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Taghizadeh R.,Islamic Azad University at Astara | Sharifi R.S.,University of Mohaghegh
Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment | Year: 2010

In order to study the effects of post-anthesis heat stress on yield and yield attributes in wheat (T. aestivum) genotypes, a factorial experiment based on randomized complete block design with three replications was conducted in 2008 at the Research Farm of Islamic Azad University, Ardabil Branch. Treatments were post-anthesis heat stress with change of planting dates in three levels (2 October,17 October and 1 November) plus wheat genotypes in four levels (Sardari, Finkan, Saisonez and Azar). Results indicated that different levels of post-anthesis heat stress had significant effects on yield and yield components in wheat genotypes. Wheat genotypes had different response to these characteristics. The grain yield varied between 226 g m-2 in Sardari genotype and 115 g m-2 in Saisonez genotype. Combined effect of genotypexdifferent levels of post-anthesis heat stress was significant on grain yield. Maximum grain yield (229 g m-2) was obtained in the plots where Sardari genotype was planted in the first sowing date and minimum of it (115.5 g m-2) was obtained in the plots where Saisonez genotype was planted in the third sowing date due to confronting with increasing in post-anthesis heat stress. In conclusion, it can be suggested that in order to increase grain yield, Sardari genotype should be planted in the first sowing date due to the least period of confronting with post-anthesis heat stress in conditions of Ardabil Plain. Source

Salimi P.,Islamic Azad University at Astara | Karapinar E.,Atilim University
Mathematical Problems in Engineering | Year: 2013

We prove the existence and uniqueness of a fixed point of certain type mapping, extension of Suzuki-Edelstein mapping, in a partially ordered complete metric space. Our results extend, improve, and generalize the existence results on the topic in the literature. We state some examples to illustrate our results. © 2013 Peyman Salimi and Erdal Karapinar. Source

Eghbal M.Z.K.,Islamic Azad University at Astara
Earth Sciences Research Journal | Year: 2014

The aim of this research was to study of sediment pollution conditions in the river bed of Khajeh Kory, which passes from the southern border of the Caspian Sea in Astara City. To determine the pollution of river bed sediment along the route, from the river source in the heights to estuary in the Caspian sea, sampling was conducted at 10 stations. Afterward, each sample was divided into two groups based on size (>63 μm and <63 μm). The concentration of heavy metals Cu, Cd, Co, Zn, Pb, Ni, Fe, and Mn in each group was measured using ICP-OES. In the next stage, the enrichment of samples was determined by normalization with aluminum. The data were then interpolated using the Kriging method and various models (including spherical, circular, exponential, Gaussian) were fitted to the data, and the best method was selected using the Cross Validation method. Using the obtained enrichment outcomes, an information layer was produced for each element in the GIS environment utilizing the Kriging method. The layers were aggregated and the compiled layer was classified into 4 layers again. Using this method, the length of the river from its source to the sea estuary was characterized based on the contamination of heavy metals, and contaminated and unpolluted areas in river sediments could be observed. The source of this pollution, either natural or manmade, was revealed through this method. © 2014, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. All Rights Reserved. Source

Pirdel L.,Islamic Azad University at Ardabil | Pirdel M.,Islamic Azad University at Astara
Reproduction | Year: 2014

This article presents an overview of the involvement of iron overload-induced nitric oxide (NO) overproduction in apoptosis of peritoneal macrophages of women with endometriosis. We have postulated that the peritoneal iron overload originated from retrograde menstruation or bleeding lesions in the ectopic endometrium, which may contribute to the development of endometriosis by a wide range of mechanisms, including oxidative damage and chronic inflammation. Excessive NO production may also be associated with impaired clearance of endometrial cells by macrophages, which promotes cell growth in the peritoneal cavity. Therefore, further research of the mechanisms and consequences of macrophage apoptosis in endometriosis helps discover novel therapeutic strategies that are designed to prevent progression of endometriosis. © 2014 Society for Reproduction and Fertility. Source

Hosseinjani N.,Islamic Azad University at Astara
Advances in Environmental Biology | Year: 2014

Cold formed structural system is a light steel frame (Lightweight Steel Framing) System that is briefly called LSF. This method is a good alternative to traditional methods. Wall voids are stuffed with insulating material such as glass wool and rock wool. In this study, constructs cold formed inside walls are filled with lightweight concrete and seismic behavior. It is analyzed that use of concrete in structures, cold formed filler walls increase peripheral resistance, decreased structure and increased general shift towards structural plasticity is hollow structures with walls. © 2014 AENSI Publisher All rights reserved. Source

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