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Wuxi, China

Jiangnan University , JU, literally "Southern Yangtze University") is a university located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. It is a key national university of the “Project 211” and is directly administrated by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The distinguished disciplines are food science and technology, fermentation engineering and industrial design. Wikipedia.

The present invention provides novel fatty acid desaturases genes used for synthesis of polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially 3 desaturases (FADS15). The present invention also provides nucleic acid sequence coding the above-described desaturases, expression vector of the above-described desaturases and recombinant microorganism expressing above-described desaturases.

Jiangnan University and Rutgers University | Date: 2015-03-02

Stereospecific carbonyl reductases SCR1, SCR2, and SCR3 are described herein as are nucleotide sequences that encode these reductases. These stereospecific carbonyl reductases have anti-Prelog selectivity and have specificities that are useful for fine biochemical synthesis.

Jiangnan University | Date: 2014-10-24

It relates to the manufacturing and preparation of frozen dough, and its application in microwaveable fried food. The preparation of fried fritters comprises the following steps: disposal of raw materials, dough kneading, dough proofing for the first time, dough folding, dough proofing for the second time, making blanks, frying and quick-freezing. Alum as the acidic component in leavening agents is replaced by a complex formulation of gluconic acid--lactone, glycerol monolaurate and calcium dihydrogen phosphate, thus reducing the toxicity of the dough. The fried fritters preparing by the dough of the present invention possess a good expansion rate, crispness and taste, and should satisfy consumer demands for quality food products that can be reheated by microwaving.

Jiangnan University | Date: 2014-10-01

The invention provides a method for producing high-quality lard or beef tallow with low cholesterol content. The method of the invention uses enzyme hydrolysis, centrifugation separation and homogenization-assisted embedding technique to obtain high-quality lard or beef tallow with low cholesterol levels. The method uses aqueous enzymatic extraction (AEE) techniques to separate lard or beef tallow from the raw material of pork or beef fat, and uses the homogenization-assisted embedding technique to remove cholesterol from the lard and beef tallow products. The method of the invention produces high quality lard with good oxidative stability at a high yield and can meet the Chinese national standard for first grade lard. The lard of the invention needs no further degumming process, eliminating the tedious refinery steps.

Jiangnan University | Date: 2015-01-14

The present invention relates to a method and spinning device for drafting single yarns. The method comprises drafting fiber strands into twistless fiber strands, bringing a primary twist action upon fiber strands in the vortex twist zone, integrating and compressing fiber strands on the suction member to form column fiber strands, outputting column fiber strands and twisting them into spun yarns. The spinning device comprises a drafting mechanism with suction members, wherein the front drafting pair consists of a front rubber roller, a block rubber roller, and a suction member, an air guide member is installed on the suction member, and the block. rubber roller, air guide member, and the suction member jointly form a vortex twist zone which fiber strands can pass through.

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