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Sa'Adillah Maylawati D.,Islamic University of Bandung | Putri Saptawati G.A.,Bandung Institute of Technology
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2017

Indonesian slang are commonly used in social media. Due to their unstructured syntax, it is difficult to extract their features based on Indonesian grammar for text mining. To do so, we propose Set of Frequent Word Item sets (SFWI) as text representation which is considered match for Indonesian slang. Besides, SFWI is able to keep the meaning of Indonesian slang with regard to the order of appearance sentence. We use FP-Growth algorithm with adding separation sentence function into the algorithm to extract the feature of SFWI. The experiments is done with text data from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and personal website. The result of experiments shows that Indonesian slang were more correctly interpreted based on SFWI. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Wulan E.R.,Islamic University of Bandung | Nurjaman W.,Islamic University of Bandung
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2015

The effect of inflation has become a persistent characteristic and more significant problem of many developing economies especially in the third world countries. While making effort to achieve optimal quantity of product to be produced or purchased using the simplest and on the shelf classical EOQ model, the non-inclusion of conflicting economic realities as shortage and inflation has rendered its result quite uneconomical and hence the purpose for this study. Mathematical expression was developed for each of the cost components the sum of which become the total inventory model over the period (0,L) ((TIC(0,L)). L is planning horizon and TIC(0,L) is total inventory cost over a period of (0,L). Significant savings with increase in quantity was achieved based on deference in the varying price regime. With the assumptions considered and subject to the availability of reliable inventory cost element, the developed model is found to produce a feasible, and economic inventory stock-level with the numerical example of a material supply of a manufacturing company. © 2015 AIP Publishing LLC.

Sa'Adillah Maylawati D.,Islamic University of Bandung | Irfan M.,Islamic University of Bandung | Budiawan Zulfikar W.,Islamic University of Bandung
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2017

Mining proscess for Indonesian language still be an interesting research. Multiple of words representation was claimed can keep the meaning of text better than bag of words. In this paper, we compare several sequential pattern algortihm, among others BIDE (BIDirectional Extention), PrefixSpan, and TRuleGrowth. All of those algorithm produce frequent word sequence to keep the meaning of text. However, the experiment result, with 14.006 of Indonesian tweet from Twitter, shows that BIDE can produce more efficient frequent word sequence than PrefixSpan and TRuleGrowth without missing the meaning of text. Then, the average of time process of PrefixSpan is faster than BIDE and TRuleGrowth. In the other hand, PrefixSpan and TRuleGrowth is more efficient in using memory than BIDE. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Sutawanir,Islamic University of Bandung
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2017

Rolling bearings are the most important elements in rotating machinery. Bearing frequently fall out of service for various reasons: heavy loads, unsuitable lubrications, ineffective sealing. Bearing faults may cause a decrease in performance. Analysis of bearing vibration signals has attracted attention in the field of monitoring and fault diagnosis. Bearing vibration signals give rich information for early detection of bearing failures. Spectral kurtosis, SK, is a parameter in frequency domain indicating how the impulsiveness of a signal varies with frequency. Faults in rolling bearings give rise to a series of short impulse responses as the rolling elements strike faults, SK potentially useful for determining frequency bands dominated by bearing fault signals. SK can provide a measure of the distance of the analyzed bearings from a healthy one. SK provides additional information given by the power spectral density (psd). This paper aims to explore the estimation of spectral kurtosis using short time Fourier transform known as spectrogram. The estimation of SK is similar to the estimation of psd. The estimation falls in model-free estimation and plug-in estimator. Some numerical studies using simulations are discussed to support the methodology. Spectral kurtosis of some stationary signals are analytically obtained and used in simulation study. Kurtosis of time domain has been a popular tool for detecting non-normality. Spectral kurtosis is an extension of kurtosis in frequency domain. The relationship between time domain and frequency domain analysis is establish through power spectrum-autocovariance Fourier transform. Fourier transform is the main tool for estimation in frequency domain. The power spectral density is estimated through periodogram. In this paper, the short time Fourier transform of the spectral kurtosis is reviewed, a bearing fault (inner ring and outer ring) is simulated. The bearing response, power spectrum, and spectral kurtosis are plotted to visualize the pattern of each fault. Keywords: frequency domain Fourier transform, spectral kurtosis, bearing fault. © 2017 Author(s).

Ibrahim N.A.,University Putra Malaysia | Suliadi S.,Islamic University of Bandung
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine | Year: 2011

Correlated ordinal data are common in many areas of research. The data may arise from longitudinal studies in biology, medical, or clinical fields. The prominent characteristic of these data is that the within-subject observations are correlated, whilst between-subject observations are independent. Many methods have been proposed to analyze correlated ordinal data. One way to evaluate the performance of a proposed model or the performance of small or moderate size data sets is through simulation studies. It is thus important to provide a tool for generating correlated ordinal data to be used in simulation studies. In this paper, we describe a macro program on how to generate correlated ordinal data based on R language and SAS IML. © 2011 Elsevier Ireland Ltd.

