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Peshawar, Pakistan

Ahmad T.,Iqra National University | Li X.,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Journal of Computational Information Systems | Year: 2012

In last few decades, number of efforts has been made to improve the visual quality of a degraded image. However, generating a desired high resolution image by means of the wavelet and other well-known transforms introduces many visual artifacts due to the Gibbs-like phenomena. In this paper, we propose a new algorithm based on curvelet transform to exploit its high energy compaction nature in order to reconstruct a high resolution image for the given low resolution input images. The low resolution images are first partially reconstructed by applying curvelet transform according to our proposed criteria. The proposed criteria are based on the calculated absolute kurtosis values of the input images. The partially reconstructed images are then registered using Marcel et. al. algorithm in spatial domain, which are then fused together using conventional POCS method. We apply our propose algorithm to the problem of restoring standard corrupt test images from noisy data and compare our results with those obtained via well-established technique. Our experiments show that the proposed algorithm outperforms the conventional super resolution technique both subjectively as well as in terms of the various estimation indices. Copyright © 2012 Binary Information Press. Source

Afridi M.I.,Iqra National University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

A cognitive routing system intelligently selects one protocol at a time for specific routing conditions and environment in MANET. Cognition or self learning can be achieved in a cognitive routing system for mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) through a learning system like learning automata or neural networks. This article covers the application of learning automata and neural network to achieve cognition in MANET routing system. Mobile Ad-hoc networks are dynamic in nature and lack any fixed infrastructure, so the implementation of cognition enhances the performance of overall routing system in these networks. In learning automata the process of learning is different from reasoning or decision making. Learning automata require little knowledge to take decisions. Neural network can be improved by increasing the number of neurons and changing parameters. Self training enhance neural network performance and it select suitable protocol for a given network environment. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Zohaib M.,COMSATS Institute of Information Technology | Pasha S.M.,COMSATS Institute of Information Technology | Javaid N.,COMSATS Institute of Information Technology | Iqbal J.,COMSATS Institute of Information Technology | Salaam A.,Iqra National University
Studies in Informatics and Control | Year: 2014

This paper proposes a novel obstacle avoidance algorithm for autonomous mobile robot control. The proposed approach brings a solution to the problem of robot traversal in critical shaped environments and offers several advantages compared to the reported approaches. The algorithmic approach, named as, Intelligent Follow the Gap Method (IFGM) is based on improved Intelligent Bug Algorithm (IBA) and Follow the Gap Method (FGM). The robot field of view is taken into consideration. The IBA avoids obstacles by following their edge and scanning the path to destination, thus making the approach goal-oriented avoiding local minimum problem. To characterize the performance of IFGM, various scenarios of obstacles are considered. These scenarios range from having obstacles defined by simple and symmetrical shapes to critical shaped obstacles. The simulation results demonstrate that the algorithm results in safer and smoother trajectories in the presence of obstacles. It offers fast convergence and does not suffer from local minima. Finally, the performance comparison of the proposed algorithm with that of the reported approaches in terms of distance-time plots confirms the efficacy of the presented approach. The proposed algorithm lends itself to future implementations in the navigation of mobile and industrial robots, especially in applications exhibiting crucial time and critical obstacles including disaster management, spy, elderly people assistance and soccer games. Source

Working Capital Management has an underlying impression on a firm's output performance. However, for larger firms, working capital does not usually constitute a sizeable fraction of their total assets. It is, therefore, perceived that an efficient management of working capital might not be an issue of marked concern for larger corporations. With this conjecture, this study moves on to determine the potential effect of working capital management on the profit performance of large-sized companies listed in Karachi Stock Exchange. To investigate, effect of working capital management was determined on profitability of a sample of 103 Pakistani large corporations listed in Karachi Stock Exchange for a period of six years from 2003 to 2008 which led to a total of 618 firm-year observations. Findings from the analyses suggested that indicators of working capital management had a very remarkable impact on profitability of firms under study. Source

Imtiaz W.A.,Iqra National University | Ahmad N.,University of Malaya
International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security | Year: 2014

Optical code division multiple access (OCDMA) provides another dimension to multiple access systems, in which each user is assigned a unique code. this allows each subscriber to simultaneously access the medium without any contention. however, simultaneous access of multiple users introduces multiple access interference (mai) which primarily deteriorates the performance of ocdma systems. this paper proposes a new code called diagonal double weight (ddw) code to elevate the performance and cardinality of spectral amplitude coding (sac) ocdma systems. performance of our proposed code is evaluated using comprehensive analytical analysis followed by simulation analysis. examination of bit error rate shows that ddw code along with single photodiode detection technique provides efficient performance, with added benefits of simplified design, large cardinality and ease of implementation. Source

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