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Chakherlou T.N.,University of Tabriz | Alvandi-Tabrizi Y.,University of Tabriz | Kiani A.,Jena University of Applied Sciences
International Journal of Fatigue

Cold expansion literature has been generally devoted to open hole specimens. Nevertheless, cold expanded specimens are practically used in bolted and riveted connections possessing different fatigue behavior than open hole specimens. This paper has sought to investigate the fatigue behavior of cold expanded specimens after being subjected to bolt tightening. Fatigue tests and numerical simulation were conducted to study the role of bolt clamping force on the residual stress distribution, fatigue life and failure mode of bolted cold expanded specimens. The results significantly reveal that bolt clamping contributes more positive effect and prolongs the fatigue life additionally. However, it may also change the failure mode from notch fatigue to fretting fatigue. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Source

Logvinenko A.D.,Glasgow Caledonian University | Beer A.,Jena University of Applied Sciences
Journal of Vision

Each hue is believed to be made up of the four component hues (yellow, blue, red, and green). A hue consisting of just one component hue is called unitary (or unique). A new technique-partial hue-matching-has been used to reveal the component and unitary hues for a sample of 32 Munsell papers, which were illuminated by neutral, yellow, blue, green, and red lights and assessed by four normal trichromatic observers. The same set of four component hues has been found under both the neutral and the chromatic illuminations for all of the observers. On average, more than 87% of the papers containing a particular component hue under the neutral illumination also have this component hue when lit by the chromatic lights. However, only a quarter of the papers perceived as unitary under the neutral illumination continues being perceived as unitary under all of the chromatic illuminations. In other words, most unitary colors shift along the hue circle due to change in an illuminant's chromaticity. Still, this shift of unitary colors is relatively small: On average, it does not exceed one Munsell hue step. © ARVO. Source

Schulz S.,Jena University of Applied Sciences
Conference proceedings : ... Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Conference

Schizophrenia is associated with a cardiac autonomic dysregulation which is characterized by a decreased vagal modulation. Nevertheless, there are less information about the interrelationships of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in schizophrenia. Source

Max Planck Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Wissens chaften e.V. and Jena University of Applied Sciences | Date: 2011-10-12

The present invention relates to an improved process for producing highly ordered nanopillar or nanohole structures, in particular on large areas, which can be used as masters in NIL, hot embossing or injection molding processes. The process involves decorating a surface with an ordered array of metal nanoparticles produced by means of a micellar block- copolymer nano-lithography process; etching the primary substrate to a depth of 50 to 500 nm, where the nanoparticles act as a mask and an ordered array of nanopillars or nanocones corresponding to the positions of the nanoparticles is thus produced; using the nanostructured master or stamp in a structuring processes. Also the finished nanostructured substrate surface can be used as a sacrificial master which is coated with a continuous metal layer and the master is then etched away to leave a metal stamp having an ordered array of nanoholes which is a negative of the original array of nanopillars or nanocones.

Max Planck Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Wissenschaften e.V and Jena University of Applied Sciences | Date: 2013-05-15

The invention provides a method for increasing the order of an array of polymeric micelles or of nanoparticles on a substrate surface comprising a) providing an ordered array of micelles or nanoparticles coated with a polymer shell on a substrate surface and b) annealing the array of micelles or nanoparticles by ultrasonication in a liquid medium which is selected from the group comprising H

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