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Golsorkhtabaramiri M.,Islamic Azad University at Babol
Wireless Networks | Year: 2017

A radio frequency identification system can establish a communication between tags and readers through a wireless connection. Due to the optimized coverage of the environment, the readers are placed close to each other in this system and hence it is called dense reader environment. The very property of such an environment leads to increase in the probability of occurrence of reader-to-reader and reader-to-tag collisions which consequently come up with decrease in performance of the network. To solve this problem, many various protocols have been proposed of which centralized ones provide higher throughput. Our proposed method can reduce reader-to-reader collision through combining TDMA and FDMA mechanisms and benefiting from sift probability function and fairness. Furthermore, we found that distance comparison between two readers can reduce reader-to-tag collision as well. Our simulations indicate that the proposed method provides better throughput, average waiting time and fairness than existing ones. Our method also supports the mobility of the readers. © 2017 Springer Science+Business Media New York

Hosseinizadeh S.F.,University of Mazandaran | Darbandi M.,Sharif University of Technology | Heidarnataj M.,Islamic Azad University at Babol
Numerical Heat Transfer; Part A: Applications | Year: 2010

We study the natural convection heat transfer in a tilted square cavity with different tilt angles. The cavity is subject to a high gradient temperature resulting in high Rayleigh number flows. The fluid is air and is treated as an ideal gas. The flow is laminar. The fluid properties change with temperature variation using Sutherland's law. Because of imposing large temperature gradients to the two cavity opposite walls, there is substantial density variation in the domain. We use a novel non-Boussinesq algorithm to model the density variation fully. Therefore, the current results are considerably different from those obtained using the classical Boussinesq-based methods, which replace the density variation with the temperature changes. The differences become serious as the Rayleigh number increases. The outcome of this study emphasizes that the numerical heat transfer researchers should simulate high thermobuoyant flow domains via applying variable density-based algorithms instead of using the classical Boussinesq-based methods. Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Gholamour Azizi I.,Islamic Azad University at Babol | Rouhi S.,Islamic Azad University at Qaemshahr
Iranian Journal of Public Health | Year: 2013

Background: Fumonisins and aflatoxins are mycotoxins that are produced by Fusarium and Aspergillus genus respectively. Due to the toxicity of aflatoxin and fumonisin and its effects on human and animals' health, the purpose of this study was analysis of total fumonisin and total aflatoxin contamination in biscuit and cookie samples in Babol City, Northern Iran. Methods: Thirty biscuit (n=15) and cookie (n=15) samples were randomly collected at supermarkets in Babol City in winter 2011. Competitive ELISA was conducted for total fumonisin and total aflatoxin separately. Results: Out of 30 biscuit and cookie samples, 28 (93.4%) samples were contaminated with <2ppm of total fumonisin and 2 (6.6%) showed infection with 2-4ppm of this toxin. The highest contamination rate of total fumonisin was 2.3 ppm in biscuit samples. In addition, none of the samples was infected by > 4ppm of total fumonisin. From 30 samples, 26 (86.7%) were contaminated with <4ppb of total aflatoxin and 4 (13.3%) were positive in total aflatoxin with ≥4ppb and highest contamination rate was found 7.9 ppb in biscuit samples. Contamination rate of samples by total aflatoxin was higher than total fumonisin. Conclusion: Since biscuits and cookies are extensively used among all ages of humans, consumption of contaminated food causes different diseases in human. Therefore, determination, management, and prevention of mycotoxins according to the climatic conditions should be considered.

Esmaeili H.R.,Shiraz University | Gholami Z.,Islamic Azad University at Babol
Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences | Year: 2011

The normal and lateral line cycloid scales of a cyprinid fish Rutilus frisii kutum Kamenskii, 1901 have been subjected to scanning electron microscopy technique to study their detailed structure. The scales have the general morphological characteristics of the cycloid scales. In the normal scale located below the dorsal fin, the focus lies on the anterior region with few mucous pores. There is a clear-cut demonstration between the anterior and posterior region. In the posterior part, the scale has several rows of pigmented granules (tubercles) with different shapes of round to oval, semi-oval and even oblong structure. On the dorsal side, some circuli bear teeth-like structures called lepidonts can be seen which help the scale in firm attachment to the skin. The circuli may also have calcium projections. The lateral line scale has a canal which characteristically lies along the anterior-posterior axis with anterior and posterior openings. The anterior opening is wider than the posterior one and is hidden by an evelike extension cantilevered over it. Based on the obtained results it could be concluded that the shape and size of lepidonts on the circuli crest, the position, shape and size of tubercles and the presence of both anterior and posterior radii may provide reliable taxonomic tools. Changes in the circuli pattern, breakage of the circuli, loss of lepidonts and tubercles may be used to access the habitat condition of this carp especially habitat pollution.

Fazlpour B.,Islamic Azad University at Babol | Banijamali A.,Iran University of Science and Technology
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics | Year: 2015

We perform a full investigation on dynamics of a new dark energy model in which the four-derivative of a non-canonical scalar field (tachyon) is non-minimally coupled to the vector torsion. Our analysis is done in the framework of teleparallel equivalent of general relativity which is based on torsion instead of curvature. We show that in our model there exists a late-time scaling attractor (point P4), corresponding to an accelerating universe with the property that dark energy and dark matter densities are of the same order. Such a point can help to alleviate the cosmological coincidence problem. Existence of this point is the most significant difference between our model and another model in which a canonical scalar field (quintessence) is used instead of tachyon field. © 2015 IOP Publishing Ltd and Sissa Medialab srl.

