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Liu S.,Hohai University | Ren Q.W.,Hohai University | Zhou C.L.,Jiangsu Water Source Co.
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

Currently, researches on the gravity dam deep and shallow anti-sliding stability mainly focus on the analysis method and instability criterion, while the studies on specifically test the breakage of gravity dams due to weakening foundation rock mass and structural planes under loading are rare. Based on damage mechanics theory, this paper established a numerical model that analyzed the damage failure process of dam foundation rock mass. Taking two typical gravity dam models as the study objects, the damage processes of the dam foundations were simulated dynamically. Additionally, a comparison with other two traditional methods further validated the correctness and feasibility of the numerical model. In sum, the study findings point out that the numerical model is not only applicable to the study of the breakage mechanism of dam foundation rock mass, but also can be used as a new method to analyze problems related to deep anti-sliding stability of gravity dams. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Shen Y.,Hohai University | Xu G.,Hohai University | Yan W.,Jiangsu Water Source Co. | Chen L.,China United Engineering Co.
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2012

In order to consider the influence of water pressure on cohesive soil slope with groundwater, the local and global water pressure methods are proposed. The equivalence and applicability of the two methods based on the simplified Bishop's method are analyzed. The local water pressure method considers the water pressures on boundaries as components and the global water pressure method considers the water pressures as a resultant force. The physical analysis and numerical verification showed these two methods are completely equivalent. While the global water pressure method is more convenient in hydrostatic condition, the local water pressure method is prior in seepage condition. It is also pointed out that there are significant defects in some regular expressions of simplified Bishop's method. Because they neglect the moment generated by water pressure on the top boundary of slope or wrongly evaluate of the hydrodynamic failure states with hydrostatic stress parameters. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Shi W.,Jiangsu University | Shi W.,Jiangsu Water Source Co. | Li Y.,Jiangsu University | Yuan S.,Jiangsu University | Liu J.,Jiangsu Water Source Co.
Nongye Jixie Xuebao/Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery | Year: 2015

Improving the efficiency of pump is necessary for energy conservation, which also has very important significance on creating resource-saving society. When the working condition deviated from the designed condition, the flow direction at impeller outlet did not match well with the flow direction at guide inlet, which led to the efficiency drop of axial-flow pump. The inlet part of guide was changed with conventional guide, so as to improve the efficiency of axial-flow pump under off-design conditions and to broaden the high efficiency area. Firstly, the guide was divided into three parts: inlet, middle and outlet parts of guide. Based on numerical simulation and model experiment, the influence of different inlet parts of guide on the hydraulic performance of axial-flow pump was studied. The results showed that the inlet angle of guide affected the flow regime and hydraulic loss in the guide vane, which further affected the hydraulic performance of axial-flow pump. By rotating clockwise with appropriate angle under the original inlet angle of guide, the high efficiency area can be significantly broadened and the efficiency under low head and large flow-rate condition can be increased. © 2015, Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery. All right reserved.

Shi W.,Jiangsu University | Shi W.,Jiangsu Water Source Co. | Li Y.,Jiangsu University | Yuan S.,Jiangsu University | And 3 more authors.
Nongye Gongcheng Xuebao/Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering | Year: 2016

Global energy issues affect the economic development, it is the base of improving national standard of living conditions. According to incomplete statistics, power consumption of pumps account approximately 17% of total generating capacity. Thereby increasing the efficiency of the pump is necessary to energy conservation which also has a very important significance on creating a resource-saving society. Mixed-flow pumps are more and more widely applied to industrial and agricultural production, the requirement of the performance of the mixed-flow pump become increasingly high. When the working condition deviates from the designed condition, the flow filed at impeller outlet does not match well with the flow field at volute inlet, which will lead to the efficiency drop of mixed-flow pump. Reasonable design of mixed-flow pump impeller and volute can improve the distribution of flow field, and then improve the hydraulic performance of the mixed-flow pump. Based on theoretical analysis, numerical simulation and model experiment research methods, impeller and volute matching optimization of high specific mixed-flow pump with volute were conducted. This paper developed a high-performance mixed-flow pump model with double volutes whose ns equals to 585 with the target of perfect match between impeller and volute under different flow rate conditions. The full three-dimensional numerical calculation internal flow field and radial force of the optimal designed high specific speed mixed-flow pump with double volutes was investigated. Numerical simulation of the pump used the standard κ-ε turbulence model. The κ-ε turbulence model was considered to be a model which can predict the hydraulic performance and simulate the internal flow field accurately. The calculation domain contains inlet pipe, runner, volute, outlet pipe. And the mesh of inlet pipe and outlet pipe adopted unstructured mesh, the mesh of runner and volute adopted unstructured mesh. The results of numerical simulation were in agreement with the experimental ones, which indicated that the numerical simulation model and the calculation methods could be used to predict the internal-flow in a double volutes mixed-flow pump. The results showed that: the high efficiency area in the double-volutes pump was significantly broadened compared with the single-volute pump. And the internal flow streamline was very smooth at working condition in the double volutes mixed-flow pump. The pressure distribution in the double volutes pump revealed a increasing trend from impeller inlet from inlet outlet, which could make the impeller do work to the fluid effectively. the efficiency of double-volutes pump at designed flow rate was higher than the single-volute pump; the radial force in the double-volute pump was also smaller than the single-volute pump, which indicated that the double-volutes program not only keeped superior hydraulic performance but also could significantly reduce the radial force in comparison with the single-volute program; The radial force vector trail always presented a square distribution and the radial force fluctuation was always regularly, which contains 4 crests and 4 troughs in one rotating period. The conclusion in this paper had reference value for the design and study of internal flow in the mixed-flow pump. © 2016, Editorial Department of the Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering. All right reserved.

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