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Romaidi,Hiroshima University | Romaidi,Islamic University of Malang | Ueki T.,Hiroshima University
Marine Biotechnology | Year: 2016

Isolation of naturally occurring bacterial strains from metal-rich environments has gained popularity due to the growing need for bioremediation technologies. In this study, we found that the vanadium concentration in the intestine of the vanadium-rich ascidian Ascidia sydneiensis samea could reach 0.67 mM, and thus, we isolated vanadium-resistant bacteria from the intestinal contents and determined the ability of each bacterial strain to accumulate vanadium and other heavy metals. Nine strains of vanadium-resistant bacteria were successfully isolated, of which two strains, V-RA-4 and S-RA-6, accumulated vanadium at a higher rate than did the other strains. The maximum vanadium absorption by these bacteria was achieved at pH 3, and intracellular accumulation was the predominant mechanism. Each strain strongly accumulated copper and cobalt ions, but accumulation of nickel and molybdate ions was relatively low. These bacterial strains can be applied to protocols for bioremediation of vanadium and heavy metal toxicity. © 2016, Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Ueki T.,Hiroshima University | Yamaguchi N.,Hiroshima University | Romaidi,Hiroshima University | Romaidi,Islamic University of Malang | And 2 more authors.
Coordination Chemistry Reviews | Year: 2015

Several families of ascidians accumulate extremely high levels of vanadium in their blood cells. The concentration of vanadium has been determined in each species; the highest concentration, found in Ascidia gemmata, reaches 350mM, corresponding to 107 times that of sea water. How and why ascidians accumulate vanadium in a highly selective manner and at such extremely high levels have yet to be determined. To address these questions, our research group sought to identify the genes and proteins responsible for the accumulation and reduction of vanadium in vanadocytes, a type of blood cell, as well as the process of vanadium transport from sea water to blood cells through the branchial sac, intestine, and blood plasma. Here, we review the accumulation steps as a system, especially those related to the concentration and chemical species of vanadium at each step. A comprehensive analysis on each organ has already revealed several categories of protein families, such as vanadium-binding proteins and vanadium transporters. Herein, we also discuss the mechanisms by which ascidians selectively accumulate vanadium ions from a biochemical viewpoint. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.

Crysdian C.,Islamic University of Malang
2010 International Conference on Distributed Frameworks for Multimedia Applications, DFmA 2010 | Year: 2010

The works on developing a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for small scale spatial objects is presented in this report. The motivation is to visualize a small spatial object as detail as possible. Here, small scale spatial object is defined as a spatial object that has a relatively small size such as a city, a volcano, or a lake. To accomplish this task, the research was conducted in three stages i.e. elevation data retrieval, 3D visualization and data enhancements, and the last is definition of object boundary. Elevation data is obtained from SRTM dataset that has 3 arc-second or approximately 90 meters data resolution. Data obtained from SRTM is then visualized in 3D, in which visualization is enriched with view angle setting. Results of visualization show that data enhancement is necessary to be developed to have better presentation of small-scale spatial object in 3D. This paper proposes several methods namely population and neighbors average, to enhance elevation dataset. Comparison among these methods is held to choose the best method to support 3D visualization. Different view angle setting is used in this stage. After having the best method to enhance elevation data set, next stage of the work is to develop spatial object boundary. This step aims to precisely view the object of interest. To develop object boundary, a set of points in term latitude and longitude coordinate is defined and connected by a set of edges computed using linear equation. © 2010 University Sains Malaysia.

Harapan H.,University of Syiah Kuala | Anwar S.,University of Syiah Kuala | Setiawan A.M.,Islamic University of Malang | Sasmono R.T.,Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology
Vaccine | Year: 2016

Background: The first dengue vaccine (DV) has been licensed in some countries, but an assessment of the public's acceptance of DV is widely lacking. This study aimed to explore and understand DV acceptance and its associated explanatory variables among healthy inhabitants of Aceh, Indonesia. Methods: A community-based cross-sectional survey was conducted from November 2014 to March 2015 in nine regencies of Aceh that were selected randomly. A set of validated questionnaires covering a range of explanatory variables and DV acceptance was used to conduct the interviews. A multi-step logistic regression analysis and Spearman's rank correlation were employed to assess the role of explanatory variables in DV acceptance. Results: We included 652 community members in the final analysis and found that 77.3% of them were willing to accept the DV. Gender, monthly income, socioeconomic status (SES), attitude toward dengue fever (DF) and attitude toward vaccination practice were associated with DV acceptance in bivariate analyses (P <0.05). A correlation analysis confirmed that attitude toward vaccination practice and attitude toward DF were strongly correlated with DV acceptance, r s =0.41 and r s =0.39, respectively (P <0.001). The multivariate analysis revealed that a high monthly income, high SES, and a good attitude toward vaccination practice and toward DF were independent predictors of DV acceptance. Conclusion: The acceptance rate of the DV among inhabitants of Aceh, Indonesia was relatively high, and the strongest associated factors of higher support for the DV were a good attitude toward vaccination practices and a good attitude toward DF. © 2016 Elsevier Ltd.

