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The Islamic University of al-Madinah al-Munawarah was founded by the government of Saudi Arabia by a royal decree in 1961 in the Islamic holy city of Medina. Wikipedia.

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Ali M.,Islamic University of Madinah
International Journal of Quantum Information | Year: 2016

We investigate the possibility to restore genuine tripartite entanglement under local amplitude damping. We show that it is possible to protect genuine entanglement using CNOT and Hadamard gates. We analyze several ordering of such recovery operations. We find that for recovery operations applied after exposing qubits to decoherence, there is no enhancement in lifetime of genuine entanglement. Actual retrieval of entanglement is only possible when reversal scheme is applied before and after the decoherence process. We find that retrieval of entanglement for mixture of |W) state with white noise is more evident than the respective mixture of |W) state. We also find the retrieval of entanglement for similar mixture of |GHZ) state as well. © 2016 World Scientific Publishing Company.

Ali M.,Islamic University of Madinah
European Physical Journal D | Year: 2017

Abstract: We investigate the dynamics of entanglement and nonlocality for multipartite quantum systems under collective dephasing. Using an exact and computable measure for genuine entanglement, we demonstrate the possibility of a non trivial phenomenon of time-invariant entanglement for multipartite quantum systems. We find that for four qubits, there exist quantum states, which are changing continously nevertheless their genuine entanglement remains constant. Based on our numerical results, we conjecture that there is no evidence of time-invariant entanglement for quantum states of three qubits. We point out that quantum states exhibiting time-invariant entanglement must live in both decoherence free subspace and in the subspaces orthogonal to it. The previous studies on this feature for two qubits can be recovered from our studies as a special case. We also study the nonlocality of quantum states under collective dephasing. We find that although genuine entanglement of quantum states may not change, however their nonlocality changes. We discuss the possibility of finite time end of genuine nonlocality. Graphical abstract: [Figure not available: see fulltext.] © 2017, EDP Sciences, SIF, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Alam T.,Islamic University of Madinah
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences | Year: 2017

The MANET is one of the most useful networks that established dynamically among all connected devices without fixed infrastructure in a decentralized approach. Smart devices such as Smart home automation entry point, smart air conditioners, Smart hubs, Smart thermostat, Colour changing smart LEDs, Smart Mobiles, Smart Watches and smart Tablets etc. are ubiquitous in our daily life and becoming valuable device with the capabilities of wireless networking using different wireless protocols that are typically used with an IEEE 802.11 access point. MANETs provide connectivity in aheterogeneous network with adecentralized approach. MANET is formed by itself when two or more smart devices have anactive connection. The fuzzy logic control system is a novel approach that is utilized in thevarious area of research because of the performance ability to control the system. The proposed research is focused mainly to design a fuzzy logic control mobility framework for evaluating mobility models in MANET of smart devices in theinternet of things environment. To implement this research we developed a new fuzzy control based mobility framework for communication in MANET of smart devices. Smart devices are considered as mobility nodes in MANET network system. The related work shows various mobility models to reproduction the movements of nodes but unfortunately most of them are not working in reality. The proposed mobility framework is tested on simulation environment and results perform the better evaluation of mobility models in MANET. This research may be useful in the development of internet of things framework, where smart devices are connected to each other in real time. © 2006-2017 Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN).

Ali M.,Islamic University of Madinah
International Journal of Quantum Information | Year: 2017

We study the dynamics of genuine multipartite entanglement for quantum systems upto four qubits interacting with general collective dephasing process. Using a computable entanglement monotone for multipartite systems, we observe the feature of freezing dynamics of genuine entanglement for three and four qubits entangled states. We compare the dynamics with that of random states and find that most states exibit this feature. We then study the effects of collective dephasing on genuine nonlocality and find out that although quantum states remain genuinely entangled yet their genuine nonlocality is lost in a finite time. We show the sensitivity of asymptotic states being genuinely entangled by mixing white noise. © 2017 The Author(s).

Elminshawy N.A.S.,Port Said University | Siddiqui F.R.,Islamic University of Madinah | Addas M.F.,Islamic University of Madinah
Energy Conversion and Management | Year: 2016

This paper investigates the technical and economic feasibility of using a hybrid solar-geothermal energy source in a humidification-dehumidification (HDH) desalination system. The newly developed HDH system is a modified solar still with air blower and condenser used at its inlet and outlet respectively. A geothermal water tank in a temperature range 60–80 °C which imitates a low-grade geothermal energy source was used to supply heat to water inside the humidification chamber. The experiments were conducted in January 2015 under the climatological conditions of Madinah (latitude: 24°33′N, longitude: 39°36′0″E), Saudi Arabia to study the effect of geothermal water temperature and flow rate on the performance and productivity of proposed desalination system. Analytical model was also developed to compare the effect of solar energy and combined solar-geothermal energy on accumulated productivity. Daytime experimental accumulated productivity up to 104 L/m2 and daily average gained output ratio (GOR) in the range 1.2–1.58 was achieved using the proposed desalination system. Cost of fresh water produced using the presented desalination system is 0.003 USD/L. © 2016

Mazhar A.,Islamic University of Madinah
Chinese Physics Letters | Year: 2015

We study the robustness of genuine multipartite entanglement for a system of three qubits under collective dephasing. Using a computable entanglement monotone for multipartite systems, we find that almost every state is quite robust under this type of decoherence. We analyze random states and weighted graph state s at infinityand find all of them to be genuinely entangled. © 2015 Chinese Physical Society and IOP Publishing Ltd.

