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Xu W.-J.,Jilin University | Wang Y.,Jilin University | Yang H.-Y.,Jilin University | Gao Z.-Z.,Jilin Chemical Group | Xu S.-L.,Jilin University
Journal of Jilin University Medicine Edition | Year: 2014

Objective: To study the influence of the specific inhibitor of autophagy 3-methyladenine (3-MA) in apoptosis of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs), and to clarify the protective effect of 3-MA on RGCs under hypoxic micro-environment. Methods: The RGCs at logarithmic growth phase were collected and divided into control group (PBS), 3-MA group (6 mmol·L-13-MA), CoCl 2 group(300 μmol·L-1 CoCl2) and 3-MA combined with CoCl2group(6 mmol·L-1 3-MA+300 μmol·L-1 CoCl2). MTT method was conducted to evaluate the optimal concentration of CoCl2 and the inhibitory rate of proliferation of RGCs in various groups, Acridine orange/ Ethidium bromide (AO/EB) staining was used to detect the morphology of RGCs, Monodansylcadaverine (MDC) staining was used to detect the autophagic vacuoles of RGCs; Western blotting method was used to test the expression levels of apoptotic proteins P53, Bax, caspase-9, caspase-3, iASPP and autophagic protein LC3 in RGCs in various groups. Results: The 30% inhibitory concentration (IC30) of CoCl2 was 300 μmol·L-1. Compared with CoCl 2group, the inhibitory rate of proliferation of RGCs in 3-MA+CoCl2 group was decreased(P<0.05). The apoptosis body and autophagic vacuole in RGCs in various groups were observed under fluorescence microscope. The Western blotting results showed that compared with control group, the expression levels of P53, Bax, caspase-9, caspase-3, and LC3 in RGCs in the other groups were increased(P<0.05) and the expression level of iASPP was decreased (P<0.05); compared with CoCl2 group, the expression levels of P53, Bax, caspase-9, caspase-3, and LC3 in RGCs in 3-MA+CoCl 2 group were decreased(P<0.05) and the expression level of iASPP was increased (P<0.05); compared with 3-MA group, the expression levels of P53, Bax, caspase-9, caspase-3, and LC3 in RGCs in 3-MA+CoCl2 group were increased(P<0.05) and the expression level of iASPP was decreased(P<0.05). Conclusion: Under hypoxic micro-environment, the inhibitor of autophagy 3-MA has protective effect on apoptosis of RGCs induced by CoCl2.

Jia X.-J.,Jilin University | Huang J.-Z.,Jilin Chemical Group
Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention | Year: 2015

Objective: To investigate short- and long-term treatment effects and side reactions of lobaplatin plus 5-Fu combined and concurrent radiotherapy in treating patients with inoperable middle-advanced stage esophageal cancer. Methods: Sixty patients with middle-advanced stage esophageal squamous cell cancer were retrospectively analyzed. All patients were administered lobaplatin (50 mg intravenously) for 2 h on day 1, and 5-Fu (500 mg/m2) injected intravenously from day 1 to 5 for 1 cycle, in an interval of 21 days for totally 4 cycles. At the same time, late-course accelerated hyperfractionated three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy was performed. Patients were firstly treated with conventional fractionated irradiation (1.8 Gy/d, 5 times/week, a total of 23 treatments, and DT41.4 Gy), and then treated with accelerated hyperfractionated irradiation (1.5 Gy, 2 times/d, a total of 27 Gy in 9 days, an entire course of 6-7 weeks, and DT 68.4Gy). Results: All patients completed treatment, including 10 complete response (CR), 41 partial response (PR), 7 stable disease (SD), and 2 progressive disease (PD). The total effective rate was 85.0% (51/60). Thirty-nine patients had an increased KPS score. One-, 2-, and 3-year survival rates were 85.3%, 57.5%, and 41.7%, respectively. The median survival time was 27 months. The adverse reactions included myelosuppression, which was mainly degree I and II. The occurrence rate of radiation esophagitis was 17.5%. No significant hepatic or renal toxicity was observed. Conclusion: Lobaplatin plus 5-Fu combined with concurrent radiotherapy is safe and effective in treating patients with middle-advanced stage esophageal cancer. However, this result warrants further evaluation by randomized clinical studies.

