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Medina, Saudi Arabia

The Islamic University of al-Madinah al-Munawarah was founded by the government of Saudi Arabia by a royal decree in 1961 in the Islamic holy city of Medina. Wikipedia.

Mazhar A.,Islamic University of Madinah
Chinese Physics Letters | Year: 2015

We study the robustness of genuine multipartite entanglement for a system of three qubits under collective dephasing. Using a computable entanglement monotone for multipartite systems, we find that almost every state is quite robust under this type of decoherence. We analyze random states and weighted graph state s at infinityand find all of them to be genuinely entangled. © 2015 Chinese Physical Society and IOP Publishing Ltd.

Ali M.,Islamic University of Madinah
Chinese Physics B | Year: 2015

We study decoherence effects on genuine multipartite entanglement for three and four qubits, spatially separated and subjected to local Lorentzian reservoirs. Employing recent techniques to compute genuine negativity for multipartite systems and an exact solvable model, we analyze the dynamics of genuine entanglement for different coupling bandwidths and detunings. We find that collapses and revivals can occur by varying these parameters for various multipartite quantum states. © 2015 Chinese Physical Society and IOP Publishing Ltd.

Rashdan M.,Islamic University of Madinah
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2013

The fusion cross sections, barrier, and spin distributions of stable and unstable nuclei are investigated through a coupled-channel approach using a density and energy-dependent effective Brueckner G-matrix interaction. Calculations are carried out for the fusion reactions 16,18 ,20,22,24O+58Ni and 28Si+58,62 ,64Ni. Microscopic Skyrme-Hartree-Fock proton and neutron density distributions are used in the calculations. It is found that the energy dependence of the interaction potential enhances the fusion cross section, where it increases with increasing energy due to the decrease in the interaction barrier. The density dependence of the interaction is found to be of great importance, especially for unstable nuclei, since it directly relates the fusion cross section with the nuclear structure. The effect of the neutron skin is found to largely increase the fusion cross section and spin distribution due to the increase in the overlap region. The coupling to the inelastic excited states strongly enhances the fusion cross sections. The effect of the difference between the nuclear and charge deformations is also investigated. © 2013 American Physical Society.

Bhatti A.Q.,Islamic University of Madinah | Bhatti A.Q.,National University of Sciences and Technology
Energy and Buildings | Year: 2016

Structural Concrete Insulated Panel is a special type of Sandwich Panel or Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) which is composed of thick layer of foam (polystyrene or polyurethane) and welded GI Wire mesh crossed between the foam sandwiched between two layers of shotcreting (1.5 in. thick on each side). Wall panels and Roof Panels are manufactured in 4 ft. in width and 8 ft. height, available in thicknesses range of 2–6″. The conventional building system take much longer time for construction and also it is very poor in terms of energy conservation as compare to Sandwich Panel of Structural Insulated Panel (SCIP) building. According to a conservative estimate, buildings consume more than 40% of the total electricity produced. The demand of this sector is growing at the rate of almost 14% per annum, the highest among all other sectors. To cope up with the challenges of the construction industry, energy efficient fast construction buildings solution is indispensable. A typical school building using Sandwich Panel Insulated Building was modelled and analyzed using SAP2000 software and its results were analyzed and examined. © 2016 Elsevier B.V.

Rashdan M.,Islamic University of Madinah
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2012

The shape, deformation, and orientation dependence as well as in-medium effects are investigated for the reaction cross sections of 16 ,19C+C systems within the optical Glauber theory, which is currently used to deduce information about the structure of exotic nuclei. A density- and energy-dependent effective nucleon-nucleon reaction cross section is used locally to study in-medium effects. The projectile deformation is treated by a deformed Fermi shape with quadrupole and hexadecapole deformations, where the deformation parameters of 16C and 19C are calculated from the Lagrangian density of the relativistic mean-field (RMF) model. A strong prolate deformation is predicted for 16C while a more stronger oblate shape is predicted for 19C. Medium effects are found to be important for extracting reliable information about the nuclear densities and radii. The deformations and orientations strongly affected the reaction cross section. The difference in the reaction cross section calculated at orientation angle π/2 and at zero degree is of the order of 400 mb. The integrated reaction cross section over all orientation angles (angle average), including in-medium effects, predicted the experimental reaction cross section of 19C+12C. For 16C+12C the rms radius of 16C is increased to about 7% than that predicted by the RMF model in order to predict the experimental data. This greater increase in the rms radius of 16C, to about 3 fm, indicates a neutron halo structure for this nucleus. The deduced spherical Fermi distributions which fit the experimental data of 16 ,19C+12C systems are in fact a prediction of the angle average cross sections. © 2012 American Physical Society.

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