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Hedayat A.A.,Islamic Azad University at Kermān | Saffari H.,Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman | Mousavi M.,Islamic Azad University at Sirjan
Advances in Structural Engineering | Year: 2013

This study aimed to increase the ductility of post-Northridge connections. To achieve this goal the beam web height was reduced by creating an arch shape cut in the beam web. A parametric study was done on the length and the height of the cut portion and its distance to the column face. Parametric studies were done by using different beam lengths and heights. Analytical results showed that the highest connection strength and ductility can be achieved when the center line of the reduced part is at a distance equal to the beam depth from the column face with the arch length equal to two times of the arch height. Results also indicated a remarkable stress and strain concentration at the intersection of the flat and the arch parts of the beam flange. Filleting these locations and adding vertical stiffeners at the beam web were effective to increase the connection ductility and strength respectively.

Mohammadinejad R.,Islamic Azad University at Sirjan | Karimi S.,New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research | Iravani S.,Isfahan University of Medical Sciences | Varma R.S.,U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Green Chemistry | Year: 2016

Plant-derived nanostructures and nanoparticles (NPs) have functional applications in numerous disciplines such as health care, food and feed, cosmetics, biomedical science, energy science, drug-gene delivery, environmental health, and so on. Consequently, it is imperative for researchers to understand that plants are cost-effective, sustainable and renewable platforms, and therefore, they are ideal sources for production of natural NPs. This critical review discusses significant recent developments pertaining to plant-derived nanostructures, their classes, and vital applications. The aim is to provide insight into the use of plants as bio-renewable, sustainable, diversified resources and as platforms for the production of useful nanostructures and NPs, with functions in various fields including medicine, industry, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2016.

Keshavarz E.,Islamic Azad University at Sirjan | Khorram E.,Amirkabir University of Technology
Computers and Industrial Engineering | Year: 2011

In this paper, a fuzzy bi-criteria transportation problem is studied. Here, the model concentrates on two criteria: total delivery time and total profit of transportation. The delivery times on links are fuzzy intervals with increasing linear membership functions, whereas the total delivery time on the network is a fuzzy interval with a decreasing linear membership function. On the other hand, the transporting profits on links are fuzzy intervals with decreasing linear membership functions and the total profit of transportation is a fuzzy number with an increasing linear membership function. Supplies and demands are deterministic numbers. A nonlinear programming model considers the problem using the max-min criterion suggested by Bellman and Zadeh. We show that the problem can be simplified into two bi-level programming problems, which are solved very conveniently. A proposed efficient algorithm based on parametric linear programming solves the bi-level problems. To explain the algorithm two illustrative examples are provided, systematically. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Azizi Mazreah A.,Islamic Azad University at Sirjan | Manzuri Shalmani M.T.,Sharif University of Technology
Integration, the VLSI Journal | Year: 2013

As technology scales the area constraint is becoming less restrictive, but soft error rate and leakage current are drastically increased with technology down scaling. Therefore, in nano-scaled CMOS technology, the reduction of soft error rate and leakage current is the most important challenge in designing field programmable gate arrays (FPGA). To overcome these difficulties, based on the observations that most configuration bit-streams of FPGA are zeros across different designs and that configuration memory cells are not directly involved with signal propagation delays in FPGA, this paper presents a new family of configuration memory cells for FPGAs in nano-scaled CMOS technology. When zeros are stored in the cells, the injected glitch due to particle strike is removed from the stroked node by pull-up or pull-down network of the cells. Thus, our proposed cells are completely hardened and cannot flip from particle strikes at the sensitive cell nodes when zeros are stored in the cells. Furthermore, in the proposed cells, when zeros are stored, the sub-threshold leakage current components are reduced by using stacks of transistors in series. These new cells are port-less and the storage nodes of cells are manipulated through the transistors which apply the supply voltages to the cell. Simulation results show that the proposed cells are working correctly during their configuration and idle cycles and that our cells have a lower soft error rate and leakage current in 22-nm, as well as 65-nm technologies. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.

Mohsenzadeh F.,Islamic Azad University at Sirjan | Isfandyari-Moghaddam A.,Islamic Azad University
Program | Year: 2011

Purpose: The present research aims to identify the difficulties and obstacles for developing digital libraries in the seven regional branches of Islamic Azad University (IAU), Iran, and to study the status of librarians' skills and education programmes at these institutions. Design/methodology/approach: The 40 individuals working in the regional branch libraries of IAU were surveyed by a questionnaire consisting of 34 questions, and the collected data were analysed using SPSS software (version 16). Findings: It was found that the most important difficulties are the lack of suitable equipment and untrained personnel (i.e. a lack of sufficient training programmes). Research limitations/implications: Because of the small number of participants, it is suggested that a larger scale study is carried out. It is also proposed that the suggestions made by the participants will be considered and implemented, based on the digital library (DL) developments in academic libraries in different countries. Practical implications: It is expected that with improved library management, and the solving of the problems highlighted, through suitable training programmes, librarians will contribute more actively and effectively in establishing and managing DLs in the surveyed libraries. Originality/value: This research can contribute to existing knowledge in the areas of information technology and digital library management, especially in academic arenas. The paper helps librarians do their best in the new environments. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Keshavarz E.,Islamic Azad University at Sirjan
Computers and Industrial Engineering | Year: 2016

