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Meng T.,Huaiyin Normal University | Zhang D.,Jiangsu Food & Pharmaceutical Science College | Zhang Y.,Huaiyin Normal University | Meng X.,Huaiyin Normal University
International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science and Technology | Year: 2016

An evaluation on public transport services can help to find out causes of dissatisfaction and promote the healthy development of public transport and the sustainable development of environment. In this paper, authors conduct a case study of Jiangsu long-distance passenger transport and construct a variables system to evaluate the public transport service satisfaction. Data were collected through questionnaires and processed by factor analysis. It concludes that the country side is where people feel dissatisfied with the public transport service and we propose some innovative measures to improve the satisfaction degree. © 2016, UK Simulation Society. All rights reserved.

Wu Y.,Jiangsu Food & Pharmaceutical Science College
International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science and Technology | Year: 2016

According to the characteristics of periodicity and randomness of traffic flow, a nonlinear forecasting model of time series is put forward. Firstly, the data of time series for one-dimensional traffic flow is converted to multi-dimensional time series and then the RBF neural network with strong nonlinear prediction ability is used for modeling. Finally, the model is tested by simulation experiments. The simulation results show that the prediction accuracy of forecasting model of time series for traffic flow with the RBF neural network being adopted is higher than that of the traditional model and the results can be applied to traffic management. © 2017, UK Simulation Society. All rights reserved.

Ma M.,Jiangsu Food & Pharmaceutical Science College | Baleanu D.,Cankaya University | Baleanu D.,Romanian Space Science Institute | Gasimov Y.-S.,Baku State University | Yang X.-J.,China University of Mining and Technology
Romanian Journal of Physics | Year: 2016

The multidimensional diffusion equations in fractal dimensional space started to play an important role in physics. In this paper we present the analytical solutions of the multidimensional diffusion equations in fractal dimensional spaces by using the method of separation of variables. The graphs of the exact solutions are presented and the accuracy and efficiency of the approach are revealed for a class of local fractional partial differential equations. © 2016, Editura Academiei Romane. All rights reserved.

Mei Y.,Jiangsu Food & Pharmaceutical Science College | Yang B.,Jiangsu Food & Pharmaceutical Science College
Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research | Year: 2017

Objective: Review sessions provide an opportunity for the students to revise materials they have learned previously. A case study has been designed using the story of Vincent van Gogh, a legendary painter with various illnesses. With this case study, almost all kinds of central nervous system drugs, including antidepressants, sedative– hypnotics, anti-epileptics, analgesics and antipsychotic drugs were reviewed, and several basic concepts of medicinal chemistry were revised, from pharmacokinetics and drug discovery to structure–property and structure–activity relationships. Methods: a series of student tests were performed to evaluate the effect of case study teaching. This study was designed to examine whether the method of review had any effect on three main factors: final exam performance, study habits and interest in medicinal chemistry. In total, 168 students in three classes participated in the study, 83 in the case-based review group (case study of van Gogh’s illnesses) and 85 in the control group (traditional review materials). All of the students attended these classes separately and there was no significant difference in attendance. Both classes were held during normal class time, which meant that students did not need to make special accommodations in order to attend. Results: The students who attended this review course had positive outcomes in terms of their concluding final exam performance, study habits, and student interest in medicinal chemistry. Conclusion: Case study from famous people’s legend story could increase the students’ interest. This method could potentially be used as a new teaching method to revise medicinal chemistry. © 2017, Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India. All rights reserved.

Yang J.,Jiangsu Food & Pharmaceutical Science College | Cui Y.,Zhoukou Normal University | Chen M.,Chaohu University
Open Automation and Control Systems Journal | Year: 2015

The hydraulic control system, an important composition of parallel machine tool, is a high order, nonlinear, parameter uncertain system, which seriously affects the dynamic performance of a machine tool, so it is very difficult to gain good performance with traditional control methods. The sliding mode control method based on RBF neural network is proposed in this paper. From the simulation results we can obtain that the proposed method is better than the traditional sliding model control method. Moreover, the result validates the proposed method of Hydraulic system for parallel machine tool and also provides the theoretical and experimental basis. © Yang et al.

PubMed | China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing Medical University, Jiangsu Food & Pharmaceutical Science College, Huadong Research Institute for Medicine and Biotechnics and 2 more.
Type: | Journal: Infection, genetics and evolution : journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases | Year: 2015

