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Fallahzadeh M.,Islamic Azad University at Jahrom | Japoshvili G.,Agricultural University of Georgia
Journal of the Entomological Research Society | Year: 2013

The present paper gives a corrected list of Iranian encyrtids published with some errors by different authors. We list 132 species belonging to 45 genera.

Mahmood N.,Islamic Azad University at Jahrom
Comparative Clinical Pathology | Year: 2014

Overweight, obesity, and diabetes are the most common disorders in the world. In most diets, carbohydrates are the greatest source of calories. Inhibition of carbohydrate digestion or absorption can decrease calorie intake to promote weight loss and combat obesity. It is also a mechanism for reducing hyperglycemia in diabetic subjects. Before being absorbed by the body, carbohydrates must be broken down into monosaccharides. α-Amylase catalyzes the hydrolysis of α-(1,4)-d-glycosidic linkages of starch and other glucose polymers. Inhibitors of this enzyme can be used in treatment of obesity and diabetes. In diabetic patients, inhibition of α-amylase leads to prohibition starch breaking and results in lower levels of blood glucose. The effects of pseudosaccharides, proteinaceous, and polyphenolic inhibitors have been previously reported. Polyphenolic compounds are widely distributed in plants and fruits and are present in normal diets. These compounds have been shown to possess beneficial effects in diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, allergy, inflammation, and osteoporosis. Among polyphenolic compounds, flavonoids are of particular significance: They have been shown to reduce cholesterol synthesis via direct action on HMG-CoA reductase and hydrolyze lipids via inhibition of phosphodiesterase (PDE) and diminution of cAMP breakdown. In recent years, many lines of research have been done on those plants which are being used traditionally as drug plants, and their effects have been surveyed on weight loss and control of blood glucose levels in diabetic patients. In this review, we want to investigate α-amylase inhibitors especially human pancreatic α-amylase (HPA) © 2014 Springer-Verlag London.

Haghighat H.,Islamic Azad University at Jahrom
International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems | Year: 2015

This paper presents a model for loading margin calculation integrated with transmission line switching. A mixed-integer nonlinear optimization model is developed which maximizes the loading margin of the system subject to various operational system constraints. An iterative algorithm, based on the Benders decomposition method, is used to solve the problem. The proposed method is tested on medium and large scale test systems and optimization results are compared with that of a non-decomposed method to show the efficacy of the proposed approach. © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Haghighat H.,Islamic Azad University at Jahrom
International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems | Year: 2014

A power producer implementing nominal strategy can be penalized if not planning for randomness or will lose profit if protects its decisions against the most severe outcome. The robust optimization approach achieves a trade-off between these two extremes. This paper presents a robust method for deriving offers of a strategic generator under uncertainty. The problem is formulated as a bilevel mathematical program wherein the strategic generator, in the upper level, maximizes its profit subject to a transmission-constrained economic dispatch model in the lower-level. The randomness of input parameters in the lower-level problem involving rival offers and market demand, are modeled using uncertainty sets. The bilevel optimization model is then transformed into a mixed-integer linear optimization problem by deriving the robust counterpart of the lower-level problem and making use of a linearization-reformulation technique. Numerical results of several case studies are presented to illustrate the application of the proposed method. © 2014 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Khosravi A.D.,Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences | Hoveizavi H.,Islamic Azad University at Jahrom | Farshadzadeh Z.,Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences
Burns | Year: 2012

Background: Staphylococcus aureus has been recognized as an important human pathogen and is the major cause of nosocomial infections. Various strains of S. aureus produce bicomponent toxins such as LukE/D, and PVL. The toxins subunits bind to leukocyte cell membrane inducing trans-membrane pore formation and subsequent cell lysis. PVL is an example of these toxins and causes leukocyte destruction and tissue necrosis. It seems that S. aureus strains comprising LukE/D and PVL genes are more important in the disease process and associated with severe skin diseases, fatal pneumonia and osteomyelitis with high morbidity and mortality. Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of genes encoding leukocidins in S. aureus strains resistant and sensitive to methicillin isolated from burn patients in Taleghani hospital, Ahvaz, Iran. Methods: In an 11-month study, 203 staphylococci isolates were collected from burn patients. The isolates were examined by traditional culture method for detecting S. aureus strains and further confirmation with standard biochemical tests including catalase, coagulase and DNase. DNA was extracted from bacterial colony by simple boiling method. Using template DNA, the polymerase chain reaction technique (PCR) was used to detect mecA gene for detecting methicillin resistant S. aureus strains (MRSA), PVL and Luk-E/D genes. Results: Ninety-five (46.8%) out of total tested isolates were identified as S. aureus. Based on the results from PCR, 83 strains (87.36%), were mecA positive, so they were resistant to methicillin and the rest were sensitive to methicillin (MSSA). The prevalence of PVL and LukE/D genes in MRSA strains were (7.23%) and (66.26%) respectively. While this prevalence were (33.3%) for both genes in MSSA strains. Conclusion: There were PVL and LukE/D positive MRSA isolates with high prevalence in evaluated hospital. Since resulting diseases from these bacteria are severe and may even lead to death, the prevention of disease progress is desired by early diagnosis and proper treatment. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd and ISBI.All rights reserved.

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