Wang K.-Y.,Jilin University | Wang K.-Y.,Beihua University | Ma J.,Beihua University | Zhang F.-X.,Beihua University | And 3 more authors.
IUBMB Life | Year: 2014

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small noncoding RNAs that participate in a variety of biological processes, and dysregulation of miRNAs is widely associated with cancer development and progression. MiR-378 is frequently downregulated in colorectal cancer (CRC) and colorectal cell lines; however, it has high serum levels. Bioinformatics analysis further deduced that CDC40 is a potential target of miR-378, and luciferase reporter assays confirmed the direct regulation of CDC40 by miR-378. CDC40 plays a key role in cell cycle progression through G1/S and G2/M and pre-mRNA splicing. Subsequently, we determined that miR-378 inhibits cell growth and the G1/S transition in CRC cells and that these effects were CDC40-dependent. Finally, miR-378 increased cell apoptosis induced by the chemotherapeutic drug l-OHP. Our data highlight the potential application of miR-378 as a tumor suppressor for CRC therapy and overcoming chemoresistance, and it may also be a potential tumor marker for CRC prognosis. © 2014 IUBMB Life, 66(9):645-654, 2014 © 2014 International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is one of the leading causes of death in the world with a projected global 82 million DALYs by 2020. Genetic and environmental factors contribute to CHD development. Here, the authors investigate the association between CHD risk and three Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in the AdipoQ gene (rs3774261, rs1063537 and rs2082940); and the interaction of this association with environmental factors, in Northeast Han Chinese population.Using a case-control study design, 1514 participants (754 cases and 760 controls) were investigated. Three variants in the AdipoQ gene (rs3774261, rs1063537 and rs2082940) were selected and genotyped. The online SNPstats program and SPSS 21.0 software were used for data analyses.The authors found that the rs3774261G allele is associated with the risk of CHD but that the rs2082940T allele protects against CHD. No significant association was found between rs1063537 and CHD risk. The study also found significant interactions between triglyceride levels and the SNPs studied (P < 0.0001 for rs3774261, P = 0.014 for rs1063537, and P = 0.031 for rs2082940).Variations in AdipoQ gene can protect against CHD (as with rs2082940T) or associated with CHD risk (as with rs3774261G) in Northeast Han Chinese - findings that will help shed light on the reported conflicting roles of AdipoQ in cardiovascular diseases. Serum triglycerides levels also interact in the AdipoQ - CHD association, thus further highlighting the roles environmental factors play in the genetic aspect of diseases.

Lin Y.L.,Xuzhou Tumour Hospital | Li Z.G.,Jilin Chemical Group | He Z.K.,Tianjin Medical University | Guan T.Y.,Xuzhou Tumour Hospital | Ma J.Q.,Hebei Medical University
Journal of International Medical Research | Year: 2012

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the clinical and prognostic significance of protocadherin-10 (PCDH10) promoter methylation in serumderived DNA from patients with bladder cancer. METHODS: PCDH10 promoter methylation status was determined using methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction of DNA extracted from serum of patients with bladder cancer, and age- and sex-matched controls. Clinical and pathological details of bladder cancer were recorded. RESULTS: PCDH10 promoter methylation was detected in 59/117 (50.4%) of patients with bladder cancer, and none of 37 (0%) controls. Methylation was significantly associated with advanced stage (T2 - T4), high grade (G3), tumour recurrence and larger tumour size (> 3 cm). In addition, methylation was associated with significantly worse survival and was an independent predictor of overall survival. CONCLUSION: Serum-based analysis of PCDH10 promoter methylation may represent a useful noninvasive biomarker of malignant behaviour and outcome in bladder cancer. © SAGE Publications Ltd 2012.

Lin Y.-L.,Peoples Hospital of Jiangsu Province | Ma J.-H.,Chengde Central Hospital | Luo X.-L.,Peoples Hospital of Jiangsu Province | Guan T.-Y.,Peoples Hospital of Jiangsu Province | Li Z.-G.,Jilin Chemical Group
Journal of International Medical Research | Year: 2013

Objective: To investigate the clinical significance of protocadherin-8 (PCDH8) promoter methylation in bladder cancer. Methods: Methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction was used to examine the promoter methylation status of PCDH8 in tumour tissue samples obtained from patients with bladder cancer, and in normal bladder epithelial tissue samples obtained from age- and sex-matched control subjects. Methylation status was correlated with demographic, clinical and pathological parameters and disease outcome. Results: PCDH8 promoter methylation was detected in 76/135 (56.3%) patients with bladder cancer and none of 34 (0%) control subjects. Methylation was significantly associated with advanced stage (T2-T4), high grade (G3), tumour recurrence, larger tumour diameter (>3 cm) and nonpapillary morphology. In addition, methylation was associated with significantly shorter survival time and was an independent predictor of overall survival. Conclusions: PCDH8 promoter methylation is a common occurrence in bladder cancer, and is associated with malignant behaviour and poor prognosis. Determination of PCDH8 promoter methylation status in tumour tissue may assist in the identification of patients who require aggressive postoperative intervention in order to improve prognosis. © The Author(s) 2013.