Cytotoxic T lymphocyte associated antigen-4(CTLA-4) is an inhibitory receptor with great value in the progression of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection related diseases. To determine the potential associations of IL-28B rs12979860 and CTLA-4 rs231775, rs3087243 and rs5742909 polymorphisms with the generation of HCV F protein, susceptibility and outcomes of HCV infection, a total of 375 healthy controls, 219 HCV spontaneous recovered patients and 600 chronic HCV patients from Southeast China were recruited and genotyped in this study. And the relative mRNA levels of CTLA-4 in T cells were detected. Logistic regression analysis showed that rs231775 A allele was associated with significantly higher rate of spontaneous viral clearance in anti-HCV F antibody negative patients (adjusted OR=0.512, P=0.008), but allele A was related to higher mRNA level of CTLA-4 with the generation of HCV F protein. And rs5742909 T allele added up to the risk of HCV infection chronicity significantly in patients with the presence of HCV F protein (adjusted OR=2.698, P=0.003). Also, the rs5742909 CC genotype, along with the presence of HCV F protein, indicated a significantly higher CTLA-4 level than that in anti-HCV F antibody negative patients. The AG+AA genotype of rs3087243 significantly increased the susceptibility to HCV infection in subjects over 56 years old (adjusted OR=1.595, P=0.011). Genotype-genotype interaction between IL-28B rs12979860 and CTLA-4 rs3087243 was found to be significantly associated with increased susceptibility to HCV infection (adjusted OR=1.509, P=0.005). Haplotype analysis in CTLA-4 also showed significant association with the generation of HCV F protein. All these results indicated the importance of IL-28B and CTLA-4 polymorphisms and their associations with HCV F protein in the risk and chronicity of HCV infection in Chinese Han population in Southeast China.

Cai X.P.,Jiangsu Food & Pharmaceutical Science College | Zhang S.Q.,Sijiqing Sewage Treatment Plant Jiangsu Huaian | Li J.G.,Mudanjiang Normal University | Li J.G.,Harbin Institute of Technology
Water Resources and Environment - Proceedings of the International Conference on Water Resources and Environment, WRE 2015 | Year: 2016

In the experiment, it treated zinc containing wastewater with fly ash zeolite, researching zinc removal rate and influencing factors, such as fly ash zeolite dosage, reaction acidity, contact time and other factors, to determine the best experimental conditions. The results showed that zinc removal rate was up to 97% in general, when the initial zinc and fly ash zeolite ratio was 1: 300, pH was 6. 5, contact time reached 30 mins. © 2016 Taylor & Francis Group, London.

Liu Y.,Northeast Forestry University | Shao C.,Northeast Forestry University | Fan B.,Northeast Forestry University | Li S.,Jiangsu Food & Pharmaceutical Science College | And 2 more authors.
Drug research | Year: 2015

A simple HPLC method to determine the amount of 10-methoxycamptothecin (MCPT) and its major metabolite 10-hydroxycamptothecin (HCPT) in rat liver tissue was developed in the present study. Camptothecin (CPT) was used as internal standard (IS). A piecewise linear function was used over lower and higher concentrations, respectively. The calibration curves were linear (r (2) >0.99) over concentrations from 2.5 to 20 ng/mL and 20 to 320 ng/mL for both MCPT and HCPT. The method had an accuracy of 92.74% to 112.76%, and the intra- and inter-day precision (RSD%) were 11.85% or less for MCPT and HCPT. The stability data showed no significant degradation occurred under the experimental conditions. This method was successfully applied to the tissue distribution study of MCPT and its metabolite HCPT in liver tissue samples after intravenous administration. © Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New York.

Mei Y.,Jiangsu Food & Pharmaceutical Science College | Yang B.,Jiangsu Food & Pharmaceutical Science College
Progress in Chemistry | Year: 2016

Bioisosteres are a class of compounds or groups,these compounds with similar molecular shapes or volume, similar electronic distribution, and similar physical properties. Bioisosteres play a role in the same related biochemical system as agonist or antagonist, which possessed in related biological activities. The amide structure can be an important part of drugs and a constituent of a pharmacophore. However, the presence of this moiety can also be responsible for some significant drawbacks about drug molecular, including metabolic instability, toxicity, as well as limited passive diffusion across biological membranes. To avoid some of these shortcomings while retaining the desired attributes of the amide moiety, bioisosteric replacement of the amide moiety in lead compounds is an effective method. Through the amide bioisosteric replacements, other aims would be goal such as increasing the target potency and selectivity, developing new structures to expand or break through the patents and decreasing the difficulty of the synthesis of the compounds. This review focuses on the application of the replacement between amide and amide bioisosteres in the optimization of lead compounds in recent five years. We wish our review would offer a new thinking in the design and optimization of the compounds in the research and development of the new drugs. © 2016, Editorial Office of Progress in Chemistry. All right reserved.

Sun T.,Jiangsu Food & Pharmaceutical Science College | Li H.,Jiangsu Food & Pharmaceutical Science College
Open Mechanical Engineering Journal | Year: 2014

In order to improve the automation of end-hole drilling process in the production of suture needles with thread, a high-precision subpixel-based drilling method is proposed. According to the edge detection principle in mathematical morphology, combined with the characteristics of the magnified images of the ends of suture needles to be drilled, the morphological edge detection operators with variable structural elements are constructed to achieve noise suppression and fully extract the detailed information of edges of images of needle end holes to be drilled. Then, the subdivision method of spatial moments is adopted to realize the subpixel positioning of pixel-level edges. Finally, least squares fitting method is used to achieve the high-precision positioning of center of needle end hole to be drilled. The experimental results of the 0.5 mm needle samples show that, the drilling method proposed in this study has a concentricity error no more than ± 0.2 μm and an average drilling time of 0.65S, boasting good real-time performance and stability and meeting the automated production needs of drilling process of suture needles with thread. © 2014, Sun and Li; Licensee Bentham Open.

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