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Bukharina I.L.,Udmurt State University | Vedernikov K.E.,Udmurt State University | Pashkova A.S.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy
Contemporary Problems of Ecology | Year: 2016

Data on the condition of Picea genus (spruce) representatives in an urban environment have been analyzed. The viability under different environmental conditions and stand types is evaluated. The relative viability of forest stands is evaluated. Morphogenic traits of conifers are examined for the annual increment development. The photosynthetic pigments dynamics is tracked for two coniferous plants across various forest types, including park forests, roadside hedgerows, and plantings in the residential area. The specific responses of pigment system to the urban environment have been revealed for the two coniferous plant species. We have found an increased concentration of carotinoids and higher resilience of blue spruce (Picea pungens Engelm.) in an urban environment. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Perevozchikov A.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy | Batanov S.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy | Atnabaeva N.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy
Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science | Year: 2017

We’ve studied the special aspects of feeding regulation and the effect of vitamin-mineral preparation with folic acid on reproductive qualities of sows. As a result of the scientific experiment we came to conclusion that sows received an additional vitamin-mineral preparation to basic diet had a higher multiple pregnancy by 39.3% (p < 0.05) compared with animals of the control group. Production verification of the reproductive qualities with a larger number of animals confirmed the scientific and economic effect of using vitamin-mineral drugs. It was found that sows received the drug had a higher prolificacy (by 7.3% to 15.4%) than control animals, better preservation of piglets, high breeding efficiency. © 2017, National Centre for Agrarian Sciences. All Rights Reserved.

Kuzmin P.A.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy | Bukharina I.L.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy | Kuzmina A.M.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy
International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology | Year: 2016

In work dynamics of cupriferous enzymes in leaves of silver birch which is constant object of green construction in the anthropogenous environment is shown. Many researches indicate interrelation of adaptive opportunities of a vegetable organism and functioning of enzymatic system, including cupriferous enzymes of a poliphenoloxidaza and ascorbinatoxidaza. Activity of an ascorbinatoxidaza was determined by a method which is based on property of ascorbic acid to absorb light with a maximum at the wavelength of 265 nanometers. About activity of enzyme judged by reduction of size of optical density, considering that the oxidation level of ascorbic acid is proportional to amount of enzyme. Activity of a poliphenoloxidaza was determined by spectrotometric method which is based on measurement of optical density of products of reaction which are formed at oxidation of pyrocatechin for a certain period. During all vegetative period, plants in the conditions of the urban environment, had an increase in activity of a poliphenoloxidaza with achievement of the maximum value in August. In both years of observations (2014 and 2015) there was a decrease of the activity of an ascorbinatoxidaza in leaves during active vegetation of plants, and in the native habitat, on the contrary, its increase. The minimum values of activity of this enzyme are noted in August in the near-road plantings. © 2016, International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. All rights reserved.

Kuzmin P.A.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy | Bukharina I.L.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy | Kuzmina A.M.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy
International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology | Year: 2016

The paper shows the dynamics of photosynthetic pigment content in the leaves of native and introduced species of woody plants within the urban environment conditions. Fine-leaved linden and pendent birch growing in the plantations of sanitary protection zones of industrial enterprises and at main planting the content of chlorophyll a and b is reduced during the growing season in comparison with the plantation plants of conditional control zones, but at the same time the content of carotenoids with antioxidant properties and a protective function is increased. Balsam poplar in main plantations has an increased content of chlorophylls and carotenoids in June, but then their decrease takes place. The representatives of maple genus had a significant decrease of chlorophyll a content in leaves throughout the observation period in the city plantations. Chlorophyll b content increase was observed in leaves of the aboriginal species-Norway maple-in main plantations at the beginning of active vegetation period in 2015, and among the plantations of sanitary protection zones and in industrial enterprises and in plantations in July 2014, compared with the plantings of conditional control zones, which indicate its participation in adaptive reactions. Ashleaved maple-an introduced species-is characterized by b chlorophyll content reduction during an active vegetation period, compared with the indicators of conditional control zone during the same interval. Besides, the leaves of maple species demonstrate carotenoid content increase in June. © 2016, International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. All rights reserved.

Korablev G.A.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy | Khokhriakov N.V.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy | Zaikov G.E.,RAS Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics | Vasiliev Y.G.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy
Oxidation Communications | Year: 2013

With the help of spatial-energy concept it is demonstrated that the formation and change of high-energy bonds in adenosine triphosphate (ATP) take place at the functional transitions of valence-active orbitals of the 'phosphorus-oxygen' system. These values of energy bonds are in accordance with experimental and quantum-mechanical data.

Korablev G.A.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy | Zaikov G.E.,RAS Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics
Oxidation Communications | Year: 2011

The dependence of some thermodynamic characteristics upon initial spatial-energy parameters of free atoms has been analysed. The corresponding equations have been obtained, the dissociation energies of binary molecules and enthalpy of single-atom gas formation have been calculated based on them.

Babiarz A.,Silesian University of Technology | Banshchikova I.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy | Czornik A.,Silesian University of Technology | Makarov E.,National Academy of Sciences of Belarus | And 3 more authors.
2016 21st International Conference on Methods and Models in Automation and Robotics, MMAR 2016 | Year: 2016

In this paper we study discrete linear time-varying system with control and bounded coefficients. For such systems we consider problems of the proportional global assignability and proportional local assignability of the Lyapunov spectrum of the discrete linear time-varying system with control. This is a generalization of the pole placement theorem, which is well-known in the theory of time-invariant system. The main results present sufficient conditions for considered types of assignability. © 2016 IEEE.

Khokhriakov N.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy | Kodolov V.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry | Year: 2011

The interaction of hydroxyfullerene with water molecules is investigated in the frameworks of ab initio and semiempirical methods of quantum chemistry. The calculations demonstrate that the energy of cluster interaction with a water is twice as much as the energy of interaction between water molecules. Thus qualitative changes in the water structure take place when introducing small quantities of hydroxyfullerene. Copyright © 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Ul'yanov A.I.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy | Zakharov V.A.,Russian Academy of Sciences | Pospelova I.G.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy
Russian Physics Journal | Year: 2015

Dependences of the coercive force of samples of St3-grade steel (with chemical composition Fe–0.324C–0.187Si–0.457Mn–0.026Cr–0.029Cu–0.008Co) during elastic and plastic tensile deformation are investigated. It is demonstrated that in the region of small deformations, plastic deformation is non-uniform over the length of the operating part of the sample. For well-annealed steel, the dependences of the coercive force on the elastic sample deformation became reversible, and for plastically deformed steel, a hysteresis is observed that increases with the degree of plastic deformation of the samples. Possible reasons for the hysteresis of the dependence of the coercive force on the elastic cyclic tensile deformations are discussed. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Sedov S.A.,Kazan Federal University | Valiev I.N.,Kazan Federal University | Kuzmin P.A.,Kazan Federal University | Sharifullina A.M.,Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy
Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia | Year: 2014

The authors investigated the dynamics of tannin content in the leaves of woody plants (in the maple kind) in man-made environments. Results of the study were interpreted in this work as suggestions for the public on improvement of urban area. The indicated activities are defined as passive methods - measures to reduce the effects of technogenic impact on the territory. The article presents and active ways as well - measures to eliminate the causes of man-made development.

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