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Gyōda, Japan

IWASAKI Electrical CO. | Date: 2013-02-25

A glare measuring system is configured to have an imaging camera which is supported to be rotatable within a horizontal plane, and a processing device which calculates equivalent veiling luminance on the basis of a pickup image of the imaging camera and calculates the value of a glare rating GR on the basis of the equivalent veiling luminance. The imaging camera has a super-wide-angle lens mounted thereon, and picks up an image in a position which is rotated within the horizontal plane by every angle corresponding to the angle of view of the super-wide-angle. The processing device combines pickup images to generate a composite image in which a glare measurement direction is set to the center of the composite image, calculates equivalent veiling luminance on the basis of the composite image, and calculates the value of the glare rating in the glare measurement direction.

IWASAKI Electrical CO. and Kochi University | Date: 2014-09-10

An imaging system includes: a first lighting device for irradiating an imaging target object with visible light; a second lighting device for irradiating the imaging target object with near-infrared light; and an image sensor for photodetecting visible light caused by the visible light and coming from the imaging target object and fluorescence caused by the near-infrared light and coming from the imaging target object during a predetermined shutter open period every frame of a predetermined period. The image sensor outputs photodetection signals corresponding to photodetection amounts of the visible light and the fluorescence. The imaging system also includes a controller that generates a composite image of a visible image and a fluorescence image based on the photodetection signals, and has a lighting controller that turns on the second lighting device with optical power corresponding to the shutter open period in synchronism with the shutter open period.

IWASAKI Electrical CO. | Date: 2013-03-07

It is an object of the present invention to provide a metal halide lamp in which arc discharge in the initial stage of lamp lighting can be stabilized. A metal halide lamp includes a translucent outer tube with a base formed at one end thereof and a light-emitting portion disposed in the outer tube. This metal halide lamp is configured as a vertical mounting type such that the base thereof looks toward the upper side. The discharge tube has mercury and metal halides enclosed therein. Assuming that a lamp rated power is P [W], then a mercury concentration d(Hg) [mol/cm

Eye Lighting Systems Corporation and IWASAKI Electrical CO. | Date: 2015-06-22

A lamp achieves high output power like an HID lamp by using a light emitting element(s) as a light source. A mount board having LED mounted thereon is provided on the surface of a base member, and there are provided plural flat plate type light source units arranged around an axial line while the back surfaces thereof faces inwards, and a support member provided on the axial line. The plural light source units are supported on the support member, and a space through which air flows is provided at the back surface side of each base member.

IWASAKI Electrical CO. | Date: 2013-09-09

A ceramic metal-halide lamp is provided that can improve both lamp efficacy and color characteristics, and in which light color shift from the white region can be prevented when the lamp is dimmed. The lamp includes a luminous material, which contains sodium iodide (NaI), cerium iodide (CeI

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