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Jagannath University is a Government-Financed Public University in Sadarghat, Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh. Jagannath University is in the southern part of Dhaka city near the river Buriganga. Wikipedia.

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Kumar S.,Jagannath University
2016 International Conference on Recent Advances and Innovations in Engineering, ICRAIE 2016 | Year: 2017

Animal Migration Optimization algorithm is stimulated by intelligent conduct of animal while migrating from one place to other place in search of food and secure habitat. This algorithm simulate the behavior of animal that how they shift from existing location to fresh location and how a number of animal depart from the group and other connect with the group. There are mainly two phases namely migration and population update. This paper presents a new strategy for population update in animal migration optimization algorithm using levy flight search strategy. The newly proposed strategy named as Levy Flight Animal Migration Optimization (LAMO) algorithm. The performance of LAMO tested over 21 bench mark functions and results compared with basic AMO algorithm so as to prove its reliability, robustness and efficiency. © 2016 IEEE.

Singh M.P.,Jagannath University
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology | Year: 2016

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a symptomatic compression neuropathy of the median nerve at the level of the wrist/hand characterized physiologically by evidence of increased pressure within the carpal tunnel and decreased function of the nerve at that level. It is characterized by patients as producing numbness, tingling, hand & arm pain and muscle dysfunction. CTS is caused by physical occupational activities, such as repeated and forceful movements of the hand and wrist or use of hand-held, powered, vibratory tools. Present work is focused on studying CTS on the workers engaged in manufacturing industry. The risk factor considered in this study is hand arm vibrational exposure. The study is conducted on 116 workers comprising of all men (mean age of 36.827±5.98 years). The objective of present work is to study the effect of hand arm vibration exposure on the workers of manufacturing industry by comparison of potential CTS symptoms and effect of different exposure levels of vibration on occurrence of CTS in actual industrial environment. © IAEME Publication.

Alam M.S.,Jagannath University | Nam Y.-J.,Dongguk University | Lee D.-U.,Dongguk University
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry | Year: 2013

In the present study, a series of (Z)-2,3-diphenylacrylonitrile analogs were synthesized and then evaluated in terms of their cytotoxic activities against four human cancer cell lines, e.g. lung cancer (A549), ovarian cancer (SK-OV-3), skin cancer (SK-MEL-2), and colon cancer (HCT15), as well as anti-microbial activities against three microbes, e.g. Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, and Aspergillus niger. The title compounds were synthesized by Knoevenagel condensation reaction of benzyl cyanide or p-nitrobenzyl cyanide with substituted benzaldehydes in good yields. Most of the compounds exhibited significant suppressive activities against the growth of all cancer cell lines. Compound 3c was most active in inhibiting the growth of A549, SK-OV-3, SK-MEL-2, and HCT15 cells lines with IC50 values of 0.57, 0.14, 0.65, and 0.34 mg/mL, respectively, followed by compounds 3f, 3i, and 3h. Compound 3c exhibited 2.4 times greater cytotoxic activity against HCT15 cells, whereas it showed similar potency against SK-OV-3 cells to that of the standard anti-cancer agent doxorubicin. Structure-activity relationship study revealed that electron-donating groups at the para-position of phenyl ring B were more favorable for improved cytotoxic activity, whereas the presence of electron-withdrawing groups was unfavorable compare to unsubstituted acrylonitrile. An optimal electron density on phenyl ring A of (Z)-2,3-diphenylacrylonitrile analogs was crucial for their cytotoxic activities against human cancer cell lines used in the present study. Qualitative structure-cytotoxic activity relationships were studied using physicochemical parameters; a good correlation between calculated polar surface area (PSA), a lipophobic parameter, and cytotoxic activity was found. Moreover, all compounds showed significant anti-bacterial activities against S. typhi, whereas compound 3k showed potent inhibition against both S. aureus and S. typhi bacterial strains. © 2013 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

