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Guang F.,Jiaxing Vocational Technical College
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

This paper explains how the concept of the Huizhou woodcarving motifs is associated with the ancient architecture which came under the influence of Chinese culture. The motifs created have been found to be adapted to Confucian thought. Generally, the Huizhou woodcarving motifs have its own guiding principles which the function and style combine strongly. Basically, the Huizhou woodcarving motifs can be categorized into decorative motifs or patterns which include flowers, birds, landscape, characters, living scene, mascots and so on. Discussion on the Huizhou Woodcarving Motifs is significative things. Redesign the motifs can preserve the traditional culture and improve art in China. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Shan S.,Tongji University | Bi X.,Jiaxing Vocational Technical College
Problemy Ekorozwoju | Year: 2012

Low carbon development is a development pattern to enable social and economic progress along the path of sustainable development. This paper analyzes the low carbon development situation and trend in the China's Yangtze River Delta region, one of the most important industrial and economic centers of China. The results indicate low carbon development in this region continues to move forward. However, many barriers, such as unbalanced energy consumption structure and limited research and development capability still exist. Some solutions to overcoming the barriers are proposed in the paper, covering policy, strategic, technological, educational measures. Source

He J.,Jiaxing Vocational Technical College
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering | Year: 2014

The key of the portfolio investment problem is how to find out a reasonable portfolio to make the collocation between risk and return more efficient. A new portfolio investment model including transaction fee was established based on the single-index method, and the simulations show that the model can be solved reasonably and effectively by use of adaptive genetic algorithm. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2014. Source

Chen L.,Jiaxing Vocational Technical College
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2011

By strong alkali (acid) titration strong acid (alkali), alkali (acid) titration mono-weak acid (alkali), precipitation titration and coordination titration to drop by half a drop, and settling the titration error specific terms, to illustrate the macro titration analysis would like to have drop half a drop of a solution. When strong alkali titrate strong acid or monobasic weak acid, there is no need to drop half a drop. As strong acid titrate strong alkali, there is must to drop half a drop as methyl orange for indicator. But phenolphthalein as indicator, there is doesn't need to drop half a drop. Strong alkali titrate monobasic weak acid, there is no need to drop half a drop. Eriochrome Black T for indicator titrate magnesium ion with EDTA, there is must to drop half a drop. Titration of zinc by EDTA, don't need to drop half a drop. Titration chloride ion with Moore method can not drop half a drop. © (2011) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Chen L.,Jiaxing Vocational Technical College
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

With poly aluminum ferric silicate (II) and magnesium (PSAFMS) coagulation treatment of four kinds of reactive dyes, through the determination of its absorbance with coagulation time changes, studied the coagulation reaction kinetics problems, as PSAFMS coagulant development would lay the theoretical foundation of application. Under coagulation condition that the water temperature was 8°C, pH=11, PSAFMS coagulant dosage was 10 ml/L, in 3 minutes the decolorization rate of reactive red RSB was 94.6%, reactive blue 3GF was 93.3%, reactive navy blue S-G was 80.8% and reactive yellow M-3RE was 75%. Different reactive dye decolorization rate is differences. It is related to dye molecular structure and particle size of the radius. From ln(ρ0/ρt)-t, (1/ρ0-1/ρt)-t relation curve of the linear correlation coefficient, the first-order reaction of the linear correlation coefficient than the secondary correlation coefficient was better, and more than 0.9668, so PSAFMS coagulant with reactive dye decolorization reaction is the first-order. The rate equations for the ln(ρ0/ρt) = kt, just different reactive dye has different reaction rate constant. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

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