrusion data detection, accelerates the speed of network intrusion, and improve the efficiency of detection. Source

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