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Moradi S.,Islamic Azad University of Abadeh | Nowzari H.,Islamic Azad University of Abadeh | Farhadian M.,University of Isfahan
Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences | Year: 2017

This study aimed to investigate the concentrations of two heavy metals, lead and cadmium, in the water of Zayandehroud River which is surrounded by Zarinshahr rice farms. Water was sampled from a depth of 30 cm during June, July and August 2015, i.e. during the process of planting, growing and after harvesting, in three stations. Water was collected from three points; 20m before the farms, beside the farms and 100m after the farms. Three water samples and one trout fish (Salmo trutta) sample were collected each month and the concentrations of lead and cadmium were measured in the kidney, liver and gills of trout fish. The results showed that the amounts of lead and cadmiumin in the water were less and more than standard levels for these metals, respectively. The average concentrations of cadmium in the water were 15.81, 11.25, 8.92 μg/L during June, July and August, respectively. It is evident that the amount of cadmium in water was significantly higher in June during the planting phase and use of fertilizers and pesticides was more than the other months (p≤0.01). There was a correlation in cadmium and lead concentrations between water and fish organs (kidney, liver and gill).

Karimi A.,University of Yazd | Karimi A.,Islamic Azad University of Abadeh | Tavassoly M.K.,University of Yazd
Communications in Theoretical Physics | Year: 2015

In this paper, by using the parity operator as well as the nonlinear displacement-type operator, we define new operators which by the action of them on the vacuum state of the radiation field, superposition of two nonlinear coherent states and two-mode entangled nonlinear coherent states are generated. Also, we show that via the generalization of the presented method, the superposition of more than two nonlinear coherent states and n-mode entangled nonlinear coherent states can be generated. © 2015 Chinese Physical Society and IOP Publishing Ltd.

Karimi A.,University of Yazd | Karimi A.,Islamic Azad University of Abadeh | Tavassoly M.K.,University of Yazd
Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics | Year: 2014

In this paper, after a brief review on the entangled coherent state, a general form of the entangled nonlinear coherent state has been introduced based on the nonlinear coherent states approach. By choosing particular f-deformation functions, theoretical schemes for generation of two distinct classes of such states associated with SU(1,1) and SU(2) groups are presented. The entanglement characteristic of the corresponding entangled coherent states has been studied by evaluating the concurrence. In the continuation, other nonclassical behaviors of the produced states have been analyzed by investigating sub-Poissonian photon statistics, the oscillatory photon number distribution, one- and two-mode quadrature squeezing, and sum and difference squeezing. Accordingly, in addition to their entanglement property, other nonclassicality features of the introduced states are well established in detail. © 2014 Optical Society of America.

Mousavi S.A.,Islamic Azad University of Abadeh
Advances in Environmental Biology | Year: 2014

Murder in the bed of the exemption is illegal and punishable under Article 630 of the Islamic Penal Code, says: “every man his wife of adultery with a stranger male and be aware of deference, he would kill them if the killing of the woman is Makrouh and just a man could kill, beating verdict in this case same as murder.”In the tradition of Islamic jurists and scholars acknowledge this fact has been demonstrated in conditions such as achieving parity between the killer and the occurrence of female adultery, fornication, being strangers, to see the devotion of the woman and the murder of adultery, the wife not Makrouh, killings and beatings, the exemption applies. Several elements of contradiction with the principles of the Constitution and granted judgment on compliance and non-compliance in the diagnosis of wife's murder, including this are objection. © 2014 AENSI Publisher All rights reserved.

Behjat F.,Islamic Azad University of Abadeh
4th International Conference on e-Learning and e-Teaching, ICELET 2013 | Year: 2013

In the history of language teaching, the delivery of instructional materials has been subject to two major fluctuations: from traditional face-to-face instruction to Web-Based Instruction (WBI). Advocating the advantages of WBI, the present study aimed at finding out whether using podcasts can help the Iranian EFL students outperform in their writing skill. To this end, 57 students of English were selected from Islamic Azad University, Shiraz Branch and the Zand Institute of Higher Education as the participants. After taking a writing pre-test for homogeneity, the participants were divided into two groups of control and experimental. While the first group attended the classroom for writing instruction, the other group received the instruction through podcasts. A post-test of writing was administered after the treatment. The comparison between the participants' performances in the pre-and post-tests of writing revealed that traditional classroom attendance is not a necessary condition for the students' improvement in writing. In other words, if the students receive the instruction out-of-the classroom through podcasts, they can perform equally well in their writing ability. © 2013 IEEE.