Keshavarz and Khorram formulated a fuzzy bi-criteria transportation problem with fuzzy delivery time and fuzzy profit of transportation, as two conflicting objectives (Keshavarz & Khorram, 2011). They used the max-min criterion of Bellman and Zadeh to reformulate the presented fuzzy bi-criteria transportation problem as a single objective non-linear programming problem, then showed that the optimal solution of this non-linear programming can be found by solving a bi-level programming problem. Finally, they proposed an algorithm based on the parametric linear programming for solving this bi-level problem. In this paper, a shortcoming of Keshavarz and Khorram's algorithm is pointed out and a revised algorithm is proposed to solve the problem. In order to illustrate the performance of this algorithm, Keshavarz and Khorram's example is used and its optimal solution is improved. © 2016 Elsevier Ltd.

Hafezi A.,Islamic Azad University at Sirjan
Advances in Environmental Biology | Year: 2014

Collaboration works as a balancing tool which has the government on one side and public on the other side, and this balance axis is the idea of collaboration which is the defining element in public and government relations. The idea of collaboration is present in all aspects as a result of its autochthonous nature, although it has not been able to be presented potentially due to lack of management and authentic planning. Nowadays, with regards to withdrawal of government from developments framework, public's role as an effective element in reaching development, especially a sustainable one is an inevitable fact. A society can be developed only if, publics collaboration contexts as social capital and also the elites of the society as the leaders of this movement, are effective and active in all social, economic and cultural aspects. With this point of view, the purpose of publics collaboration in society, in addition to lowering the states ethnic and materialistic expenses, can act as a catalyzer and facilitate the process of obtaining the desired society. Also it must be noted that obtaining such a purpose, requires contexts that can in addition to developing a sense of dependence among public, create mutual trust between public and the state. Among these contexts instruction, informing, absorbing local elites and correction of patterns can be named, which can accomplish an axial and guiding role and also making laws from lower to higher levels on the basis of situation recognition and quantities. © 2014 AENSI Publisher All rights reserved.

Keshavarz E.,Islamic Azad University at Sirjan
Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems | Year: 2016

In this paper, a new vertex-coloring problem of a fuzzy graph with crisp vertices and fuzzy edges is studied. Membership degree of a fuzzy edge is interpreted as incompatibility degree of its associated incident vertices. This interpretation can be used to define the concept of total incompatibility. Here, unlike the traditional graph coloring problems, two adjacent vertices can receive same colors; these type of vertices and their associated edge are named incompatible vertices and incompatible edge, respectively. In proposed coloring methodology, the total incompatibility of a vertex-coloring is defined as the sum of incompatibility degrees of all incompatible edges. Then, based on the minimum possible degree of total incompatibilities, fuzzy chromatic number of a fuzzy graph is introduced. In order to find an optimal k-coloring, with minimum degree of total incompatibly, firstly a binary programming problem is formulated. Then, a hybrid local search genetic algorithm is designed to solve the large-size problems. Practical uses of the proposed algorithm are illustrated and analyzed by different-size problems. Finally, a cell site assignment problem, as a real world application of the presented fuzzy graph vertex-coloring, is formulated and solved. © 2016 - IOS Press and the authors. All rights reserved.

Mohammadizadeh M.,Islamic Azad University at Sirjan
Geotechnical Special Publication | Year: 2016

Due to use of pile foundations for important structures such as tall chimneys, television towers, high rise buildings, high retaining walls, offshore structures, safe and economic design of types of foundations under dynamic loading is especially important. First of all, it is necessary to investigated complexity of the issues related to the behavior of pile and pile-soil interaction evaluated the effects of the earthquake and methods of foundations analysis. Interactions between the components of the piled raft foundation have a significant influence on the analysis. Therefore, the interaction effects have been fully considered. ABAQUS 6.10 software has been used for analysis models. The models have been calibrated against available certified models. Researchers have rarely studied the effects of seismic stations for piled raft foundations. To get comparable results, the accelerograms have been scaled before performance of the piled raft foundation studied in two layers of soil media. The effect of raft foundation thickness, length, and diameter of the piles have been studied under the Bam earthquake accelerograms in the three of seismic stations. The results show that maximum and differential settlement decreases and moment is transferred to the cap pile increase when increase raft thickness. © ASCE.

Nourmandi-Pour R.,Islamic Azad University at Sirjan | Mousavian N.,Payame Noor University
Microelectronics Journal | Year: 2013

Impact of crosstalk effects reduces the integrity of signals transmission on long interconnects which must be taken into consideration from the test point of view. Since use of ATE for at-speed test of crosstalk effects is very expensive, the BIST method is a proper method to perform such a test. In this paper, we propose a strategy in which all links among the switches of a regular 2-D NOC are tested in a fully parallel manner. The MVT patterns are generated by test pattern generators which are embedded in each of the switches and are applied to the links. To simultaneous test all links; the Quasi-synchronous method has been utilized for distributing of the clock across entire the NOC. In the proposed method not only test application time is reduced considerably, but also area overhead in overall NOC is reduced due to reuse of the first word of the output buffers of the switches for embedding the test pattern generators. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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