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ITN is a British-based news and content provider. It is made up of three divisions: ITN News, ITN Source and ITN Productions. ITN is based in London, with bureaux and offices in Beijing, Brussels, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, New York, Paris, Sydney and Washington DC.ITN produces content for ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, UK mobile phone operators, online outlets such as YouTube, MSN, Telegraph Media Group, Yahoo!, and film producers and researchers worldwide.ITN was more commonly known as the general brand name of ITV's news programmes. Since 1999, ITN is no longer used as the brand name; however, the company still produces all ITV News programmes. Wikipedia.

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer known for its high aggressiveness, early dissemination of metastases, and poor prognosis once metastasized. Thus, early diagnosis of melanoma is a key issue for increasing patient survival. The overexpression of melanocortin-1 receptors (MC1R) in isolated melanoma cells and melanoma tissues led to the radiolabeling of several linear and cyclic MC analogs for melanoma imaging or therapy. Cyclization of α-melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH) peptides has been successfully used to improve binding affinity and in vivo stability of peptides. Herein, we describe the different peptide cyclization strategies recently reported for radiolabeled α-MSH analogs and discuss how such strategies affect MC1R binding affinity, pharmacokinetic profile, and MC1R-melanoma imaging. This review also highlights how the nature of the radiometal and labeling approach influence those properties. Among the cyclized α-MSH peptides reported, (99m)Tc/(111)In-labeled metal-cyclized and lactam bridge-cyclized peptides displayed the highest melanoma and lowest renal uptake values in B16/F1 melanoma-bearing mice and became the most promising tools to be further explored as potential melanoma imaging probes. 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Source

Evangelista G.,ITN
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects, DAFx 2006

Fractal modulation is obtained by forming a power weighted superposition of scaled and modulated versions of the signal. The resulting signal is self-similar with fractal characteristics. In this paper we explore fractal modulation as a powerful method to generate rich signals, useful both for the synthesis of complex sounds, like the sounds from natural events or ecological sounds, or as control functions of audio effects. The wavelet transform can be used as an efficient tool in order to generate a subset of fractal modulated signals that are power homogeneous. Any signal used as a seed for fractal modulation is transformed into a multiscale sound by means of a tree-structured multirate filter bank. Moreover, by superimposing a structured modulation scheme one can generate pseudo-periodic sounds whose partials have fractal behavior. Source

An involvement of oxidative stress (OS) was found in recent studies of Sjøgren's syndrome (SS) that reported significant changes in protein oxidation, myeloperoxidase activity, TNF-α, nitrotyrosine, and GSH levels in plasma from SS patients. Excess levels of OS markers, as oxidative DNA damage and propanoyl-lysine, were reported in saliva from SS patients. Previous reports concurred with a role of OS in SS pathogenesis, by showing a decreased expression of antioxidant activities in conjunctival epithelial cells of SS patients and in parotid gland tissue samples from SS patients. A link between OS and mitochondrial dysfunction (MDF) is recognized both on the grounds of the established role of mitochondria in reactive oxygen species (ROS) formation and by the occurrence of MDF in a set of OS-related disorders. Earlier studies detected mitochondrial alterations in cells from SS patients, related to the action of antimitochondrial autoantibodies, and affecting specific mitochondrial activities. Thus, a link between MDF and OS may be postulated in SS, prompting studies aimed at elucidating SS pathogenesis and in the prospect of chemoprevention trials in SS clinical management. Source

Learning styles which refer to students' preferred ways to learn can play an important role in adaptive e-learning systems. With the knowledge of different styles, the system can offer valuable advice and instructions to students and teachers to optimise students' learning process. Moreover, e-leaning system which allows computerised and statistical algorithms opens the opportunity to overcome drawbacks of the traditional detection method that uses mainly questionnaire. These appealing reasons have led to a growing number of researches looking into the integration of learning styles and adaptive learning system. This paper, by reviewing 51 studies, delves deeply into different parts of the integration process. It captures a variety of aspects from learning styles theories selection in e-learning environment, online learning styles predictors, automatic learning styles classification to numerous learning styles applications. The results offer insights into different developments, achievements and open problems in the field. Based on these findings, the paper also provides discussion, recommendations and guidelines for future researches. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. Source

Itn | Date: 2012-06-20

An approach for providing event management is disclosed. A near field communication (NFC) mobile communication device may be linked to a predetermined event. A NFC transmission from the NFC mobile communication device may also be received. A user of the mobile communication device may further be registered to the event.

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