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Sagamihara, Japan

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency , or JAXA, is Japan's national aerospace agency. Through the merger of three previously independent organizations, JAXA was formed on 1 October 2003. JAXA is responsible for research, technology development and the launch of satellites into orbit, and is involved in many more advanced missions, such as asteroid exploration and possible manned exploration of the Moon. Its motto is One JAXA and its corporate slogan is Explore to Realize . Wikipedia.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency | Date: 2014-10-14

Method and apparatus capable of accurately measuring a flow rate using Gaussian quadrature even under a small number of measurement points are provided. An average for the y-coordinate of values of normal-directional component with respect to the cross-section represented by v

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency | Date: 2014-02-28

The present invention provides an electric propulsion system control apparatus that uses electric means alone so that effects pertaining to weight and cost are suppressed, is capable of accurate detection even when an airspeed has a binary relationship with a torque and a rotation speed of a propeller, and thereby exhibits improved detection precision and responsiveness. The electric propulsion system control apparatus drives a propulsion propeller to rotate, and is configured to estimate the airspeed from a data set stored in advance in relation to the airspeed and a propeller characteristic, and a plurality of torque and rotation speed estimation values detected under different driving conditions.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency | Date: 2014-05-07

Provided is an exhaust nozzle and a method for changing an exhaust flowpath, whereby noise can be reduced by using a simple and light-weight mechanism without increasing the complexity and size of the structure of the exhaust nozzle, and furthermore, the efficiency during cruising at supersonic speeds can be improved. The rear end side of main nozzle pieces

ShinMaywa Industries Ltd. and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency | Date: 2014-04-23

When distribution material is distributed over a target site on a ground surface from an aircraft, a distribution supporting apparatus offers support information to a pilot dropping the distribution material to efficiently distribute the distribution material. The distribution supporting apparatus includes: an input section to which information items on at least an aircraft velocity, an aircraft altitude, and a wind velocity are input; a computation section configured to compute a location at which the distribution material dropped from the aircraft arrives on the ground surface and a density distribution of the distribution material on the ground surface based on the information items input to the input section; and a display control section configured to display, on a display, the support information relating to the location and density distribution computed by the computation section.

An imide resin composition including a terminal-modified imide oligomer of General Formula (1) and a thermoplastic aromatic polyimide of General Formula (2). (In Formula (1), either R

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