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Guo L.,Jiangsu Institute of Marine Resources | Guo L.,Huaihai Institute of Technology | Zhu W.,Huaihai Institute of Technology | Zheng A.,Huaihai Institute of Technology
Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology | Year: 2014

To identify marine fungus SZX-6 isolated from the inner of Portunus triuberbuculatus with antibacterial activity and to optimize the fermentation conditions of producing antibacterial active substances. Based on its morphological characters and internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequence analysis results, strain SZX-6 was identified as Aspergillus tubingensis. The optimized fermentation conditions were determined as sucrose 3%, beef extract 1.5%, KCl 0.1%, MgSO4 0.02%, old seawater, inoculum size 1%, 28°C, 160 r/min for 8 d by the the one-factor-at-a-time method, the orthogonal matrix method and the time-bioactivity cources assay. The initial identification data demonstrated that the antibacterial active substances were mainly composed of moderate polar components with plentiful quantity and alkaloid-colored. The strain of A. tubingensis being isolated from the seawater-cultured animal was firstly reported here, and its antimicrobial activity was initially invenstigated in this paper. Source

Chen W.-B.,Jiangsu Institute of Marine Resources | Chen W.-B.,Huaihai Institute of Technology | Yin L.,Huaihai Institute of Technology | Wang Q.,Huaihai Institute of Technology | And 2 more authors.
Yejin Fenxi/Metallurgical Analysis | Year: 2011

A triazene reagent of 1-(4-antipyrine)-3-(2, 4, 6-tribrornophenyl)-triazene (ATTBPT) was synthesized and identified, and its color reaction conditions with copper (II) were investigated. Auordingly, a new spectrophotometric method for copper (II) was established. The experimental results showed that in the presence of Tween-80 solution, ATTBPT could react with copper (II) sensitively to form an orange red complex with composition ratio of 2:1 in sodium borate-sodium hydroxide medium. The maximum absorption wavelength of complex was 505 nm with apparent molar absorptivity of 1.5×10 5 L·mol -1·cm -1. Beer's law was obeyed for copper (II) in the range of 0.3-0.5 μg in 10 mL of solution. The detection limit of method was 0.1 mg/L. This color reaction had good resistance to interference. It was applied to the determination of trace copper(II) in water samples with relative standard deviation (RSD, n = 6)≤1.0% and recoveries of 103%-104%. Source

Shen X.,Huaihai Institute of Technology | Shen X.,Jiangsu Institute of Marine Resources | Meng X.,Huaihai Institute of Technology | Tian M.,Huaihai Institute of Technology | And 4 more authors.
Mitochondrial DNA | Year: 2015

The complete mitochondrial genome of Coelomactra antiquata (Guangxi, in China, GX) was determined. It is 16 801 bp in length and is the first representative from this province. The mitochondrial genome encodes 35 genes, including 12 PCGs, two ribosomal RNA, and 21 transfer RNA genes. Atp8 and trnSer(UCN) genes are missing, compared with the typical gene content of animal mitochondrial genomes. Three (cob, nad1, nad4, and nad6) of the 12 PCGs in the mitochondrial genome initiate with the ATA, while other PCGs start with ATG. Two PCGs (atp6 and nad4L) end with incomplete stop codons (T–), and the remaining ones have complete stop codons (TAA or TAG). The largest non-coding region of the C. antiquata (GX) contains one section of tandem repeats (5 × 99 bp). Among all PCGs and rRNAs, the nad5 gene contains the maximum polymorphic sites (430), followed by nad4 (261) and cox2 (240). Two ribosomal RNA genes (srRNA and lrRNA) and cox1 are most conservative. The proportions of polymorphic sites in six genes (nad4, nad2, nad6, nad5, cox2, and nad3) are more than 20% (ranging from 20.25% to 25.21%). These high variable genes can be used as molecular markers in the population genetic analysis of the species. © 2015 Taylor & Francis. Source

Chen W.-B.,Jiangsu Institute of Marine Resources | Chen W.-B.,Huaihai Institute of Technology | Yin L.,Huaihai Institute of Technology | Wang Q.,Huaihai Institute of Technology | And 2 more authors.
Yejin Fenxi/Metallurgical Analysis | Year: 2011

The reaction of 1-(4-antipyrine)-3-(sulfanilic acid)-triazene (ASTA) with cadrnium was studied to establish a direct photometric determination of cadmium in wastewater. The results showed that in the mixed medium of Na2B4O7-NaOH, cadmium reacted with ASTA to form a 1:2 red complex. The complex had maximum absorption at 505 nm with the apparent molar absorptivity of 2. 7 × 105 L·mol-1· cm-1. 0.3-5.0 μg of Cd(II) obeyed Beer's law in 10 mL of solution and the detection limit was 0.1 mg/L. This method had been applied to the determination of cadmium in wastewater samples, whose results were in consistency obtained by AAS method. Recovery was in the range of 104%-105% and the RSD (n=6) was lower than 3.9%. Source

Guo L.,Huaihai Institute of Technology | Guo L.,Jiangsu Institute of Marine Resources | Zhu W.-C.,Huaihai Institute of Technology | Liu Y.-T.,Huaihai Institute of Technology | And 3 more authors.
Food Science and Biotechnology | Year: 2013

The optimized extraction conditions of total flavonoids from mimenghua were determined by the Box-Behnken design and response surface methodology. The optimal conditions to achieve the maximum yield of flavonoids were determined as follows: ethanol concentration 68%(v/v), extraction temperature 72.4°C, liquid/material ratio 48:1mL/g, and extraction time 2 h. Under the optimized conditions, the extraction ratio of flavonoids was 15.44%. The crude extract was then purified by AB-8 macroporous adsorption resin, the flavonoids content in the purified extract increased to 90.43%. The antioxidant activities of the purified flavonoids were evaluated in vitro by scavenging capabilities of DPPH radical, hydroxyl radical and superoxide radical, reducing power and total antioxidant capacity. The results showed that the flavonoids have significant antioxidant activities, which can be used as a source of potential antioxidant. © 2013 The Korean Society of Food Science and Technology and Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht. Source

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