Khoshkalam Pour M.,Islamic Azad University of Abadeh
Life Science Journal | Year: 2012

Hegel, the German philosopher, and Lacan, the French psychoanalyst, have a lot in common when asserting their viewpoints concerning an ideal hero they favor in tragedy. Not all the heroes having dominated the classical tragedies have been able to mesmerize Hegel and Lacan as remarkably as Antigone has. The hero they support is capable of true heroism resulting from intellectuality rather than ephemeral emotions. Indeed, Hegel assures that the real hero create harmony between his internal motives and external elements. Based on Hegel, the real hero always acts and reacts in accordance with the divine pathos having been implanted in his heart. The pathos is substantial in that it has been divinely issued by the gods. The Hegelian hero takes his nobility from the fact that he has merged his individuality with gods' universality in order to have their support. The real tragic hero, Hegel says, should stand firmly loyal to the god he has chosen to obey. Such loyalty is apparently appreciated by Zeus because the tragic heroes have erased their will just to dictate and preserve the equilibrium Zeus desires. In fact, they act consciously and voluntarily in the plays, though they know they may be paid by death. Like Hegel, Lacan admires Stability in action and loyalty to the aim when talking of his favorite tragic hero. To Lacan, the concept of beautiful soul can manifest in a hero who knowingly acts and bravely welcomes what he himself has given rise to. Lacanian tragic hero like Hegelian one knows from the beginning the consequences of his behavior; nevertheless, he never loses his heart when confronted with the reactions coming from his opponent forces. Antigone can best glorify the features Lacan and Hegel endeavor to attribute to real tragic hero. Though encountered with physical death and conceptual dissolution better known as second death, Antigone stands faithful to the aims she has agitated for. Keywords: dialectical method, pathos, ethical substantiality of family and state, the thing, sublimation, Derrida's supplementation, the beautiful soul, the second death.

Behjat F.,Islamic Azad University of Abadeh
2010 2nd International Conference on E-Learning and E-Teaching, ICELET 2010 | Year: 2010

These days, communications technology has found its way not only in education but also in people's every day life. In fact, if there is no computer, one can hardly do his daily routines including letter writing and correspondence with ease and satisfaction. Keyboard and screen have taken the place of paper and pencil. One can find just a bunch of flyers in the post boxes, but rarely letters. The purpose of the present study was to find out whether e-mail exchange can be considered a tool to enhance the communicative writing of language students. For this objective, a number of 120 language learners at Shiraz Islamic Azad University and Zand Institute of Higher Education were selected. After a pre-test of writing indicated they were homogeneous, they were divided into two groups. The first group did not have any special training, except writing paragraphs, whereas the second group exchanged e-mails with their peers along with paragraph writing. A posts-test of writing was administered after the treatment. The comparison between the writing performances of the participants revealed those having e-mail exchange could outperform their peers, implying that e-mail exchange can be considered a useful tool to enhance the EFL students' communicative writing. ©2010 IEEE.

Pour M.K.,Islamic Azad University of Abadeh
Life Science Journal | Year: 2012

Jacques Lacan, the French psychoanalyst, is renowned for new findings in psychoanalytic approach whose most famous maxim is the triple model of human's entrance into his subject hood. Lacan points out that the first stage for every normal subject is the Real when the subject is fully governed by his needs. At this stage he tries to keep all his needs satisfied. However, the subject cannot make any distinction between himself and the objects which satisfy his needs. In fact, the subject cannot know himself from the objects which he is provided with. Such a sense brings to home for the subject unity, wholeness, and identity. However, this pleasurable state is ephemeral, and the subject loses it. The subject, as long as he lives, will miss and search the Real, the Eden- like state carved on his mind. The second stage is the Mirror or what Lacan interchangeably names the Imaginary where the he acts based on his demands. For the first time he becomes aware of the existence of the other. Subject at this stage doesn't want to approve the reality of the Other. Not completely aware of the changes in the Mirror Stage, the subject considers his mother and all moving bodies as his own reflection. Having passed the Mirror Stage, the subject enters the Symbolic Order which marks the subject's existence in the world of Father, signs, and language. The Symbolic Order, which necessitates learning language, brings castration which leads to subject's separation from his mother. Through language, the subject thinks he can announce his identity and selfhood. Nevertheless, the paternal function and the luring world of language causes the subject get entrapped in another illusion.

Karimi A.,University of Yazd | Karimi A.,Islamic Azad University of Abadeh | Tavassoly M.K.,University of Yazd
Physica Scripta | Year: 2015

In this paper, after a brief review of the single-mode excited entangled coherent states, two new classes of continuous-variable entangled pure states, namely, single-mode nonlinear excited entangled coherent states, have been produced by using the f-deformed creation operator instead of . In order to establish the nonclassicality of the states, some of the physical properties of the corresponding entangled states, such as entanglement degree, photon statistics, second-order correlation function and quadrature squeezing have been studied in detail by choosing a particular f-deformation function. In addition, the influence of photon excitations on the properties of our introduced states has been analyzed and the results compared with those of a single-mode excited entangled coherent state. In continuation, a theoretical scheme for their generation based on the interaction of a two-level atom with a quantized cavity field has been proposed. © 2015 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Karimi A.,University of Yazd | Karimi A.,Islamic Azad University of Abadeh | Tavassoly M.K.,University of Yazd
Quantum Information Processing | Year: 2016

In this paper, after a brief review on the coherent states and squeezed states, we introduce two classes of entangled coherent-squeezed states. Next, in order to generate the introduced entangled states, we present a theoretical scheme based on the resonant atom-field interaction. In the proposed model, a (Formula presented.)-type three-level atom interacts with a two-mode quantized field in the presence of two strong classical fields. Then, we study the amount of entanglement of the generated entangled states using the concurrence and linear entropy. Moreover, we evaluate a few of their nonclassical properties such as photon statistics, second-order correlation function, and quadrature squeezing and establish their nonclassicality features. © 2015 Springer Science+Business Media New York

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