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Bedford, MA, United States

This article is about the robot company. For other uses, see I, Robot . iRobot Corporation is an American advanced technology company founded in 1990 and incorporated in Delaware in 2000. It designs robots such as an autonomous home vacuum cleaner , the Scooba that scrubs and cleans hard floors, and military and police robots, such as the PackBot. iRobot is a public corporation, based in Bedford, Massachusetts. Wikipedia.

iRobot | Date: 2015-03-23

An autonomous floor cleaning robot includes a transport drive and control system arranged for autonomous movement of the robot over a floor for performing cleaning operations. The robot chassis carries a first cleaning zone comprising cleaning elements arranged to suction loose particulates up from the cleaning surface and a second cleaning zone comprising cleaning elements arraigned to apply a cleaning fluid onto the surface and to thereafter collect the cleaning fluid up from the surface after it has been used to clean the surface. The robot chassis carries a supply of cleaning fluid and a waste container for storing waste materials collected up from the cleaning surface.

A control system for a mobile robot (

A method of simultaneous localization and mapping includes initializing a robot pose and a particle model of a particle filter. The particle model includes particles, each having an associated map, robot pose, and weight. The method includes receiving sparse sensor data from a sensor system of the robot, synchronizing the received sensor data with a change in robot pose, accumulating the synchronized sensor data over time, and determining a robot localization quality. When the accumulated sensor data exceeds a threshold accumulation and the robot localization quality is greater than a threshold localization quality, the method includes updating particles with accumulated synchronized sensor data. The method includes determining a weight for each updated particle of the particle model and setting a robot pose belief to the robot pose of the particle having the highest weight when a mean weight of the particles is greater than a threshold particle weight.

iRobot | Date: 2015-04-28

A robot lawnmower includes a body and a drive system carried by the body and configured to maneuver the robot across a lawn. The robot also includes a grass cutter and a swath edge detector, both carried by the body. The swath edge detector is configured to detect a swath edge between cut and uncut grass while the drive system maneuvers the robot across the lawn while following a detected swath edge. The swath edge detector includes a calibrator that monitors uncut grass for calibration of the swath edge detector. In some examples, the calibrator comprises a second swath edge detector.

An obstacle detector for a mobile robot while the robot is in motion is disclosed. The detector preferably includes at least one light source configured to project pulsed light in the path of the robot; a visual sensor for capturing a plurality of images of light reflected from the path of the robot; a processing unit configured to extract the reflections from the images; and an obstacle detection unit configured to detect an obstacle in the path of the robot based on the extracted reflections. In the preferred embodiment, the reflections of the projected light are extracted by subtracting pairs of images in which each pair includes a first image captured with the at least one light source on and a second image captured with the at least one light source off, and then combining images of two or more extracted reflections to suppress the background.

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