Rashdan M.,Islamic University of Madinah
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2013

The fusion cross sections, barrier, and spin distributions of stable and unstable nuclei are investigated through a coupled-channel approach using a density and energy-dependent effective Brueckner G-matrix interaction. Calculations are carried out for the fusion reactions 16,18 ,20,22,24O+58Ni and 28Si+58,62 ,64Ni. Microscopic Skyrme-Hartree-Fock proton and neutron density distributions are used in the calculations. It is found that the energy dependence of the interaction potential enhances the fusion cross section, where it increases with increasing energy due to the decrease in the interaction barrier. The density dependence of the interaction is found to be of great importance, especially for unstable nuclei, since it directly relates the fusion cross section with the nuclear structure. The effect of the neutron skin is found to largely increase the fusion cross section and spin distribution due to the increase in the overlap region. The coupling to the inelastic excited states strongly enhances the fusion cross sections. The effect of the difference between the nuclear and charge deformations is also investigated. © 2013 American Physical Society.

Rashdan M.,Islamic University of Madinah
International Journal of Modern Physics E | Year: 2012

The NL-RA1 effective interaction of the relativistic mean field theory is employed to study the structure of deformed and superheavy nuclei, using an axially deformed harmonic oscillator basis. It is found that a fair agreement with the experimental data is obtained for the binding energies (BE), deformation parameters and charge radii. Comparison with NL-Z2, NLSH and NL3 interactions show that NL-Z2 gives good binding but larger radii, while NL-SH gives good radii but larger binding. The NL-RA1 interaction is also tested for the new deformed superheavy element with Z<98. Excellent agreement with the experimental binding is obtained, where the relative error in BEs of Cf, Fm, No, Rf, Sg and Ea (Z = 110) isotopes are found to be of the order ∼0.1%. The NL3 predicted larger binding and larger relative errors ∼0.20.5%. Furthermore, the experimental Q-values of the alpha-decay of the superheavy elements 270110, 288114 and 292116 are satisfactory reproduced by NL-RA1 interaction, where the agreement is much better than that predicted by the phenomenological mass FRDM model. Furthermore, the alpha-decay chain of element 294118 are also better reproduced by NL-RA1 interaction. © 2012 World Scientific Publishing Company.

Rashdan M.,Islamic University of Madinah
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2012

The shape, deformation, and orientation dependence as well as in-medium effects are investigated for the reaction cross sections of 16 ,19C+C systems within the optical Glauber theory, which is currently used to deduce information about the structure of exotic nuclei. A density- and energy-dependent effective nucleon-nucleon reaction cross section is used locally to study in-medium effects. The projectile deformation is treated by a deformed Fermi shape with quadrupole and hexadecapole deformations, where the deformation parameters of 16C and 19C are calculated from the Lagrangian density of the relativistic mean-field (RMF) model. A strong prolate deformation is predicted for 16C while a more stronger oblate shape is predicted for 19C. Medium effects are found to be important for extracting reliable information about the nuclear densities and radii. The deformations and orientations strongly affected the reaction cross section. The difference in the reaction cross section calculated at orientation angle π/2 and at zero degree is of the order of 400 mb. The integrated reaction cross section over all orientation angles (angle average), including in-medium effects, predicted the experimental reaction cross section of 19C+12C. For 16C+12C the rms radius of 16C is increased to about 7% than that predicted by the RMF model in order to predict the experimental data. This greater increase in the rms radius of 16C, to about 3 fm, indicates a neutron halo structure for this nucleus. The deduced spherical Fermi distributions which fit the experimental data of 16 ,19C+12C systems are in fact a prediction of the angle average cross sections. © 2012 American Physical Society.

Rashdan M.,Islamic University of Madinah
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2015

Sub-barrier fusion cross sections for reactions involving stable and very neutron-rich nuclei, which may be important in determining the composition and heating of the crust of accreting neutron stars, are calculated using internuclear potentials derived from the microscopic Brueckner G-matrix and Skyrme SKM∗ and SLy4 energy density functionals. Microscopic Skyrme-Hartree-Fock proton and neutron density distributions are used. No parameters have been fit to fusion data. Calculations are performed for the isotopic reactions O16+O16,O16+O24,O16+O28,O24+O24,C12+O16,C12+O24, and C12+C12, which are of great astrophysical importance for the understanding of the time scale and the nucleosynthesis during late stellar evolution. The coupling to the low lying excited states is considered through the ccfull code. I compare my results with the time-dependent-Hartree-Fock calculations and with the São Paulo model as well as the experimental data. I found a remarkable agreement with the fusion cross sections for stable nuclei. © 2015 American Physical Society.

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