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Okazaki, Japan

Ito Racing Service Co. | Date: 2012-11-22

A grass cutter blade of the present invention inclines: a connection part for connection to a grass cutter; and a peripheral part extending from the connection part as a center and having an outer periphery that is inclined downwardly. The peripheral part is provided with a plurality of cutouts, each of which has an opening at the outer periphery. The peripheral part includes a region located further away from a rotation axis of the blade than an edge portion of each of the plurality of cutouts. There exist, in the edge portion, a first and a second end sections which extend to a deepest section, the first and second end sections pass through respective regions during rotation of the blade, and a distance exists between the respective regions in a direction orthogonal to the rotation axis with respect to a predetermined range in an up-and-down direction.

A mixed fuel generation method comprises a step of mixing a fuel oil and at least one additional fluid other than the fuel oil, wherein one of the additional fluids is water, and a specific ratio that is a ratio of a volume of the water to a volume of the mixed fuel is 6% or less.

Ito Racing Service Co. | Date: 2010-05-25

Provided is a mixer including a ring-shaped swirl chamber; an inlet port which is connected to the swirl chamber in a direction tangential to the outer circumference of the swirl chamber to suck a fuel; a cylindrical vortex chamber coaxially and more inwardly formed with respect to the swirl chamber; a passage which connects the swirl chamber to the vortex chamber; and a taper port which is coaxially connected to the vortex chamber and is configured so that the inner diameter thereof is decreased from the vortex chamber-side end toward the opposite side end; and a supply port which is in communication with the taper port to suck a desired fluid.

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