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San Jose, CA, United States

InvenSense | Date: 2015-01-27

A rotational sensor for measuring rotational acceleration is disclosed. The rotational sensor comprises a sense substrate; at least two proof masses, and a set of two transducers. Each of the at least two proof masses is anchored to the sense substrate via at least one flexure and electrically isolated from each other; and the at least two proof masses are capable of rotating in-plane about a Z-axis relative to the sense substrate, wherein the Z-axis is normal to the substrate. Each of the transducers can sense rotation of each proof mass with respect to the sense substrate in response to a rotation of the rotational sensor.

A microphone system includes a diaphragm suspended by springs and including a sealing layer that seals passageways which, if left open, would degrade the microphones frequency response by allowing air to pass from one side of the diaphragm to the other when the diaphragm is responding to an incident acoustic signal. In some embodiments, the sealing layer may include an equalization aperture to allow pressure to equalize on both sides of the diaphragm.

A packaged microphone has a lid structure with an inner surface having a concavity, and a microphone die secured within the concavity. The packaged microphone also has a substrate coupled with the lid structure to form a package having an interior volume containing the microphone die. The substrate is electrically connected with the microphone die. In addition, the packaged microphone also has aperture formed through the package, and a seal proximate to the microphone die. The seal acoustically seals the microphone and the aperture to form a front volume and a back volume within the interior volume. The aperture is in acoustic communication with the front volume.

Interfacing application programs and motion sensors of a device. In one aspect, a high-level command is received from an application program running on a motion sensing device, where the application program implements one of multiple different types of applications available for use on the device. The high-level command requests high-level information derived from the output of motion sensors of the device that include rotational motion sensors and linear motion sensors. The command is translated to cause low-level processing of motion sensor data output by the motion sensors, the low-level processing following requirements of the type of application and determining the high-level information in response to the command. The application program is ignorant of the low-level processing, and the high-level information is provided to the application program.

InvenSense | Date: 2015-10-22

A microphone module has a substrate with an aperture to allow sound waves to pass through the substrate, a lid mounted to the substrate to define a first interior volume, a microphone mounted to the substrate within the first interior volume, and a housing coupled to the substrate and covering the aperture. The housing forms a second interior volume and includes an acoustic port configured to allow sound to enter the second interior volume. The module further includes a pipe extending from the acoustic port in the housing, and at least one exterior interface pad outside of the second interior volume. The pipe has an open end to receive sound waves and direct them toward the acoustic port in the housing. Moreover, the at least one exterior interface pad electrically couples to the microphone.

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