Athiroh N.,Islamic University of Malang | Permatasari N.,Brawijaya University | Sargowo D.,Brawijaya University | Widodo M.A.,Brawijaya University
Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences | Year: 2014

Objective(s): To know whether Scurrula atropurpurea is able to modulate total plasma nitrate/nitrite levels, decrease endothelial damage, and increase endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) in hypertensive rats. Materials and Methods: The rats were divided in 5 groups: control (normotensive) group, Desoxy cortico sterone (DOCA)-salt hypertensive group, and three DOCA-salt hypertensive groups. All 5 groups received methanolic extract of S. atropurpurea (MESA) at a dosage of 50; 100; and 200 mg/KgBW. Serum nitric oxide (NO) was assayed by colorimetric. Circulating endothelial cells (CECs) and EPCs were assayed using flow cytometry. Results: The administration of MESA100 and MESA200 elevated the total plasma nitrate/nitrite levels but cannot reach the level in control group. MESA100 and MESA200 also elevated the EPCs number compared with hypertensive group. The administration of MESA significantly (P< 0.05) decreased the CECs number compared to hypertensive groups. Conclusion: Methanolic extract of S. atropurpurea is able to modulate total plasma nitrate/nitrite levels and diminish endothelial damage via increasing EPCs.

Aziiz A.D.,Islamic University of Malang | Setiyowati E.,Islamic University of Malang
Jurnal Teknologi | Year: 2016

Knowledge are meant to be ruled by many activities, human action, and nature. General value in this case are brightly try to give understanding how much precious this aspect for humanity. As we know, that knowledge and education are completely unbreakable, it is give a wise act, a high quality of human action which is related by the human sources in every societies and mostly impact for environment. Indonesia according to national member of profession certifications shows a very low of human resources quality (WASPADA, 2012). The exposing of education information for oriented in this issue could be said as a danger situation. This project is design expose using material dominant glasses to create educational facilities to support government strategy increasing the quality of human resource. Glass Architecture itself as a modern-high technology processing material is the approach to give a contemporary solution for facilitating the educational planning on building style in Indonesia tropical condition. The using of dominant material is also the symbol of strategy for exposing the existence of these facilities in society. Thus, the people could be more aware. The glass material is contemporary give a very modern situational, and comfort in educational activity. Malang as the location for planning project are suit for this type of building because of humidity and low sunlight intensity and climate condition. The approaches in this processing planning architectural paper project are design by many filter in many analysis, comparison, and deduction. Therefore, this project paper could be a useful planning for supporting the government strategy as increasing the quality of human resource by education sector in architecture solution. © 2016 Penerbit UTM Press. All rights reserved.

Pagalay U.,Islamic University of Malang | Muhlish,Islamic University of Malang
Jurnal Teknologi | Year: 2016

The Immunology tuberculosis model that has been formulated by (Ibarguen, E., Esteva, L., & Chavez, L, 2011) in the form of a system of nonlinear differential equations first order. In this study, we used to Runge Kutta Fehlberg method and Adams Bashforth Moulton method. This study has been obtained numerical solution of the model. The results showed that the relative error obtained from the Adams Bashforth Moulton method is smaller when compared with the Runge Kutta Fehlber method. There are two methods has a high accuracy in solving systems of nonlinear differential equations. © 2016 Penerbit UTM Press. All rights reserved.

Kusumastuti A.,Islamic University of Malang | Nurhayati S.Y.,Islamic University of Malang
Jurnal Teknologi | Year: 2016

Different to other motion of torque, motion the torque modeled by McKenna (1999) is the motion of torque into a vertical direction, a consequence of the imposition of downward. Mckenna lowering the model of two pieces of rope in fastening on a beam then in hanging, then McKenna replaces the parameters with forensic data from Tacoma bridge, to analyze a wave of what happened at the bridge collapse that resulted in the bridge. In this research will be shown that the solution of the equation of vertical torque from the results of having a conspicuous disparity linearization with a numerical solution. © 2016 Penerbit UTM Press. All rights reserved.

Crysdian C.,Islamic University of Malang
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology | Year: 2016

The paper presents an effort to standardize cost effective to support the development of spatial modeling. It is motivated by the increasing role of both cost effective and spatial modeling to contribute on society development worldwide. Therefore the future of spatial modeling would focus on minimizing cost and required time for model generation, in which cost effective become the only reliable approach to achieve these objectives. Considering that spatial modeling commonly consists of data acquisition, digitations process and model development, hence the characteristic of cost effective to minimize any required resources for system development is required to be presented in each stage. It means the method being utilized in each stage must comply with the objective of cost effective, thus method selection takes a vital role in the development process. The work has presented various strategies consisting of different methods being employed for model development in which each carries its own benefits and flaws. Finally it is important to consider available resources to meet with method selection in order to enable wise implementation of spatial modeling. © 2005-2016 JATIT & LLS. All rights reserved.

Crysdian C.,Islamic University of Malang
Proceedings - 2014 Electrical Power, Electronics, Communications, Control and Informatics Seminar, EECCIS 2014. In conjunction with the 1st Joint Conference UB-UTHM | Year: 2014

The paper presents the development of content-based image retrieval system to search similar symbols from a collection of trademark images. The system consists of two stages i.e. feature extraction and similarity process. Watershed transform is employed to handle feature extraction process. Two features are derived from this stage i.e. object size and shape from each image. These features are used as the reference value for the next stage which consists of indexing and retrieval process. In this stage, a tree structure is built for handling index assignment that facilitates storing and searching process. Experiment has been conducted to measure system performance and the result shows that the developed CBIR system is useful to retrieve similar symbol from the collection of trademark images. © 2014 IEEE.

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