Darmawan D.,Indonesia University of Education | Harahap E.,Islamic University of Bandung
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2016

Improving the Quality of Education in Indonesia is not only done through formal education but have done also through non-formal education. As obtained in this study indicate that the competence of learners in thenon-formal educational environment is quite good. In particular, the results of measurements carried through Based Computer System Test (CBT) on the subjects of national test results are quite good. This finding is close enough to the results of competency tests conducted on learners in theformal educational environment. In particular, from 5 subjects tested participants vote non-formal education students averaged a score of 222 out of a maximum score of 300. The results are supported by qualitative data about the competency test with CBT majority of states strongly agree. The conclusion shows that the results of research on the use of CBT in measuring the quality of graduates of non-formal education in Indonesia are successful, especially in West Java. © Research India Publications.

Sodik D.M.,Islamic University of Bandung
Ocean Development and International Law | Year: 2012

As an archipelagic state, Indonesia is faced with a wide range of potential maritime security threats. This article analyzes the existing Indonesian legislation on baselines, archipelagic passage, and innocent passage in accordance with the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. The article demonstrates the challenges that exist in implementing the key navigational rights laws. © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Widyawati,Islamic University of Bandung
Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences | Year: 2012

One of the important rights human beings have is a freedom to marriage as stipulated in the United Nation Declaration of Human Rights. However, in some cases, this right cannot work smoothly mainly within religious traditions that since very beginning seemed to emphasize single religion-based family over family based on pluralistic religions. This is true in Islam due to the fact that Islamic law forbids interreligious marriage, especially a Muslim female with a non-Muslim male. The argument for this prohibition is that the happiness which is the core intention of marriage cannot easily reached by a couple of different religious traditions. This is apparent in the Compilation of Islamic Law in Indonesia (Kompilasi Hukum Islam Indonesia) which serves as an explanation of Marriage Law of 1974. According to Article 2 of Marriage Law, "Marriage is legitimate, if it has performed in accordance with the religion and belief of each party," while in the compilation it is stated that "Marriage is legitimate, if it has been performed according to Islamic law which is in line with the Article 2 of Marriage Law No. 1 of 1974." This article discusses the problem of interreligious marriage according to the compilation with human right perspective. By human right perspective it is meant the idea that the protection of certain individual and collective or group rights is a matter of international concern, rather than the exclusive internal affair of state. Meanwhile, the materials used in this article primarily are the Kompilasi Hukum Islam and other materials relevant to this issue. From this perspective this article argues that prohibition of interreligious marriage is contradictory to the universal human rights that maintain that every human being has a right to build a family regardless of religious consideration.

Suntana I.,Islamic University of Bandung
Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences | Year: 2012

Islamic law regards the presence of water is important. In fact, one of the basic technical terms in it correlated with the water, the word shari'ah. In etymological sense, shariah is the path to the springs. As the legal system, wich emerged in water scarce region, the Islamic law system should be made by the experts who prioritize the presence of water as something that is used generally by the public for their lives and interest and being considered as objects. There are number of fundamental problems in the Act No.7 of 2004, especially in matters of water rights and control of water resources. The Act No. 7 of 2004 divides water rights into two types, namely the right-to-use and right-to-cultivate, as stated in article 7, paragraph 1. Meanwhile, regarding the acquisition, the Act No.7 of 2004 states that the state should relinquish control to another party. These two issues become very important when associated with Islamic water law theory, especially in terms of water rights and state authority in controlling water resources.

Widyawati,Islamic University of Bandung
Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences | Year: 2012

Islamic philanthropy has a significant role in the spread of Islam and knowledge as well as in the establishment of institutions that suppot this religion and its activities. One type of Islamic philanthropy is waqf which is simply recommended but has played a role not less important than zakat which is obligatory. Waqf in Indonesia is a case in point. However, this type of philanthropy does not obtain a serious attention from the state. It is in what is known as refom era (era reformasi) that waqf is given an important attention through the issuance of Waqf Act in 2004 by the state. This paper analyzes the background of legislation of waqf in terms of economics, regulations and politics. To analyze the issues, this paper utilizes content analysis as its method accompanied by political, historical and theological approaches. Meanwhile, the materials used in this paper are documents related to the issues under discussion such as the Bill of Waqf Act, process of legislation of waqf and the 2004 Waqf Act, supported by other materials relevant to the issues. This paper argues that although waqf is religious matter, it cannot be separated from state affairs because it helpful to increase social welfare for which the state is responsible, and at the same time the legislation of waqf has accommodated Muslim interest.

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