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Yokohama, Japan

JGC Corporation , formerly Japan Gasoline Co. , is a global engineering company headquartered in Yokohama, Japan.The company was founded on 25 October 1928. In 1976, it changed its original name from Japan Gasoline Co. to JGC Corp. JGC participates in the design and construction of large energy projects, such as Al Zour Refinery, Nigeria LNG, Pearl GTL, Ichthys LNG, Gorgon LNG, Tangguh LNG and Dolphin Gas Project.The company is listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the TOPIX 100 and Nikkei 225 stock market indices. Wikipedia.

JGC Corporation | Date: 2012-04-02

A sulfur recovery unit comprising: a reaction furnace configured to carry out a high-temperature Claus reaction between hydrogen-sulfide-containing gas and oxygen-containing gas introduced to the reaction furnace; a sulfur condenser configured to cool reaction gas discharged from the reaction furnace and condense sulfur contained in the reaction gas; and a pipe that connects the reaction furnace to the sulfur condenser, wherein the reaction furnace is fixed to the ground; and the sulfur condenser and the pipe are arranged so as to be able to move relative to the reaction furnace.

JGC Corporation | Date: 2013-03-04

A power supply apparatus that receives electric power from a power generation apparatus having a varying output and supplies electric power to an outside, the apparatus comprising: a power storage device that has a larger amount by which electric power is stored and/or a lower self-discharge rate than a capacitor device used as a passive device and also has higher charge and discharge efficiency and/or higher responsiveness than a secondary battery, the power storage device receiving electric power from the power generation apparatus and discharging electric power to the outside; a current control unit that controls a current supplied from the power storage device to the outside; and a control unit that controls a current and a voltage of the power generation apparatus by charging and discharging the power storage device so as to maximize an amount of power generation by the power generation apparatus.

JGC Corporation | Date: 2014-03-25

Crude containing a comparatively large content of nickel, vanadium, or carbon residue is treated so as to supply a raw material to a downstream catalytic cracking process, A primary distillation tower fractionates first crude into a residue fraction partly used as raw oil of a catalytic cracking process and other fractions. A secondary distillation tower fractionates second crude containing a larger content of a catalytic poison with respect to catalysts used in the catalytic cracking process than the first crude into a light fraction included in a distillation temperature range of the other fractions and a heavy fraction as a rest thereof. A light fraction supply line supplies the light fraction to the primary distillation tower so as to be treated in the primary distillation tower.

A reactor for synthesizing hydrogen sulfide in which sulfur and hydrogen are subjected to gas-phase reaction in the absence of a catalyst to synthesize hydrogen sulfide, the reactor including: a reactor body that retains liquid sulfur in a bottom portion thereof; a heating unit that gasifies part of the liquid sulfur; a hydrogen gas supply unit that supplies hydrogen gas into the liquid sulfur; and a heat-exchanging portion provided in a gas-phase reaction region located above the liquid surface of the liquid sulfur in the reactor body, wherein heat-exchanging portion is configured such that the reaction temperature in the gas-phase reaction region is controlled to be within a predetermined temperature range by changing the heat exchange amount per unit volume in a gas-phase reaction region located farther from the liquid surface from the heat exchange amount per unit volume in a gas-phase reaction region located closer to the liquid surface.

JGC Corporation | Date: 2013-12-27

A liquefied gas production facility includes a plurality of liquefied gas producers which produce liquefied gas by removing an unnecessary substance and liquefying feed gas containing methane as a main component.

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