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Ames, IA, United States

Iowa State University of Science and Technology, more commonly known as Iowa State University, Iowa State, or ISU, a Land grant of the Iowa university system, is a public land-grant and space-grant research university located in Ames, Iowa, United States. Until 1959 it was known as the Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.Founded in 1858 and coeducational from its start, Iowa State became the nation’s first designated land-grant institution when the Iowa Legislature accepted the provisions of the 1862 Morrill Act on September 11, 1862, making Iowa the first state in the nation to do so. Iowa State's academic offerings are administered today through eight colleges, including the graduate college, that offer over 100 bachelor's degree programs, 112 master's degree programs, and 83 at the Ph.D. level, plus a professional degree program in Veterinary Medicine.ISU is classified as a Research University with very high research activity by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. The university is a group member of the prestigious American Association of Universities and the Universities Research Association, and a charter member of the Big 12 Conference. Wikipedia.

Johnston D.C.,Iowa State University
Advances in Physics | Year: 2010

The response of the worldwide scientific community to the discovery in 2008 of superconductivity at Tc = 26 K in the Fe-based compound LaFeAsO1-xFx has been very enthusiastic. In short order, other Fe-based superconductors with the same or related crystal structures were discovered with Tc up to 56 K. Many experiments were carried out and theories formulated to try to understand the basic properties of these new materials and the mechanism for Tc. In this selective critical review of the experimental literature, we distill some of this extensive body of work, and discuss relationships between different types of experiments on these materials with reference to theoretical concepts and models. The experimental normal-state properties are emphasized, and within these the electronic and magnetic properties because of the likelihood of an electronic/magnetic mechanism for superconductivity in these materials. © 2010 Taylor & Francis. Source

Howell S.H.,Iowa State University
Annual Review of Plant Biology | Year: 2013

Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress is of considerable interest to plant biologists because it occurs in plants subjected to adverse environmental conditions. ER stress responses mitigate the damage caused by stress and confer levels of stress tolerance to plants. ER stress is activated by misfolded proteins that accumulate in the ER under adverse environmental conditions. Under these conditions, the demand for protein folding exceeds the capacity of the system, which sets off the unfolded protein response (UPR). Two arms of the UPR signaling pathway have been described in plants: one that involves two ER membrane-associated transcription factors (bZIP17 and bZIP28) and another that involves a dual protein kinase (RNA-splicing factor IRE1) and its target RNA (bZIP60). Under mild or short-term stress conditions, signaling from IRE1 activates autophagy, a cell survival response. But under severe or chronic stress conditions, ER stress can lead to cell death. © Copyright ©2013 by Annual Reviews. All rights reserved. Source

The present application discloses low temperature, low pressure methods (LTLP) for upgrading and/or stabilizing bio-oil or a bio-oil fraction. One method comprises providing a bio-oil or bio-oil fraction and hydrogen, which are reacted in the presence of a catalyst at a temperature of less than 150 C. and a pressure of less than 100 bar (absolute) to produce a hydrogenated liquid oil at a carbon yield of over 75%. Another method comprises providing a bio-oil or bio-oil fraction, providing oxygen reducing reaction conditions, and reacting the bio-oil or bio-oil fraction under the oxygen reducing reaction conditions at LTLP to produce an upgraded bio-oil product containing fewer carbonyls than the bio-oil or bio-oil fraction. Yet another method comprises providing a bio-oil or bio-oil fraction and a solution comprising one or more fermentation organisms and a sugar source. The solution and bio-oil or bio-oil fraction are combined to obtain a fermentation mixture, which is incubated at 15 C. to 30 C. for 16 to 72 hours to produce an upgraded bio-oil fermentation product containing fewer carbonyls than the bio-oil or bio-oil fraction.

University of Iowa and Iowa State University | Date: 2015-08-18

The invention provides a method to prevent or treat HIV-infection with synthetic tannins, and pharmaceutical compositions comprising synthetic tannins.

Deere & Company and Iowa State University | Date: 2015-09-15

A crop sensing system for a baler includes a compression system for forming a bale and a feed system for picking up crop from a surface and conveying the crop to the compression system. The crop sensing system includes a sensor arrangement having at least one sensor being coupled to at least one of the compression system or the feed system, wherein the at least one sensor generates a signal corresponding to a crop load on the at least one of the compression system or the feed system. The crop sensing system includes a control unit configured to receive the signal from the sensor arrangement and calculate crop mass data based on at least the signal.

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