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Meiling, China

Jiangxi Agricultural University is located in the northern suburbs of Nanchang city. Nanchang is the capital city of Jiangxi province. JXAU is a key province-run university and is one of the first universities in China to confer Bachelor's and Master's degrees. The campus is beautiful with pleasant environment and scenery.With 16 colleges, JXAU offers degrees in 61 academic majors. Since its establishment in 1940, over 70,000 students have graduated from JXAU. Even though the university places key emphasis in school education, considerable amount of progress has been made in the field of academic research, vocational training and community services. Wikipedia.

Ear size and shape are distinct conformation characteristics of pig breeds. Previously, we identified a significant quantitative trait locus (QTL) influencing ear surface on pig chromosome 5 in a White Duroc×Erhualian F2 resource population. This QTL explained more than 17% of the phenotypic variance. Four new markers on pig chromosome 5 were genotyped across this F2 population. RT-PCR was performed to obtain expression profiles of different candidate genes in ear tissue. Standard association test, marker-assisted association test and F-drop test were applied to determine the effects of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) on ear size. Three synthetic commercial lines were also used for the association test. We refined the QTL to an 8.7-cM interval and identified three positional candidate genes i.e. HMGA2, SOX5 and PTHLH that are expressed in ear tissue. Seven SNP within these three candidate genes were selected and genotyped in the F2 population. Of the seven SNP, HMGA2 SNP (JF748727: g.2836 A>G) showed the strongest association with ear size in the standard association test and marker-assisted association test. With the F-drop test, F value decreased by more than 97% only when the genotypes of HMGA2 g.2836 A>G were included as a fixed effect. Furthermore, the significant association between g.2836 A>G and ear size was also demonstrated in the synthetic commercial Sutai pig line. The haplotype-based association test showed that the phenotypic variance explained by HMGA2 was similar to that explained by the QTL and at a much higher level than by SOX5. More interestingly, HMGA2 is also located within the dog orthologous chromosome region, which has been shown to be associated with ear type and size. HMGA2 was the closest gene with a potential functional effect to the QTL or marker for ear size on chromosome 5. This study will contribute to identify the causative gene and mutation underlying this QTL. Source

Liu Z.Y.,Jiangxi Agricultural University
PloS one | Year: 2012

All honey bee species (Apis spp) share the same sex determination mechanism using the complementary sex determination (csd) gene. Only individuals heterogeneous at the csd allele develop into females, and the homozygous develop into diploid males, which do not survive. The honeybees are therefore under selection pressure to generate new csd alleles. Previous studies have shown that the csd gene is under balancing selection. We hypothesize that due to the long separation from the mainland of Hainan Island, China, that the giant honey bees (Apis dorsata) should show a founder effect for the csd gene, with many different alleles clustered together, and these would be absent on the mainland. We sampled A. dorsata workers from both Hainan and Guangxi Provinces and then cloned and sequenced region 3 of the csd gene and constructed phylogenetic trees. We failed to find any clustering of the csd alleles according to their geographical origin, i.e. the Hainan and Guangxi samples did not form separate clades. Further analysis by including previously published csd sequences also failed to show any clade-forming in both the Philippines and Malaysia. Results from this study and those from previous studies did not support the expectations of a founder effect. We conclude that because of the extremely high mating frequency of A. dorsata queens, a founder effect does not apply in this species. Source

Scoparia cordata Li, sp. n. is described from Jiangxi Province, China. Image of the adult is provided and the tympanal organ and genitalia are illustrated. Source

Hu G.-J.,Nanchang University | Hu X.-X.,Jiangxi Agricultural University
International Journal of Theoretical Physics | Year: 2014

We investigate spin squeezing and the mean quantum Fisher information per particle χ 2 for mixed Hamiltonian model. By adopting frozen-spin approximation, we first derive a analytical expression of spin squeezing parameter ξ 2 and then numerically calculate ξ 2 and χ 2. It is shown that most of the time the spin squeezing appears alternatively in the x and y directions, but it cannot appear simultaneously in the two directions. It is also shown that the smaller external field strength induces better entanglement and larger period. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media New York. Source

This paper empirically analyzes the effect of the indigenous R&D, introduction of technology on the energy consumption intensity in China, based on a panel of 31 industrial sectors for 1998-2006.The results show that indigenous R&D contributes to a significant decline of energy intensity in high energy-consuming intensity group and 31 industrial sectors,and has no significant effects on energy consumption intensity in low energy-consuming intensity group. Foreign technology purchased has a significant negative influence on energy consumption intensity only in 31 industrial sectors. Domestic technology transfer has no significant impact on energy consumption intensity in all samples. This paper will interest those policy makers and industrial entrepreneurs who are willing to improve energy efficiency in the industrial sector. © 2011 Published by Elsevier B.V. Source

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