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Saint-Etienne, France

Jean Monnet University is a French public university, based in Saint-Étienne. It is under the Academy of Lyon and belongs to the recent administrative entity denominated University of Lyon, which gathers different schools in Lyon and Saint-Étienne.The main campus is located in Tréfilerie, in the city of Saint-Étienne. It houses arts, languages and letters courses, with law, economics and management, human science and the Maison de l'Université .science and sports are studied in Metare campus, which is located in a less urbanized place in the city. A University Institute of Technology is located in Metare too, providing some short formations in two or three years. Optic and vision and the Engineering school Telecom Saint-Etienne are located in the Carnot Campus in the north of the city. The Laboratoire Hubert Curien, devoted to optic, image and computer science, is located there too. Bellevue Campus holds the medicine faculty.An other campus is located in the city of Roanne, with a second University Institute of Technology. Wikipedia.

Morin J.B.,Jean Monnet University
Medicine and science in sports and exercise | Year: 2011

We transposed the concept of effectiveness of force application used in pedaling mechanics to calculate the ratio of forces (RF) during sprint running and tested the hypothesis that field sprint performance was related to the technical ability to produce high amounts of net positive horizontal force. This ability represents how effectively the total force developed by the lower limbs is applied onto the ground, despite increasing speed during the acceleration phase. Twelve physically active male subjects (including two sprinters) performed 8-s sprints on a recently validated instrumented treadmill, and a 100-m sprint on an athletics track. Mean vertical (FV), net horizontal (FH), and total (FTot) ground reaction forces measured at each step during the acceleration allowed computation of the RF as FH/FTot and an index of force application technique (DRF) as the slope of the RF-speed linear relationship from the start until top speed. Correlations were tested between these mechanical variables and field sprint performance variables measured by radar: mean and top 100-m speeds and 4-s distance. Significant (r > 0.731; P < 0.01) correlations were obtained between DRF and 100-m performance (mean and top speeds; 4-s distance). Further, FH was significantly correlated (P < 0.05) to field sprint performance, but FTot and FV were not. Force application technique is a determinant factor of field 100-m sprint performance, which is not the case for the amount of total force subjects are able to apply onto the ground. It seems that the orientation of the total force applied onto the supporting ground during sprint acceleration is more important to performance than its amount. Source

Jean Monnet University, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Saint - Etienne CMP and Etablissement Francais Du Sang | Date: 2013-03-14

A device for the storage of a corneal specimen has means for the reception and entrapment of a corneal specimen, connected to the means for the creation of a pressure gradient with overpressure on the endothelial side and to the preservation medium circulation means in the layouts that present the means for the reception and entrapment of the cornea specimen. The means for the reception and entrapment of the corneal specimen entrap the sclera ciliary zone surrounding the cornea in an airtight manner to delimit a separate endothelial chamber and epithelial chamber in which the preservation medium can circulate with an overpressure in the endothelial chamber; The intermediate component and the endothelial lid comprise inlet and outlet orifices for the preservation medium which are connected to the means for the circulation of the preservation medium and the creation of a pressure gradient between the endothelial chamber and the epithelial chamber with overpressure in the endothelial chamber.

STMicroelectronics, French National Center for Scientific Research and Jean Monnet University | Date: 2015-06-25

An integrated random signal generation circuit includes two logic gates, the output of each gate coupled to a respective first input of the other gate via assemblies of delay elements. The respective delays introduced by the assemblies of delay elements are adjustable.

Arjowiggins Security, Jean Monnet University and French National Center for Scientific Research | Date: 2013-09-11

A method for authenticating a security element by superimposing N shared colour images in order to obtain at least one target colour may include a phase of constructing an authenticator system that includes a step of selecting a target colour; a step of selecting a series of N decomposition colours which, by means of superimposition, together enable the target colour to be obtained; and a step of recording the N shared images each with a decomposition colour from the series. A security element comprising at least one shared image may be obtained according to the method.

French Institute of Health, Medical Research, French National Center for Scientific Research, Jean Monnet University, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and Hospices Civils De Lyon | Date: 2013-06-28

The present invention relates to the diagnosis of acquired sensory neuronopathies (SNN), and to the treatment of these disorders.

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