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Jiaxing, China

The resistivity related to temperature and magnetic field is a crucial parameter for determining the physical properties of the perovskite-type manganese oxide. The first task of this work is to find out a suitable method to predict the resistivities of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 and Pr0.7Sr0.3MnO3 in the process from insulator phase to the metal phase via the temperature and the magnetic field. Based on the nonlinear numerical fitting, an analytical expression showing the dependence of the resistivity on temperature both less than and higher than the metal-insulator transition Curie temperature (TC) at different magnetic fields, and the maximum resistivity (ρmax) corresponding to each Curie temperature is acquired. The second task of this work is to trace a mathematical relationship between the magnetic field and the maximum resistivity, and the Boltzmann function can be used successfully by numerical fitting. The lowest correlation coefficient and the largest average relative error between the actual and the calculated data are 0.998 and 4.35% in all considered cases respectively. © Chinese Physical Society.

To establish the serial cell lines, derived from the same parental gallbladder cancer cell line GBC-SD, with highly metastatic potential via different routes and characterize their biological behaviors to understand the different metastasis mechanisms via lymph and blood. The spleen-liver metastasis model and footpad-inguinal lymph node metastasis model were established. GBC-SD was injected into spleen or footpad of nude mice. Then the highly metastasized subpopulations via lymph and blood were isolated. Their differences in morphology, genetic background, proliferation, migration, invasion and adhesion were revealed by comparing the lymphatic-disseminating and hematogenous-disseminating subpopulations with parental cells. The lymphatic-disseminating and hematogenous-disseminating subpopulations were successfully isolated and designated as GBC-SD/HL and GBC-SD/M3 respectively. They demonstrated the identical genetic background with GBC-SD. In comparison with parental cells, the hematogenous-disseminating subpopulation was morphologically characterized with epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) while it was not shown in the lymphatic-disseminating subpopulation. Furthermore, the hematogenous-disseminating subpopulation showed the strongest migrating capacity but the lymphatic-disseminating subpopulation demonstrated a stronger invasive and adhesive ability. The whole parental cell GBC-SD, hematogenous-metastasized subpopulation GBC-SD/M3 and lymphatic-disseminating subpopulation GBC-SD/HL is an ideal tool for metastatic mechanism study of gallbladder cancer. EMT plays an important role in hematogenous metastasis while lymphatic metastasis relies more on enhanced invasiveness and adhesion. It may be a target for interfering the lymphatic metastasis of gallbladder cancer.

Qian C.,Jiaxing College
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2011

With the development of automotive industry, automotive air-conditioning filter became the essential equipment in people's daily life. On today's market, there is half of the filtration equipment made from non-woven materials because of its small resistance, good filtration efficiency, high yield and low cost advantages. In this paper, based on the comparison and analyses of the web structure, fiber distribution and finesse, permeability, thickness and filtration efficiency of the newly developed nonwoven composites and other imported materials, the results were got that the finer fibers, more porosity, thinner thickness and smaller holes together would make an ideal filtering product for using in the cleaner car. © (2011) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Han D.,Jiaxing College
Chinese Journal of Oncology | Year: 2012

Objective: To explore the cytotoxic responses of spleen T lymphocytes (CTL) in BALB/c mice induced by recombinant HSP110-HER2/neu ICD complex. Methods: Tumor-bearing mouse model was immunized by HSP110-HER2/neu ICD complex. The IFN-γ level secreted by activated spleen T lymphocytes was detected by enzyme linked immunospot assay (ELISPOT). The corresponding CTL activity was measured by granzyme release assay. Results: The BALB/c mouse model of human mammary tumor highly expressing HER2/neu was established. HSP110-HER2/neu ICD complex immunization led to a significantly higher level of INF-γ than that in HSP110-P789-797 immunized and HER2/neu ICD immunized mice. HSP110-HER2/neu ICD complex immunized animals also show significant CTL activity. The results of immunohistochemical staining showed that the number of blue spots in the PBS group was 4.57 ± 1.33, HSP110 group 6.83 ± 2.08, HER2/neu ICD group 16.17 ± 2.86, HSP110-P789-797 group 43.67 ± 4.78, and SP110-HER2/neu ICD group 76.51 ± 8.17. The number of IFN-γ-secreting spleen lymphocytes in the HSP110-HER2/neu ICD group was significantly higher than that in the HSP110-P789-797, group, and that of HSP110-P789-797 group was significantly higher than that of HER2/neu ICD group (P < 0.01). The target cell-killing rate of the PBS group was (8.15 ± 1.27)%, HSP110 group (9.51 ± 1.51)%, HER2/neu ICD group (14.03 ± 2.45)%, HSP110-P789-797 group (25.99 ± 3.04)% and HSP110-HER2/neu ICD group (38.15 ± 3.95) % (all P < 0.01). Conclusions: HSP110-HER2/neu ICD complex can promote the proliferation and maturation of T lymphocytes into CTLs, and might be used as anti-tumor vaccine to induce potent cytotoxic T lymophocyte immunoresponse against specific tumor cells.

Qian C.,Jiaxing College
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

For making eco-friendly cellulose sponge, cellulose pulp dissolving properties were researched in this paper. NaOH and NaOH/Urea solutions were both used, various factors (temperature, concentration and time) on viscosity of the pulp were studied. At first, ten different kinds of cellulose pulps were dissolved at low temperature in a certain range of concentration of NaOH solvent and the pulp with best soluble property was chosen. On the above basis, effects of the temperature of alkaline solvent and concentration on the viscosity of the selected pulp was fatherly experimented and analyzed. The result was got that at concentration of 8% of NaOH solution and at temperature of -5°C, the cellulose pulp has the best solubility. In the meantime, the solution has the biggest viscosity. On the other hand, NaOH/Urea solvent was tested for cellulose solubility. After experiment, the tests showed that when NaOH/Urea blending ratio is 8:12, the selected pulp solves completely and the solution was clear. Thus NaOH/Urea solvent has better solubility than that of NaOH solution for solving the cellulose pulp.

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