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Gandy, FL, United States

A light emitting diode (LED) lighting assembly (

Jabil Circuit Inc. | Date: 2015-03-27

An apparatus, system and method for wirelessly powering a device. The apparatus, system and method may include a primary coil housing that houses a primary coil; a secondary coil housed within the device and suitable for having power induced therein responsive to the primary coil; an isolator that at least partially mechanically and electrically isolates the primary coil from the secondary coil; and a plurality of paired feedback sensors respectively communicatively and physically associated with, and paired as between, the primary coil housing and the device, wherein the plurality of paired feedback sensors exchanges indications regarding performance of the secondary coil, and wherein performance of the primary coil is modified responsively to the indications.

Jabil Circuit Inc. | Date: 2015-03-25

An apparatus, system and method for providing a contact point power pad for use with a battery charger, such as may reside in a mobile device. The apparatus, system and method may include a base insulation pad, a plurality of alternately charged strips electrically connected to at least one voltage source and physically atop the base insulation pad, and a plurality of raised insulating ridges interstitially between alternating ones of the alternately charged strips. The apparatus, system and method may also include a mobile device for use with a power pad. The mobile device may include three contact balls electrically associated with at least one battery charger for providing charging power to the at least one battery charger.

Jabil Circuit Inc. | Date: 2015-08-21

A fan assembly for an electronics module is presented, the fan assembly includes a fan housing at least partially enclosing a fan, a first bracket assembly at a first end of the fan housing, the first bracket having a handle and a latching element, and a second bracket disposed on a second end of the fan housing. The handle is movable between an unlatched position for manual grasping of the handle and a latched position for allowing an air flow through the fan assembly.

Jabil Circuit Inc. | Date: 2015-06-10

The invention relates to a head-up display system comprising a housing, a combiner to display information in an operating position and a cover to protect the combiner, wherein the combiner is movable between the operating position and a storage position and wherein the cover is movable between an open position and a closed position to protect the combiner in its storage position with the cover in its closed position wherein the head-up display system comprises a rotational drive mechanism that comprises a motor that drives a motor driven gearwheel that comprises a curved guiding member on its end face to guide a driver pin along a curve which driver pin engages with the combiner to move the combiner between its operating position and its storage position.

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