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Jiangsu University is a provincial university located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, People's Republic of China . Wikipedia.

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Provided is a laser shock peening method for obtaining a large-area uniform surface morphology. Using the relationship between the thickness of an absorption layer and a plastic deformation due to the laser shock peening and using a grid-shaped absorption layer (5) having a staggered distribution in thickness in cooperation with a two-layer interlaced laser shock processing method significantly reduce the height difference between micro-protrusions (10) and micro-pits (12) produced by an impact of a square light spot, and effectively reduce the roughness of the workpiece surface such that a large-area uniform surface morphology is formed on the workpiece surface.

Jiangsu University | Date: 2015-04-28

A microstructured optical fiber has periodically arranged high-index rods embedded in a low-index background, a high-index ring surrounding the high-index rods, and a high-index core located at the center. The high-index rods and the low-index background forms a microstructured cladding region which supports the guidance of supermodes. The fundamental and the highest supermodes form a cladding-mode band, wherein at least the effective index of a core mode lies in the cladding-mode band. Also provided is a technique for selectively filtering the fiber modes, to selectively filter out one or some of the high-order modes with the other modes still guided in the core with low loss. The cascade of optical fibers can filter out a group of fiber modes, marking guidance of a single high-order mode in a few-mode optical fiber possible.

Jiangsu University | Date: 2015-12-09

A testing device for integrated irrigation and disinfection includes a centrifugal pump, pressure sensors, flow sensors, an ion concentration sensor, and a control system. The testing device has comprehensive functions of fertilization, spray and drip irrigation load simulation, water and fertilizer parameter detection, fertilizer absorbing channel parameter detection and backflow channel parameter detection. The detection of nutrient ion concentration in a nutrient solution is combined with the aspects of irrigation, dynamic preparation of a nutrient solution and disinfection of a nutrient solution, to realize a high-precision dynamic preparation of a nutrient solution and irrigation area load simulation, and satisfy the requirements on a test system during a research and development process of an irrigation and fertilization system. The testing device is applicable to the research on the techniques and the development of a system for precise irrigation and accurate preparation of a nutrient solution in the field of facility agriculture.

A simple, convenient and light weight compartment door is provided.

An adaptively positioned mitral valve closure plate blocker for repairing mitral regurgitation, comprising a suture and shaping ring (4.1) sutured on a mitral ring (2.1) and a closure plate (4.2); the closing plate (4.2) comprises a tongue-shaped plate and a strut (4.3) located at the top of the tongue-shaped plate and connected to the suture and shaping ring; the closing plate (4.2) can be connected to the suture and shaping ring (4.1), being capable of flapping back and forth and twisting left and right. The suture and shaping ring is sutured on the valve ring (2.1) of the mitral valve (2) of a patient in a thoracotomy and open heart surgery, thus shaping the disease expanded mitral ring (2.1), and supporting the closing plate (4.2); when a heart contracts and valve leaflets close, the closing plate (4.2) flaps and twists depending on the position of a regurgitation opening at the free edge of the valve leaflets to realize adaptive positioning of the closing plate (4.2), so that the closing plate (4.2) is at the free edge when two valve leaflets are closed, covering the regurgitation opening, and is tightly attached to the free edge of the valve leaflets, reducing or avoiding regurgitation of the mitral valve (2).

Jiangsu University | Date: 2014-07-11

A cutting longitudinal swaths grain harvesting and baling combine, includes a grain cutting and conveying system, a threshing and separation system, a grain cleaning apparatus, a grain collection and holding system, a straw compression and baling apparatus, a chassis travelling system, and a driving system; when the combine is harvesting grain in fields, the stalks are cut and conveyed to the threshing and separation system by the grain cutting and conveying system; the threshed and separated straw is compressed and baled by the straw compression and baling apparatus; the threshed and separated grain is cleaned by the grain cleaning apparatus; and the cleaned grain is conveyed by the grain collection and holding system to a grain storage bin. The combine can achieve harvesting of grain such as rice and wheat as well as compression and baling of threshed straw, having advantages of high working efficiency, stable performance, a simple process, and being time and labor saving.

