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Zhang L.,Lanzhou University of Technology | Chen L.,Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co. | Wang S.,Lanzhou University of Technology
M2VIP 2016 - Proceedings of 23rd International Conference on Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice | Year: 2016

The dynamics equations of a centrosymmetry 3-SPR parallel mechanism were built based on Lagrange equations and the explicit solution of the actuation force was obtained. To use the equations for control, the simplified presentation of the equations were researched. The actuation force changing of the platform was simulated based on the explicit solution. The situation that the chain mass can be ignored was studied by comparing whether the platform was uploaded. Finally, the relationship between actuation force and the platform structure parameters was analysized, the results can be used for optimization design of the drilling mechanism. © 2016 IEEE.

Xu Z.-X.,Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co. | Li Y.-J.,Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co. | Shi J.-H.,Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co.
Zhuzao/Foundry | Year: 2017

The advanced analytical instruments were used to analyze the blowholes of the butterfly valve casting. In the practical production, the blowholes were eliminated by using the measures as follows: monitoring the temperature and humidity of the original sand and recycled sand at any time to adjust the amount of hardener, controlling the distribution of new materials and return material and using the professional cleaner agent measures, and controlling the melting temperature and pouring temperature. © 2017, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society. All right reserved.

Zhou X.-M.,University of Electronic Science and Technology of China | Zhou X.-M.,Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co. | Wang Z.-K.,University of Electronic Science and Technology of China | Zhang Y.-F.,Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co.
Dianzi Keji Daxue Xuebao/Journal of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China | Year: 2017

In this study, a series of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations were performed with a 100% opening butterfly valve. Grid-adaption processes, including Y plus adaption and gradient adaption, were also applied to refine the meshes. To validate the CFD method, a series of experiments were also conducted according to the national standard of valves-test method of flow coefficient. The results show that the grid-adaption based CFD method can accurately predict the flow coefficients of valves, and the grid-adaption process can effectively improve the simulation accuracy while reducing the workload of mesh refinement. © 2017, Editorial Board of Journal of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. All right reserved.

Zhou X.-M.,University of Electronic Science and Technology of China | Zhou X.-M.,Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co. | Wang Z.-K.,University of Electronic Science and Technology of China | Zhang Y.-F.,Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co.
Advances in Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2017

Flow coefficient is an important performance index associated with the energy efficiency of a valve, and an effective method to evaluate valve flow coefficient is necessary for valve industry. However, theoretical estimation often results in poor accuracy, while experimental measurements involve significant costs in time and equipment. In this article, a computational fluid dynamics method is proposed to achieve simple and accurate evaluation of valve flow coefficient. For each valve, a computational fluid dynamics model is established containing a valve section, an upstream section, and a downstream section. A grid-adaptation strategy is then applied to improve the accuracy of simulation. To calculate flow coefficient, the most important issue is to determine the net pressure loss induced by valve (ΔPv). Herein, the overall pressure drop (ΔPo) is obtained first, and the pipe-induced pressure drop (ΔPp) is estimated by linear fitting. Then, ΔPv is calculated as the difference between ΔPo and ΔPp. To ensure accurate estimation of the pressure losses, a length of 26 times of pipe diameter is preferred for the upstream section. The experiments demonstrated that the presented method can accurately predict flow coefficient for various types of valves and thus has great potential to be widely used in the valve industry. © The Author(s) 2017.

Xu Z.-X.,Nanjing Southeast University | Yu X.-Q.,Nanjing Southeast University | Gu Y.,Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co. | Zhang Y.-F.,Nanjing Southeast University
Cailiao Kexue yu Gongyi/Material Science and Technology | Year: 2013

The SolidWorks and JSCAST software are used to simulate the mold filling and solidification process of nuclear power butterfly valve body, and the prediction of phenomena of bad filling wrapped gas during mold filling process and the location of shrinkage, shrinkage porosity in solidification process are given, at last, the filling and solidification process are optimized. The simulation results show that the smooth filling process and order solidification can be achieved and the temperature difference between the parts of casting is small after filling. The hot spot defects almost disappear, and the shrinkage and porosity decreases. The actual production has verified the simulation results.

Shen G.,Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co. | Wu X.,Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co.
Tezhong Zhuzao Ji Youse Hejin/Special Casting and Nonferrous Alloys | Year: 2012

There exists three kinds of inclusions, such as long-bar AlN, polygonal Al2O3 phase and near-spherical MnS, in super duplex stainless steel SAF2507 through SEM (scanning electron microscope) observation. The crack is closely related with the excess inclusion content, which has affected greatly the elongation, fracture area rate, resistant fatigue strength. By using water knife cutting technology, crack resulted from the common gas cutting could be avoided, and cut surface exhibited smooth with compact structure.

Shen G.,Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co. | Huang G.,Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co. | Shen J.,Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co.
Tezhong Zhuzao Ji Youse Hejin/Special Casting and Nonferrous Alloys | Year: 2013

Amounts of gas holes (shrinkage holes)were generated in SAF2507 super duplex stainless steel DN1200 body produced by alkaline phenolic resin sand, resulting in the scrap as a result of not be welded from microstructure porosity. Based on analyzing the material characteristics, through adopting the middle-gating system and the high-performance heat riser to improve the surface temperature to postpone solidification time, the gas holes (porosities) in the valve body can be decreased greatly as a result of the complete exhaustion of gas in the liquid steel, obviously improving the quality of the valve body.

Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co. | Date: 2012-12-21

Metal laths of metal; alloys of common metal; metal valves not being parts of machines; pipe work of metal including those from alloy steel and titanium; metal pipes; tubes of metal; metal ropes; metal containers for the storage and transportation of goods; industrial packaging containers of metal; steel frames for building. Electric hammers; metalworking machine tools; hand-held tools other than hand-operated, namely, electric marble cutters, electric planers, electric wood routers, electric sanders, electric wrenches, electric screwdrivers, electric hand drills, cordless power drills; valves being parts of machines; electric pumps.

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