Alam M.S.,Jagannath University | Choi J.-H.,Dongguk University | Lee D.-U.,Dongguk University
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry | Year: 2012

4-Aminoantipyrine (4-amino-1,5-dimethyl-2-phenylpyrazole-3-one) and its analogues have been found to be compounds of interest for their anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiviral, antipyretic, antirheumatic and antimicrobial activities. In the present study, Schiff base analogues of 4-aminoantipyrine were synthesized by the condensation reaction with substituted benzaldehydes and then evaluated for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. From among the synthesized compounds (3a-m, 4 and 5), 3k and 3f exhibited the highest antioxidant activity followed by 3g, 3l, 3c, 3i, 5, 3m and 3h. The IC 50 values for compounds 3k and 3f were found to be 0.44 and 0.93 μM, respectively, comparable to that of ascorbic acid (IC 50 0.41 μM), a standard antioxidant agent. From the comparisons between the hydroxylated and methoxylated compounds, the rank order of antioxidant activity for the products resulting from benzylidene phenyl ring substitution was 2,4,6-OH > 3,4-OH > 3-OMe-4-OH > 3,5-OMe-4-OH > 2,4-OH > 3-Me-4-OMe > 3,4-OMe > 4-OMe > 4-OH. The structure-activity relationship study revealed that the position and nature of the substituted group on the benzylidene phenyl ring of the Schiff base analogues of 4-aminoantipyrine play an important role in their antioxidant activity. The anti-inflammatory activity of 3f, which also exhibited excellent antioxidant activity, was evaluated in terms of its inhibition of NO production, an inflammatory modulator, in LPS pretreated RAW 264.7 cells using the Griess method. We also examined whether or not this compound had effect on iNOS and COX-2 mRNA expression in RAW 264.7 cells. It was observed that compound 3f significantly reduced NO production and inhibited LPS-stimulated iNOS and COX-2 mRNA levels in a dose-dependent manner. Overall, 3f showed promising antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities and may be used as the lead compound in a future study. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Alam M.S.,Dongguk University | Alam M.S.,Jagannath University | Lee D.-U.,Dongguk University
Journal of Chemical Crystallography | Year: 2012

In this study, the title compound, C 18H 17N 3O (M r = 291.35), was synthesized by the condensation reaction of 4-amino-1,5-dimethyl-2-phenylpyrazole-3-one and benzaldehyde. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction data revealed that this compound adopts a trans configuration around the central C=N double bond. It crystallizes in the monoclinic, space group P2 1/c with a = 12.9236(17) Å, b = 6.8349(9) Å, c = 17.072(2) Å, β = 90.316(3)°, V = 1508.0(3) Å 3, Z = 4, D c = 1.283 Mg/m 3, F(000) = 616, μ = 0.082 mm -1, R = 0.0442, and wR = 0.0936. Two different planes exist within the molecule; e.g. the pyrazolone and benzylidene groups attached to C9 of the pyrazolone ring are almost coplanar, whereas the phenyl group attached to the N1 of the pyrazolone ring is in another plane. Density functional theory (DFT) and time-dependent DFT calculations were performed to predict the electronic structure and absorption spectra of (E)-4- [benzylideneamino]-1,5-dimethyl-2-phenyl-1H-pyrazol-3(2H)-one, a schiff base ligand of 4-aminoantipyrine using B3LYP/6-311G basis set on the AM1 optimized geometry. The predicted vibrational frequencies using the B3LYP/6-311G method were in strong agreement with the experimental IR spectra. The time dependent DFT calculations were used to evaluate the electronic absorption spectrum and three electron transition bands, which were mainly derived from the contribution of n → π* and π → π* transitions, were observed in both the experimental and predicted UV-Vis spectra. A maximum emission band at 370 nm was observed in the fluorescence spectra of the title compound. In addition, the title compound showed good DPPH antioxidant activity. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Singh J.,Jagannath University | Kumar D.,JaganNath Gupta Institute of Engineering and Technology | Kumar S.,National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur
Ain Shams Engineering Journal | Year: 2013

