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Biocanin R.,State University of Novi Pazar | Sacirovic S.,State University of Novi Pazar | Ketin S.,Trg Dositeja Obradovica 6 | Canak S.,State University of Novi Pazar | And 3 more authors.
Polish Journal of Environmental Studies | Year: 2015

When CB (chemical and biological) armor is applied as protection against CB accidents and CB terrorism and to remove the consequences of contamination, one of the principal activities is performing final decontamination. For this purpose, caporit (calcium hypochlorite) in water solution is, we believe, the most frequently used material. This is an inorganic substance with active chlorine. When solution is properly prepared, it is useful, economical, effective, and applicable for decontamination and desinfection activities. Production of this material consists of finding production materials, collecting them, proper equipment use, quantifying, preparing both the production area and the equipment, solution production, effectiveness control, and, finally, the use of product made. Technology depends on quality and quantity of repro material in disposal, aperature, and equipment, employees' education, business organization, and protective measures during the working process. In terms of highly-toxic chemical and biological contamination it is necessary to perform chemical and biological decontamination as soon as possible. © 2015, HARD Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

French L.A.,University of New Hampshire | Kovacevic G.,University of Sarajevo | Nikolic-Novakovic L.,International University of Novi Pazar
Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly | Year: 2013

The Balkan Wars of 1991 to 2002 left the former Yugoslavia in ruins, a situation made only worst with the recent worldwide recession. Untreated civilians and Veterans caught up in the war, the worst in Europe since World War II, has had an even greater impact on youth. Sectarian hostilities and prejudices within and between the three major ethnic populations in Bosnia-Herzegovina - Orthodox Serbs, Muslim Bosniaks, and Catholic Croats, as well as the Orthodox Serbs and Muslim Albanians in Serbia/Kosovo - has led to impulsive violence and increasing mental and physical health problems among these second-generation war victims. The authors' pilot study administered a Slavic-language Problem-Oriented Screening Instrument for Teens to schools in Bosnia-Herzegovina that represented the three major sectarian groups (Orthodox, Bosniak, Catholic) as well as in the war-torn Vojvodina province of Serbia. © 2013 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

Sukic C.,International University of Novi Pazar | Kudumovic M.,University of Sarajevo
HealthMED | Year: 2010

In this article we evaluated the factors influencing the quality of transmitted video signals by modern communications network. In this the most important is the effect of coding bit rate and data loss in the network, which joint impact is analyzed by software simulations for final consideration of the practical performance of the compressed MPEG digital images transfer. Related to this is verified the inaccuracy od common expectation that increasing the bit rate of the coders contributes to the improvement of image quality, because it is strictly true only for communication channels with no losses, while the quality in real life systems this function is not always increasing when the video packets are subject to losses, so there is an optimum value of the coding bit rate, which maintains the quality of received video at a satisfactory level.

Lukovic V.,University of Kragujevac | Milosevic D.,University of Kragujevac | Devedzic G.,University of Kragujevac | Sukic C.,International University of Novi Pazar | And 2 more authors.
HealthMED | Year: 2010

This paper describes the de novo method of constructing the OBR-Prox-Femur application ontology for the pathology domain of proximal femur (fracture of proximal femur) from the OBR reference ontology, suggesting the appearance of the OBR Pathological structure class. Moreover, this paper analyses the appliance of SEP triplet and adapted SEP triplet modeling methodologies in modeling role propagation and specialization properties of the part-of relation in the part of the OBR-Prox-Femur application ontology.

Ketin S.,University of Novi Sad | Sacirovic S.,University of Nis | Sacirovic S.,University of Belgrade | Plojovic S.,International University of Novi Pazar | And 2 more authors.
Russian Journal of General Chemistry | Year: 2014

This paper analyzes the oil and petrochemical complex with four scenarios (for different threshold limit values of pollutants concentrations) from whence the following conclusions have been made: Based on the results of modeling and analysis of aggregate data it can be concluded that the application of software ALOHA (model) it is possible to plan and manage the set limit values for concentrations of pollutants in industrial plants along with monitoring the dispersion of pollutants in the oil and petrochemical complex. The model was applied, which based on Gaussian distribution calculates maximum range of pollutants and pollutant concentrations. These researches are specific, highly complex and rare, and for the first time conducted by using the model of SO2 and NO2 dispersion, the dominant pollutants in the oil and petrochemical industry complex. The paper provides relevant information based on which emitters were detected with the highest level of environmental and working environment pollution. By the analysis of the used data conclusions were obtained about the effects of pollutants on pollution that provide safe and reliable conclusion on the emitters, causes of pollution of industrial plants of oil and petrochemical complex. © 2014 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

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