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Zhu L.,Soochow University of China | Peng L.,Jinan Environmental Monitoring Center | Zhang Y.-Q.,Soochow University of China
Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry | Year: 2015

The formation of peritoneal adhesions represents one of the most common complications after abdominal surgery, and it increases the difficulty of re-operation. Thus, preventing postoperative adhesions is a major problem in the field of surgical medicine. Due to a lack of good predictive animal models and the complexity of adhesion pathogenesis, attempts to prevent or reduce peritoneal adhesions have been largely unsuccessful. As a result, the study of anti-adhesion drugs and materials has become a hot topic for experts and scholars. The processing and development of chitosan and its derivatives as new anti-adhesion materials is highly valued because chitosan is inexpensive, highly biocompatible, and not cytotoxic, making it a promising anti-adhesion material. Here, we review the sources and preparation of chitosan and the progress made toward producing different types of chitosan and its derivatives for preventing adhesion. © 2015 Bentham Science Publishers.

Liu P.,Shandong University | Yue M.,Shandong University | Zhang H.,Jinan Environmental Monitoring Center
Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2016

The withered Phragmites australis (PA) surrounding the rivers can cause the secondary pollution of water. In this research, by changing the ratio (R) of ammonium polyphosphate (APP), used as flame retardant, to PA at different temperatures, a series of BC samples were prepared for further analysis in several perspectives, namely, surface morphologies, surface areas, surface functional groups, and yields. The analysis indicated that, after being charred, the produced BCs obtained enhanced yields and promoted surface acidity. As adsorbent to remove Ni(II) from aqueous solutions, the BCs with APP improved the sorption of Ni(II) dramatically, compared with those purely produced by pyrolysis of PA, and obtained the maximum of adsorption capacity with the R of 0.25 at 400°C. © 2016 Peng Liu et al.

Du J.,Liaocheng University | Xu Z.,Liaocheng University | Deng B.,Jinan Environmental Monitoring Center | Chu R.,Liaocheng University | And 3 more authors.
Ceramics International | Year: 2014

(Na0.52K0.45Li0.03)1-3xLa x(Nb0.88Sb0.09Ta0.03)O3 (NKLLxNST) lead-free ceramics were prepared by normal sintering and their dielectric and piezoelectric properties were investigated. The X-ray methods indicate that the NKLLxNST ceramics with x≤0.003 present a pure perovskite phase at room temperature. The bulk density of NKLL xNST ceramics increases with proper amount of La2O 3 contents, and reaches its highest value of 4.544 g/cm3 with the addition of 0.3 mol% La2O3. At x=0.003, remnant polarization Pr, piezoelectric constant d33 and planar mode electromechanical coupling factor kp of NKLLxNST ceramics reach the highest values of 37.80 μC/cm2, 346 pC/N and 40%, respectively, exhibiting excellent "soft" piezoelectric characteristics, demonstrating a tremendous potential of the compositions studied for device applications. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd and Techna Group S.r.l.

He W.,National Climate Center | Feng G.,National Climate Center | Wu Q.,National Satellite Meteorological Center | He T.,Jinan Environmental Monitoring Center | And 2 more authors.
International Journal of Climatology | Year: 2012

On the basis of detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA), a new method, moving cut data-DFA (MC-DFA), was presented to detect abrupt dynamic change in correlated time series. The numerical tests show the capability of the presented method to detect abrupt change time-instants in model time series generated by Logistic map. Moving DFA (MDFA) and approximate entropy (ApEn) can provide some information such as a single time-instant of abrupt dynamic change, but both of them cannot exactly detect all of the abrupt change regions. Some traditional methods, such as moving t-test, Cramer method, Mann-Kendall test and Yamamoto method, even cannot provide any information of abrupt dynamic change in these model time series. Meanwhile, results showed that windows sizes and strong noise have some less effect on the MC-DFA results. In summary, MC-DFA provides a reliable measure to detect the abrupt dynamic change in correlated time series, and perfectively make up the deficiencies of MDFA and ApEn. The applications in daily surface air pressure records further verify the validity of the present method. © 2011 Royal Meteorological Society.

Cheng H.-Y.,Yancheng Institute of Technology | He W.-P.,National Climate Center | He T.,Jinan Environmental Monitoring Center | Wu Q.,National Satellite Meteorological Center
Wuli Xuebao/Acta Physica Sinica | Year: 2012

For a stable dynamic system, probability density distribution (PDD) of a system variable is relatively stable, and if there is a change in dynamic structure of a system, the PDD of the system variable will have some change correspondingly. According to this characteristic of PDD of a dynamic system, in this paper we present two new methods, namely, skewness index and kurtosis index, to detect an abrupt change in a time series by means of identifying some small changes in PDD. Tests on model time series indicate that skewness index and kurtosis index can be used to identify an abrupt change, such as abrupt change in parameter of an equation and abrupt dynamic change. Thus, we provide a new approach to detecting abrupt change in time series based on PDD. Further studies show that the detected results of the skewness index and kurtosis index are almost independence of the length of a subseries. © 2012 Chinese Physical Society.

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