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Fujimino, Japan

New Japan Radio Co. | Date: 2015-02-10

There is provided a mounting structure of electronic components wherein the heat sink is disposed so as to allow a high heat releasing property to be achieved and ensure that manufacturing is easy. The resin film is provided at the lower surface side of the whole circuit element to which the lead is connected; a molding resin is molded at the upper side from the lower surface of the lead including the side portions of the lead, the circuit element and the connecting portions of the lead and the circuit element; the lead is connected to the electrode of the circuit board so that flattened back surfaces of a plurality of one side resin-molded elements are on the same horizontal plane; and a single heat sink is mounted on the back surfaces of the plurality of one side resin-molded elements.

New Japan Radio Co. | Date: 2014-02-06

A position detecting device using a reflection type photosensor, comprising a reflector fitted to a moving target and having reflecting portions and non-reflecting portions arranged alternately in a moving direction of the moving target, a reflection type photosensor having a light emitting element and a light receiving element with plural light receiving portions, and an operation unit for calculating a value indicating the position of the moving target. The light receiving element comprises the first and second light receiving portions outputting signals having different phases, the second light receiving portion is divided into two regions provided at far and near sides from the light emitting element about the first light receiving portion, and the operation unit calculates the value using the one signal calculated from the output signals from the two regions and the output signal from the first light receiving portion.

New Japan Radio Co. | Date: 2011-06-22

The switching element is provided in a state of being electromagnetically coupled to the cavity resonator of the high frequency oscillator; the bias voltage applying terminal is connected to one electrode of the switching element; another electrode of the switching element is electrically connected to the cavity resonator (the anode shell in FIG.

New Japan Radio Co. | Date: 2013-10-16

The object of the presently disclosed embodiment is to improve heat dissipation and an overall cooling efficiency to raise a peak oscillation output. To achieve the object, there is provided a coaxial magnetron having the following configuration: Around a cathode, vanes and an anode cylinder form an anode resonant cavity, and a cylindrical side body forms an outer cavity. An input side structure having an input part and an upper structure are joined to both ends of the cylindrical side body. One end of the anode cylinder is joined to the input side structure. A groove (or step) for adjusting the distance between the structures and at the both ends is provided, and the groove is joined to the other end of the anode cylinder.

New Japan Radio Co. | Date: 2012-02-28

A semiconductor device that is equipped with an ESD protection element, which has a size increase thereof suppressed, does not require extra process, and can be formed without inducing deterioration of characteristics of the semiconductor device. This semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate, a circuit element, that includes a PN junction formed of a region, which is formed on the semiconductor substrate, and which has a conductivity type different from that of the substrate and a protection element for the circuit element. The protection element is a transistor formed of the region, another region having the conductivity type same as that of the region, and the semiconductor substrate. The emitter for the transistor and the semiconductor substrate are connected to each other.

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