A device and a method for laser-inducing cavitation strengthening with multi-system automatic coordination work. The device comprises a plurality of systems, including a clamping system, a lifting system, an imaging system, a computer control system, a laser system and an energy density amplifying system, etc. The device for laser-inducing cavitation strengthening comprises a laser cavitation device and a fixing platform. A water channel is formed in the fixing platform. A cushion block is equipped in the water channel. The wall of the water channel is provided with a temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is connected with a computer. The fixed platform is arranged on a lifting device. The lifting device is located on a two-axis coupling platform. The laser emitted by the laser cavitation device passes through the sidewall of the water channel to be focused in the water channel. The laser cavitation device is connected with the computer. The lifting device and the two-axis coupling platform are connected with the computer through a CNC servo system. The plurality of systems operate coordinately. The material is strengthened using the cavitation bubble generated by the laser inducing, so that the effect of prolonging the life of the material can be achieved. An operator can quickly and accurately obtain corresponding data and can quickly and efficiently strengthen such material.

Data normalization is essential for reliable output of quantitative real-time reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) assays, as the unsuitable choice of reference gene(s), whose expression might be influenced by exogenous treatments in plant tissues, could cause misinterpretation of results. To date, no systematic studies on reference genes have been performed in stressed Brassica napus. In this study, we investigated the expression variations of nine candidate reference genes in 40 samples of B. napus leaves subjected to various exogenous treatments. Parallel analyses by geNorm and NormFinder revealed that optimal reference genes differed across the different sets of samples. The best-ranked reference genes were PP2A and TIP41 for salt stress, TIP41 and ACT7 for heavy metal (Cr(6+)) stress, PP2A and UBC21 for drought stress, F-box and SAND for cold stress, F-box and ZNF for salicylic acid stress, TIP41, ACT7, and PP2A for methyl jasmonate stress, TIP41 and ACT7 for abscisic acid stress, and TIP41, UBC21, and PP2A for Sclerotinia sclerotiorum stress. Two newly employed reference genes, TIP41 and PP2A, showed better performances, suggesting their suitability in multiple conditions. To further validate the suitability of the reference genes, the expression patterns of BnWRKY40 and BnMKS1 were studied in parallel. This study is the first systematic analysis of reference gene selection for qRT-PCR normalization in B. napus, an agriculturally important crop, under different stress conditions. The results will contribute toward more accurate and widespread use of qRT-PCR in gene analysis of the genus Brassica.

Jiangsu University | Date: 2015-09-09

The present invention discloses an automatic control element with uniformly-distributed stepping frequency, comprising a sprinkler and a fluidic element connected to the sprinkler, an outlet cover plate being secured onto an outlet of the fluidic element. A water inlet and a first air supply pore are formed symmetrically on the fluidic element, and a second air supply pore is formed on the water inlet. A water distributor is formed on the sprinkler, a water tank is provided on the outer side of the sprinkler, and the water distributor is in communication with an inner cavity of the water tank. A signal nozzle is provided on the wall of the water tank, and the signal nozzle is connected to the water inlet via a conduit. The additional arrangement of one water tank on the sprinkler overcomes the defect of use of air-water mixture only as signal water in the prior art, and solves the problems that a fluidic sprinkler head has a stepping frequency not so uniform and may fail to take signal water to complete the rotation action.

The invention involves a method and a device that converting the summer-autumn tea concentrate to instant powdered black tea by oxidation reaction. The method is comprised of the following steps: pushing the summer-autumn tea concentrate and oxygen into a long spiral pipe, making them flow, impact, and mix in a high speed which can achieve a high efficient oxidation; the intelligent control of the oxidation process can be realized by the change of the color of the concentrate in the oxidation process; the color value of the concentrate can be detected in real time by peristalsis pump, which flows into the color detection channel based on the multi spectral flash LED light transmission technology; the oxidation can be stopped immediately when the detected chromatic value is within the range of the preset target chromatic value. The patent also provides a device for aerating oxygen, including summer-autumn tea concentrate liquid storage tank, gas-liquid mixing pipe loop and color pipeline detection circuit. The process and the device can realize the oxidation of summer-autumn tea concentrate in a fast, uniform and sufficient way, and can also achieve the process that can improve the quality of instant black tea.

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