In this paper, a user friendly algorithm based on new homotopy perturbation transform method (HPTM) is proposed to solve nonlinear fractional Fornberg-Whitham equation in wave breaking. The new homotopy perturbation transform method is combined form of Laplace transform, homotopy perturbation method and He's polynomials. The nonlinear terms can be easily handled by the use of He's polynomials. The numerical solutions obtained by the proposed method indicate that the approach is easy to implement and computationally very attractive. © 2012 Ain Shams University. Production and hosting by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Bhuiyan E.H.,Jagannath University | Presenza-Pitman G.,University of Toronto | Azzouz M.,Laurentian University
Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications | Year: 2012

We studied the optical conductivity of the Bi 2Sr 2CaCu 2O 8+δ materials in the normal state as well as in the superconducting state as a function of temperature and doping within the rotating antiferromagnetism theory (RAFT) using the Marginal Fermi Liquid (MFL) ansatz for self-energy. The optical conductivity is calculated using Nambu formalism and Kubo's formula. Experimental data for Bi 2Sr 2CaCu 2O 8+δ are discussed. © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Kabir G.,University of British Columbia | Sumi R.S.,Jagannath University
Energy | Year: 2014

Electromagnetic radiations emanating from the high voltage lines and substations pose serious adverse health consequences to living beings. As a result, selection of power substation location is an important strategic decision-making problem for both public and private sectors. In general, many conflicting factors affect the appropriate substation location selection problem which adheres to uncertain and imprecise data. In this paper, a simple, systematic and logical scientific approach is structured to evaluate power substation location through integrating Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (FAHP) with the Preference Ranking Organization Method for Enrichment Evaluations (PROMETHEE). The proposed integrated approach provides more realistic and reliable results, and facilitates the decision-maker to handle multiple contradictory decision perspectives through eliminating the limitations of FAHP and PROMETHEE methods. To accredit the proposed model, it is implemented in a power substation location selection problem in Bangladesh. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.

The present article explores the dynamics of disaster-induced risk resulted from tropical Cyclone Aila that struck southwestern coastal residents on May 25, 2009, causing 190 deaths and affecting over 3.9 million with 243,000 houses and destroying 77,000 acres of farmland. This study assesses disaster risk by using basic pseudo-equation expressed as Risk = Hazard × Vulnerability, and explores the influences of various socioeconomic, environmental, institutional and geographical factors on escalating disaster risk. Following stratified purposive sampling techniques, a total of fourteen focus group discussions were conducted at three villages of Padma Pukur union in Satkhira District, from April to August in 2010. Vulnerability to disaster risk was assessed by using a short list of twenty predominant factors in terms of five dimensions, which reveals a strong relationship with sensitivity to climatic hazards. And the perception to hazard cyclone was measured by evaluating eight foremost characteristics that provide a robust insight and social view of affected residents to a physical event. The findings suggest that intensity, likelihood, speed of onset, familiarity and consequences of Cyclone Aila were regarded as significant hazard characteristics to the participants. This study explores that affected people had moderate ability to easily reduce the risks of hazard event. Findings further suggest that extreme weather, disaster-prone location, insufficient public services, high salinity, damage of biodiversity, loss of human lives and animals, shattering livelihood options, and damage of assets and infrastructures were considered as predominant factors of vulnerability. Finally, this study develops a disaster crunch model (DCM) based on the idea of Pressure and Release (PAR) model of vulnerability, which investigates root causes, dynamic pressures and unsafe conditions of vulnerability, and various elements at disaster risk. © 2014, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

Duggal S.,Jagannath University
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series | Year: 2016

Cloud computing framework makes us convenient to offer e-learning services in the remotest areas of India. By using cloud based E-Learning model, we can reap multiple benefits in schools, colleges or universities in India. This paper proposes a Conceptual Model to offer elearning services using cloud computing platform. © 2016 ACM.

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