Xiamen, China
Xiamen, China

Jimei University , colloquially known as "Jídà" , is a public university located in Xiamen, Fujian, People's Republic of China. Wikipedia.

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Jimei University | Date: 2015-04-30

A limonin extraction method, comprising the following steps: step one, raw material extracting or juicing: directly soaking raw material in water or using a presser to directly juice the raw material to obtain the extract; step two, adding salt and adjusting pH: adding a sulfate solid material or saturated sulfate solution to the extract; adjusting pH to 3-7; step three, heating and preserving heat: heating to 20 C.-100 C. and keeping at the temperature for 10 minutes-110 minutes; step four, centrifuging: centrifuging for 10 minutes at a rotational speed of 2500g, and obtaining limonin precipitation. Compared with a traditional method, the raw material in the present invention can directly use the extract liquid or juicing liquid without drying, and recover most limonin in water using a precipitation method without complicated apparatus, and is easy to operate and has a low process cost.

The Wiener index of a connected graph is defined as the sum of distances between all unordered pairs of its vertices. A vertex of a tree T with degree 3 or greater is called a branching vertex of T. In this paper, the lower bound and the upper bound of the Wiener index of an n-vertex tree with given number of branching vertices are obtained respectively.

The Wiener index of a connected graph is defined as the sum of distances between all pairs of its vertices. In this paper, we characterize the trees which minimize and maximize the Wiener index among all trees with given number of vertices of even degree respectively.

The first Zagreb index M1 of a graph G is equal to the sum of squares of the vertex degrees of G. A segment of a tree is a path-subtree whose terminal vertices are branching or pendent vertices. In this paper, we characterize the trees which minimize and maximize the first Zagreb index among all trees with fixed number of segments, respectively. As a byproduct, we also prove that these trees also share the minimum and maximum first Zagreb index among all trees with fixed number of vertices of degree two, respectively.

IL-8 plays a crucial role in acute inflammation by recruiting and mediating neutrophils and other cells and in initiating the oxidative burst in neutrophils and inducing wound healing by promoting angiogenesis. In the present study, the full-length cDNA and genome sequence of interleukin-8 (LcIL-8) were cloned from large yellow croaker Larimichthys crocea. The LcIL-8 cDNA sequence was 931 bp, containing a 118-bp 5'-untranslated region (UTR), a 528-bp 3'-UTR and a 285-bp open reading frame (ORF) which encoded 94 amino acids. A putative signal peptide including 20 amino acid residues was found at N-terminal in LcIL-8 protein. And a small cytokine (SCY) domain showing a typical CXC chemokine gene organization was predicted in LcIL-8. The genome sequence of LcIL-8 gene was composed of 1930 nucleotides, including four exons and three introns. Quantitative real-time PCR analysis indicated a broad expression of LcIL-8 in most detected tissues, with the most predominant expression in liver. After injection with LPS, Vibrio parahaemolyticus and poly I:C, LcIL-8 expression levels showed up-regulation in head-kidney and spleen. The peak value was in the spleen with 6 times (at 6 h) greater expression than in the control after LPS injection (p < 0.05). However, LcIL-8 transcripts showed down-regulation in the liver after all the three stimulants injection. Recombinant LcIL-8 mature peptide was produced by Escherichia coli, which enhanced the production of superoxide anion in PCK cells. In addition, 5 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were identified in LcIL-8 gene. The results suggested that LcIL-8 might play an important role in fish's immune response, and the SNPs might be used as potential candidate molecular markers for selection for disease-resistant large yellow croaker. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

The Wiener index of a connected graph is defined as the sum of distances between all unordered pairs of its vertices. A graph G is said to have a P r-factor if G contains a spanning subgraph F of G such that every component of F is a path with r vertices. In this note, it is shown that if T and T′ are two trees with Pr-factors on equal number of vertices, then W(T) ≡ W(T′) (mod r) for odd r and W(T) ≡ W(T′) (mod 2r) for even r.

Zhang X.,Jimei University
Computers and Mathematics with Applications | Year: 2011

In this paper, we introduce the generalized quasi-contractive mapping f in a cone metric space (X,d). f is called a generalized quasi-contractive if there is a real λ∈[0,1) such that for all x,y∈X, d(fx,fy) ≤λs for some s∈co0,d(fx,fy),d(x,y),d(x,fx),d(y,fy),d(x,fy),d(y, fx). It is proved that if X is a complete cone metric space with normal cone then f has a unique fixed point. A example is given, which shows that our result is a genuine generalization of quasi-contractive mapping. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Hong L.,Jimei University
Computers and Operations Research | Year: 2012

This paper studies the dynamic vehicle routing problem with hard time windows (DVRPTW). The main study course of this problem was briefly reviewed. The solving strategy and algorithm of the problem are put forward. First of all, DVRPTW problem is decomposed into a series of static VRPTW. When and how to decompose the DVRP is the issue, that must be addressed. An event-trigger mechanism has been proposed and used to decompose the DVRPTW into a series of system delay-snapshots. The trigger event to be adopted is a new request arrival during the stable operation. And each snapshot is regarded as a static VRPTW. Whether each static VRPTW can quickly and efficiently be solved within a given time or a shorter time, i.e. the solving time is another issue for the DVRPTW. In the solving process, how to merge the latest requirement to the current solution is the third issue that must be solved. An improved large neighborhood search (LNS) algorithm is proposed to solve the static problem. Utilizing the removereinsert process of the LNS, the latest request nodes are regarded as a part of the removed nodes; these nodes can be inserted into the original or current solution in good time in the reinsertion process; meanwhile, its computing speed is high and effective for it does not need to resolve primal problem each time. Computational results of a large number of test problems, which cited from Solomons static benchmarks and Lacker's dynamic data set, show that our method is superior to other methods in most instances. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.

In this paper, the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) of the wavelet transformation is introduced into the processing of financial time series with high frequency. The high-frequency data are decomposed with EMD at first. Then the evolutionary law and development trend of each component of intrinsic mode function (IMF) are explored in different time scales. Finally, forecast model are reconstructed by using the IMF components. Using this forecast model, the time series of oil futures at 5 minute intervals as samples is analyzed. The results showed that there are quasi-cycles with 10, 27, 80, 150, 370, 860, 1290 points of data in the financial time series. Furthermore, we can make more accurate forecast with EMD by extracting the IMF components with the different volatility cycle in the financial time series. © 2011 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Lin H.,Jimei University
Match | Year: 2013

The Wiener index of a graph is defined as the sum of distances between all pairs of vertices of the graph. In this paper, we characterize the trees which maximize and minimize the Wiener index among all trees of given order that have only vertices of odd degrees.

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