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Muraspahic M.,Heating Plants | Kastrat I.,Eco Association | Plojovic S.,International University of Novi Pazar | Imamovic M.,Institute of Biomedical science | And 2 more authors.
Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences | Year: 2017

BACKGROUND: The abnormal conditions of life and genetic factors often play a major role in the incidence of "diabetes - diabetes", heart disease and vascular disease, jaundice and posttraumatic stress. AIM: Trauma and posttraumatic stress are most common in the displaced persons, and the focus of this paper is to focus on this issue regarding cases in former Yugoslavia, and now in our country. These diseases are caused by increased beta-cell sensitivity to viruses, the development of autoimmune antibodies attacking their pancreas cells, degenerative changes in cells that result in the change of structure and of insulin production. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this paper, we have taken into account the traumatic events and long-term psychosocial consequences for internally displaced persons, several years after displacement, and found a high level of PTSD symptoms. RESULTS: This stress is present in almost 1/3 of internally displaced persons, and every sixth person has suffered from PTSD in the past. Respondents suffer from symptoms of intrusion, but there was a large number of symptoms, such as avoidance and increased arousal. We also found that gender, age and education are related to the symptoms. CONCLUSION: Females, and older respondents and internally displaced persons with lower levels of education show a higher level of PTSD symptoms. © 2017 Muamer Muraspahić, Isaja Kastrat, Semsudin Plojović, Mirsad Imamovic, Sonja Ketin, Rade Biocanin.

Sukic C.,International University of Novi Pazar | Sabanovic M.,The High Tehnical School
Technics Technologies Education Management | Year: 2010

How to have a quick glimpse of the possibilities and the current status of a supplier? How can a supplier see our production plans at a glance, in order to timely prepare for our demands for raw materials and thus gain business confidence from a known customer? How can a commercial office quickly check the inventory at remote facilities of the retail chain? How to determine which model is going where, who's working better, and who is not working hard? How to coordinate activities with the cooperation and business partners in a better way? However, Web applications, in addition to all the good qualities and the ability to consolidate operations into a single business process, to connect isolated "islands" in one unit, unify business processes of all participants in the venture, have certain disadvantages. One of the most obvious problems is "poor" graphical user interface.

Skendemvic I.,International University of Novi Pazar | Kalac B.,International University of Novi Pazar
Technics Technologies Education Management | Year: 2012

Thanks to the opening of traffic between Mon- tenegro-Serbia and development of timber industry, Rozaje, has grown from the town, as it was after the Second World War, with 1,464 inhabitants, to the town that now has about 10,000 inhabitants. The main natural and economic potentials are the forest, as a solid raw material base for the development of timber industry, large pastures and meadows, as the basis for extensive cattle breeding and very large natural resources for the development of mountain tourism.Economic development, however, did not much reliance on intematl resources. Raw material base for industry, with the exception of wood, is located outside the municipality, tourism potentials are only partially used, and most of the pastures and meadows are unused.

Kudumovic D.,University of Tuzla | Mujevic M.,International University of Novi Pazar | Sukic C.,International University of Novi Pazar
Technics Technologies Education Management | Year: 2011

Multi-modal transport - intermodality is essential for the development of alternatives that will be able to compete with road transport. There were several palpable achievements in the area excluding some big ports well connected to the railway or waterways (e.g. Port of Bar, Montenegro). Therefore, actions should be undertaken aimed at securing a more complete integration of those types of transport which potentially offer a large transport capacity so that they could be efficiently managed links in the transportation chain that would link individual transport services. The priorities must be technical compatibility and interoperability of the system, especially of the container system. Apart from that, new EC support programs (Marco Polo) having as their objectives innovative initiatives, especially promotion of marine highways will tend to make intermodality not merely a slogan, but that it should become a competitive and economic living reality. The industrialization processes of today, inevitable contemporary global tendencies of markettrade that has been significantly increased recently, found their only gradual solution in application of modern transportation (integral, intermodal, multimodal and combined) integral systems. The first part of this thesis is about some basic concepts, aims and terms of application of multimodal transportation systems. The second and third parts are about classifications and definitions of multi-modal integral transportation systems. The second part puts an emphasis mainly on specific types of integral transportation systems (land transport, railways, marine transport, river transport and air transport), while the fourth part contains final considerations and conclusion.

French L.A.,University of New Hampshire | Kovacevic G.,University of Sarajevo | Nikolic-Novakovic L.,International University of Novi Pazar
Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly | Year: 2013

The Balkan Wars of 1991 to 2002 left the former Yugoslavia in ruins, a situation made only worst with the recent worldwide recession. Untreated civilians and Veterans caught up in the war, the worst in Europe since World War II, has had an even greater impact on youth. Sectarian hostilities and prejudices within and between the three major ethnic populations in Bosnia-Herzegovina - Orthodox Serbs, Muslim Bosniaks, and Catholic Croats, as well as the Orthodox Serbs and Muslim Albanians in Serbia/Kosovo - has led to impulsive violence and increasing mental and physical health problems among these second-generation war victims. The authors' pilot study administered a Slavic-language Problem-Oriented Screening Instrument for Teens to schools in Bosnia-Herzegovina that represented the three major sectarian groups (Orthodox, Bosniak, Catholic) as well as in the war-torn Vojvodina province of Serbia. © 2013 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

Sukic C.,International University of Novi Pazar | Kudumovic M.,University of Sarajevo
HealthMED | Year: 2010

In this article we evaluated the factors influencing the quality of transmitted video signals by modern communications network. In this the most important is the effect of coding bit rate and data loss in the network, which joint impact is analyzed by software simulations for final consideration of the practical performance of the compressed MPEG digital images transfer. Related to this is verified the inaccuracy od common expectation that increasing the bit rate of the coders contributes to the improvement of image quality, because it is strictly true only for communication channels with no losses, while the quality in real life systems this function is not always increasing when the video packets are subject to losses, so there is an optimum value of the coding bit rate, which maintains the quality of received video at a satisfactory level.

Lukovic V.,University of Kragujevac | Milosevic D.,University of Kragujevac | Devedzic G.,University of Kragujevac | Sukic C.,International University of Novi Pazar | And 2 more authors.
HealthMED | Year: 2010

This paper describes the de novo method of constructing the OBR-Prox-Femur application ontology for the pathology domain of proximal femur (fracture of proximal femur) from the OBR reference ontology, suggesting the appearance of the OBR Pathological structure class. Moreover, this paper analyses the appliance of SEP triplet and adapted SEP triplet modeling methodologies in modeling role propagation and specialization properties of the part-of relation in the part of the OBR-Prox-Femur application ontology.

Djapic M.,University of Kragujevac | Lukic L.,University of Kragujevac | Zukorlic E.E.,International University of Novi Pazar | Kilibarda V.,International University of Novi Pazar
Technics Technologies Education Management | Year: 2012

The paper presents a new approach to uncertain evidence integration in the design process decision making. The approach is based on a constant evaluation of design solutions based on evidence (information, knowledge) from two independent knowledge sources. Therefore, a mechanism was created (the coefficient of relative decrease of uncertainty) to measure the consensus of thus related evidences. The basis of this approach lies in the Dempster - Shafer belief function theory which is used for the mathematical representation of uncertain evidences and the generalization of the concept of entropy applied to set theory.

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