Fazlpour B.,Islamic Azad University at Babol | Banijamali A.,Iran University of Science and Technology
Advances in High Energy Physics | Year: 2015

We study dynamics of generalized tachyon scalar field in the framework of teleparallel gravity. This model is an extension of tachyonic teleparallel dark energy model which has been proposed by Banijamali and Fazlpour (2012). In contrast with tachyonic teleparallel dark energy model that has no scaling attractors, here we find some scaling attractors which means that the cosmological coincidence problem can be alleviated. Scaling attractors are presented for both interacting and noninteracting dark energy and dark matter cases. © 2015 Behnaz Fazlpour and Ali Banijamali.

Haghdadi M.,Islamic Azad University at Babol
Monatshefte fur Chemie | Year: 2013

Density functional theory (B3LYP/cc-pVDZ// B3LYP/cc-pVDZ) is used to optimize the geometries of 1,2,7-thiadiazepane and natural bond orbital (NBO) analyses have been carried out employing the HF/6-31G(d,p) level using B3LYP/cc-pVDZ geometries to study the stereoelectronic effects on the stability of the stereoisomers (axial-axial, equatorial-equatorial, and axial- equatorial). The results of NBO calculations showed that the axial-axial or axial-equatorial stereoisomers are the most stable conformers, where not only the stereoelectronic effect, but also the steric repulsion significantly affects their stability. © Springer-Verlag Wien 2013.

Fazlpour B.,Islamic Azad University at Babol | Banijamali A.,Iran University of Science and Technology
Advances in High Energy Physics | Year: 2013

Recently, nonminimal coupling between a noncanonical scalar field and gravity in the framework of teleparallelism has been proposed. Noncanonical scalar field is tachyon field, and the model is known as tachyonic teleparallel dark energy. Here, we perform a dynamical analysis of the model, find its critical points, and study their stability. We find that all the critical points are dark energy dominated solutions corresponding to an accelerating universe. It is also shown that there exist two critical lines which are stable attractors of the model. © 2013 Behnaz Fazlpour and Ali Banijamali.

Reza Y.M.,Islamic Azad University at Babol | Taghi R.M.,Islamic Azad University at Babol
Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine | Year: 2011

Objective: To survey malaria prevalence in Sarbaz from April 2009 to October 2010. Methods: Epidemiological data of 1 464 confirmed malarial patients were analyzed according to demographic status, sex, age, nationality, isolated species and residence place. Results: The majority of patients were male 950 (64.8%) but 514 (35.2%) were female. 82.5% of patients were Iranian, 14% Pakistani immigrants, and 3.5% Afghan immigrants. Data collected showed that 90% of isolated species were Plasmodium vivax, 7.8% Plasmodium falciparum, and 2.2% Plasmodium malariae and mixed species. Conclusions: Therefore, it is crystal clear that refugees should be prohibited by government and controlled by experts in health centers in order to campaign effectively with this life threating disease. © 2011 Asian Pacific Tropical Biomedical Magazine.

Kordjazy N.,Tehran University of Medical Sciences | Haj-Mirzaian A.,Tehran University of Medical Sciences | Amiri S.,Tehran University of Medical Sciences | Ostadhadi S.,Tehran University of Medical Sciences | And 3 more authors.
European Journal of Pharmacology | Year: 2015

Rubidium has been used to treat psychiatric conditions including depression. We examined the antidepressant activity of rubidium chloride (RbCl) in male mice and the possible interference of nitric oxide (NO) in this effect. Mouse forced swimming test (FST) and tail suspension test (TST) were used to evaluate the antidepressant-like effect of RbCl. These drugs were used in this study: NG-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME), a non-selective nitric oxide synthase (NOS) inhibitor, 7-Nitroindazole and aminoguanidine, selective neuronal and inducible NOS inhibitors, respectively, and L-arginine, an NO precursor. We studied the changes of serum and hippocampus nitrite level after different treatments. RbCl (30 mg/kg), when administered 60 min before the tests, significantly reduced the immobility time. Non-effective doses of L-NAME (10 mg/kg) and aminoguanidine (50 mg/kg), co-administered with the effective dose of RbCl (30 mg/kg), reversed the anti-immobility effect of RbCl, while 7-NI (25 mg/kg) could not prevent the diminishing effect of RbCl on immobility time. Moreover, co-administration of non-effective doses of L-arginine (750 mg/kg) and RbCl (10 mg/kg) decreased the immobility time. None of the mentioned treatments altered the locomotor activity of mice in open-field test. Nitrite level was significantly increased in serum and hippocampus of animals after RbCl (30 mg/kg) administration and this nitrite level elevation was reversed by non-effective dose of L-NAME and aminoguanidine, but not 7-NI. Our data for the first time reveal the role of NO pathway in the antidepressant-like activity of RbCl, concluding that this effect results from elevation of NO through involvement of iNOS in mice. © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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