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Hachiōji, Japan

A simple method and apparatus for circular dichroism spectrophotometry are provided that allow a liquid, cream-type, and gel-type specimens having a low degree of transparency to be measured directly and nondestructively without passing light through the specimens. Right-handed or left-handed circularly polarized light enters a prism from an entrance face and hits a specimen mounting face of the prism, on which a specimen is placed, at an angle of 80. Then, after being totally reflected by the specimen mounting face and going out from an exit face, the light is detected, and the absorbance is determined.

A high-pressure fluorescence flow cell comprises a cell body made of a light-transmissive material, wherein the cell body is penetrated by a straight-line flow path for a high-pressure fluid, wherein the flow path is formed with a cross section of 0.1 mm where indicates the tensile stress (MPa) of the material of the cell body, and P indicates the withstand pressure (MPa) of the cell body.

Jasco International Co. and Jasco Corporation | Date: 2011-04-13

Measuring apparatus comprises a rotating plate

Jasco Corporation | Date: 2010-04-13

A highly accurate three-dimensional measurement base is specified with simple settings. When a peak occurs in the positive Z-axis direction, a hemisphere or semi-spheroid figure (z0) is placed to contain a position (x

Jasco Corporation | Date: 2012-08-02

The figure is fixed in a given position. If peaks are seen in the positive Y direction, the minimum value of the difference in height between the spectrum and the figure in the range where the figure is present on the X-axis. The minimum value and the height of the figure at the reference point are added. The figure is moved within a range containing the reference point, and the minimum value of the difference in height between the spectrum and the figure is added to the height of the figure at the reference point, at each point on the figure. A maximum value L

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