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Chengjiang, China

Wang H.,Donghua University | Cao X.-M.,Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co. | Wang F.-M.,Donghua University
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2013

This paper studied the relationship between the hairiness value tested by UST-4 evenness tester and the color of yarn. We found the color of yarn had a great influence on the hairiness value of yarn, the deviation ΔH of the hairiness value did the logarithmic function relationship with the integrated deviation ΔE of the color value between the yarn sample and standard sample, which was the darkest by visual inspection. Brightness variable L had a significant correlation with the hairiness value, while redgreen variable a, yellow-blue variable b, chroma variable C and tone variable G was less closely related.

Chen M.,Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co. | Cao X.-M.,Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co.
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2010

A kind of patented spinning technique called wool, filament and spandex three for one spinning technique was introduced in this article. It was achieved through modifying the traditional wool ring spinning frame by adding filament and spandex feeding device. This made it possible to produce wool stretch yarn with filament and spandex at one time. It mainly introduced the principle of yarn resultant, spinning process, key points in production and the physical testing results of the yarns in three different yarn size. The yarn was used to develop wool stretch fabric. The finishing technique and the fabric style was discussed as well.

Hua Y.-L.,Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co. | Chen L.-F.,Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co.
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2013

In this paper, some comparative spinning tests have been done with the same batch of superfine wool which has the different length produced in different production parameters. According to the change in the length of the wool fibers, using the same spinning process on the same model of machine, it tested and analyzed all the quality indicators during the spinning process such as the yam breakage rate, yam CV, yam thin, yam thick, nep, filoplume, strength and so on. Through comprehensive comparative tests, it was found that superfine wool fiber length affects almost all the yam quality indicators, which mean that the superfine wool length had important impact on the spinning parameters, so that a new method for improving yam quality was discussed.

Lu Y.-L.,National Textile Quality Supervision Testing Center Jiangyin | Yang H.-J.,Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co. | Liang H.E.,Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co.
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2014

FZ/T 20026-2013 "Test method for fibre length and diameter of wool top & slivers -Optical analyser" has been officially released, as an important wool length and diameter testing method of tops, this paper introduces the design process of the standard. By organizing domestic round test and analysis of test results, determine technical details of the test method. The establishment of the method has a positive role in promoting the understand of the current advanced wool length and diameter testing methods, and enhance the level of wool industry product quality control. On the other hand, understand the working principle and test accuracy of optical analyser for wool top length and diameter, has a certain role in promoting the work of development of the domestic related test equipment.

Xu Y.,Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co. | Fei G.-D.,Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co. | Gui M.-S.,Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co.
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2013

Combined with the advanced open width washing and crabbing equipment and air hammerblow equipment, an innovative wet finishing technological process for worsted fabric is developed; raw fabric→singeing→open width washing and crabbing→air hammerblow→(drying). Compared with the traditional wet finishing technological process for worsted fabric (raw fabric → singeing → single crabbing→ rope washing→ double crabbing→ drying), the new wet finishing technology can save 80% water, 80% steam, 55% electric power and reduce 80% waste emission.

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