Song H.-D.,Jilin Chemical Group
Petrochemical Equipment | Year: 2012

The failure caused by insufficient heat supply and its basic performance happened in additive workshop. The actual total process heat load, fuel gas heat enthalpy, fuel gas flow rate, and other factors were considered and analyzed for insufficient heat supply and its cause. It was pointed out that volumetric flow rate was the main effect. The counter measure was taken and the heat supply was greatly increased, thus meet normal heat supply. The gas system reconstruction and dehydration were improved and total system performance was increased to meet the requirement of heat conduction oil furnace.

Shu Z.,Beihua University | Hong X.,Jilin Chemical Group
Proceedings of 2012 International Symposium on Information Technologies in Medicine and Education, ITME 2012 | Year: 2012

Objective: To explore the difference speciality identity and achievement motivation in gender, training type, degree type, speciality nature and the relationship between speciality identity and achievement motivation, personality of medical postgraduate in Jilin and supply the empirical support to education executives in development of training program. Methods: Using speciality identity questionnaires (SIP), achievement motivation scale(AMS), big five inventory (BFI), survey and analyze 415 master's and doctoral students in three medical schools in Jilin. Results: Speciality identity of medical postgraduate is statistically significant in gender, speciality nature. Achievement motivation of medical postgraduate is only statistically significant in gender. There is significant positive correlation on factors of speciality identity compared with achievement motivation and factors of personality. The introduction of new variables is significant contribution to speciality identity after controlling the demography variables in hierarchical regression analysis. Openness to experience, extraversion, conscien tiousness of the personality are significantly increase the intensity of explanation of the regression equation. Achievement motivationxconscientiousness significantly reduces the intensity of explanation of the regression equation. Conclusion: The difference between speciality identity and achievement motivation of medical postgraduate in gender, speciality nature is caused by congnitive gactors. Speciality identity and motivation of success are closely related. Speciality identity and motivation of avoiding failure are unrelated. Speciality identity and personality are reciprocal causation. The more their openness to experience, exploring attitude and the better self-confident, vitality, responsibility, the medical postgraduates have the stronger their speciality identity. The factor of personality as the third variable indirectly plays remarkable regulating effect in speciality identity and achievement motivation. © 2012 IEEE.

Min X.,Beihua University | Hong X.,Jilin Chemical Group
Proceedings 2011 International Conference on Human Health and Biomedical Engineering, HHBE 2011 | Year: 2011

82 Third-year nursing students randomly were divided into experimental group (40 students) and control group (42 students). There was no significant difference in teachers responsible for the two groups. Both of them were taught "emergency and intensive nursing". The students in the control group were taught by using the traditional teaching method and the students in the experimental group were taught not only by using the traditional teaching method, but also by integrating the comprehensive and designed experiments to the experimental teaching process. The two groups were assessed by analyzing cases, including the evaluation items of operation and the evaluation criteria. The results suggest that the integrated and designed experiments can promote students to establish critical thinking and improve innovative sense, do not only help students be trained in the overall content, but in the integrated practice of knowledge, ability and quality, enrich the contents of teaching, and increase the sense of teamwork. The comprehensive and designed experiments are moves from which not only students but also teachers benefit. © 2011 IEEE.

Cheng Y.M.,Beihua University | Niu J.,Jilin Chemical Group | Sun T.J.,Beihua University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

A Mobile Ad hoc network (MANET) is a network consisting of a set of wireless mobile nodes, in which nodes can communicate with each other without centralized control or established infrastructure. To obtain a better understanding of AODV (Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol) and OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing Protocol) routing protocols, different performances are simulated and analyzed using OPNET modeler 14.5 with the various performance metrics, such as PDR (Packet Delivery Ratio), end-to-end delay and routing overhead. Only effect of mobility is analyzed in the paper. As a conclusion, in mobility case, routing overhead is not greatly affected by mobility speed in AODV and OLSR, and the PDR of OLSR is decreased as the node speed increased, while AODV is not changed. As to delay, AODV is always higher than OLSR in both static and mobility cases. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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