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Boxmeer, Netherlands

Intervet International B.V. | Date: 2012-05-25

The present invention relates to immunostimulatory oligodeoxynucleotides, vectors and vaccines comprising such oligodeoxynucleotides, to their use as a medicament, to their use in preventing or combating infectious disease, to methods for the detection of such oligodeoxynucleotides and to cells to be used in these methods.

Intervet International B.V. | Date: 2012-01-26

Described are methods for making macrolides, and, in particular, a method for making optionally substituted 20,23-dipiperidinyl-5-O-mycaminosyl-tylonolide and derivatives thereof, as well as uses of macrolides to make medicaments, methods of treatment using macrolides, and methods for making intermediates that, among other uses, may be used to make macrolides. Also described are solvated and non-solvated crystalline forms of 20,23-dipiperidinyl-5-O-mycaminosyl-tylonolide, as well as methods for making such crystalline forms, medicaments comprising (or derived from) such crystalline forms, methods for making medicaments comprising (or derived from) such crystalline forms, methods of treatment using such crystalline forms, and kits comprising such crystalline forms.

Disclosed is a method of making particles of a drug wherein use is made of diafiltration. The diafiltration can be with anti-solvent, in which case a precipitate is obtained of particles as such. The diafiltration can also be with a pharmaceutically acceptable suspension medium. In that case several process steps of isolating, drying, transporting of particles can be avoided, because the suspension resulting from the synthesis of the particles is directly turned into a final drug product formulation.

Intervet International B.V. | Date: 2012-10-19

The present invention relates to the field of veterinary vaccines, in particular to that of vector vaccines for poultry based on recombinant nonpathogenic Mareks disease virus (npMDV). The recombinant npMDV of the invention expresses stably and effectively two heterologous genes each originating from a different micro-organism: the fusion protein gene from Newcastle disease virus, and the viral protein 2 gene from infectious bursal disease virus. A vaccine based on this recombinant npMDV can be used to induce in poultry a protective immune response not only against Mareks disease, but also against Newcastle disease and Infectious bursal disease. The invention also relates to methods and uses involving the recombinant npMDV, expression cassette, infected host cells, and vaccines.

Intervet International B.V. | Date: 2013-08-16

The present invention pertains to a composition containing an immunogenic cell preparation of killed

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