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Milpitas, CA, United States

Intersil Corporation is an American global company formed in August 1999 through the acquisition of the semiconductor business of Harris Corporation. Intersil is a power management IC company, specializing in the development of highly efficient power management and precision analog technology for applications in industrial, infrastructure, mobile, automotive and aerospace. Wikipedia.

Intersil | Date: 2015-12-11

An embodiment of a coupled-inductor core includes first and second members and first and second forms extending between the first and second members. The first form has a parameter (e.g., length) of a first value, and is operable to conduct a first magnetic flux having a first density that depends on the first value of the parameter. The second form is spaced apart from the first form, has the parameter (e.g., length) of a second value different from the first value, and is operable to conduct a second magnetic flux having a second density that depends on the second value of the parameter. Because two or more of the forms of such a core may have different values for the same parameter, the core may be suitable for use in a multiphase power supply where the currents through the phases are unbalanced.

An electronic system, method of manufacture of a semiconductor structure, and one or more semiconductor structures are disclosed. For example, a method of manufacture of a semiconductor structure is disclosed, which includes forming a first semiconductor substructure over a semiconductor substrate, forming a first spacer layer over the first semiconductor substructure and the semiconductor substrate, and forming a second semiconductor substructure over at least a portion of the first spacer layer.

Optoelectronic devices (e.g., optical proximity sensors), methods for fabricating optoelectronic devices, and systems including optoelectronic devices, are described herein. An optoelectronic device includes a light detector die that includes a light detector sensor area. A light source die is attached to a portion of the light detector die that does not include the light detector sensor area. An opaque barrier is formed between the light detector sensor area and the light source die, and a light transmissive material encapsulates the light detector sensor area and the light source die. Rather than requiring a separate base substrate (e.g., a PCB substrate) to which are connected a light source die and a light detector die, the light source die is connected to the light detector die, such that the light detector die acts as the base for the finished optoelectronic device. This provides for cost reductions and reduces the total package footprint.

An optical sensor, according to an embodiment of the present invention, includes a photodetector region and a plurality of slats over the photodetector region. In an embodiment, the slats are made of an opaque polymer material, such as an opaque photoresist. In an embodiment, the slats are angled relative to a surface of the photodetector region.

Intersil | Date: 2015-10-01

A hysteretic current mode buck-boost voltage regulator including a buck-boost voltage converter, a switching controller, a window circuit, a ramp circuit, and a timing circuit. The timing circuit may be additional ramp circuits. The voltage converter is toggled between first and second switching states during a boost mode, is toggled between third and fourth switching states during a buck mode, and is sequentially cycled through each switching state during a buck-boost mode. The ramp circuit develops a ramp voltage that simulates current through the voltage converter, and switching is determined using the ramp voltage compared with window voltages provided by the window circuit. The window voltages establish frequency, and may be adjusted based on the input and output voltages. The timing circuit provides timing indications during the buck-boost mode to ensure that the second and fourth switching states have approximately the same duration to provide symmetry of the ramp signal.

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