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San Diego, CA, United States

IPS Group | Date: 2013-10-21

A parking meter assembly (

IPS Group | Date: 2013-06-26

A power supply unit for supplying power to a device has a rechargeable, main battery; a charging arrangement for charging the main battery; a non-rechargeable back-up battery; load terminals for connection to a load; and a control unit for controlling supply of power to the load primarily from the main battery and secondarily from the back-up battery. The device is, in particular, a single bay, stand alone parking meter. In the event that the main battery runs low, the control unit is configured to supply power to the load from both the main battery and the back-up battery or only from the back-up battery. The back-up battery is easily replaceable, and the power supply unit has a bay, with connectors for receiving the back-up battery. The main battery is charged from solar panels. A communication device is provided to communicate status messages wirelessly to a control system.

A meter apparatus and method of operating a removable meter apparatus are described. The meter apparatus includes a tag associated with unique tag identification information and configured to be permanently affixed to a location housing at a unique physical location, and includes a removable meter unit configured to mate with the location housing and receive the tag identification from the tag and report the tag identification to a data manager configured to associate an identifier of the removable meter unit with the tag identification and unique physical location, and associate configuration information for the physical location with the removable meter unit and the tag identification. The unique physical location can comprise a single-space parking location.

IPS Group | Date: 2015-07-28

A parking meter detects an object in proximity, based on a change in a proximity measurement at the meter, activates a directional sensor in response to detecting the object, receives sensor data at a meter processor from the directional sensor, wherein the received sensor data indicates a predetermined direction to the detected object relative to the meter. The parking meter determines a presence of the object, or lack thereof, in the predetermined direction based on the sensor data, and upon a positive determination of the presence of the object, stores an indication of the presence of the object along with a time of the positive determination.

IPS Group | Date: 2014-06-05

A single bay parking meter device is provided which accepts payment by means of a credit or debit card, an electronic purse, or coins. The device has a power supply unit, a solar power charging arrangement and power management, such that it does not need power supply cables to be installed for each meter. The parking meter device also transmits financial data to a financial institution in a wireless manner, also to avoid the need for cabling. The parking meter device is receivable in the base of a conventional single bay parking meter, such that the new parking meter device may be retrofitted to existing coin operated installed single bay parking meters, using a new cover that is also engageable with the conventional housing base.

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