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London, United Kingdom

International Power plc is a multinational electricity generation company headquartered in London, United Kingdom and a wholly owned subsidiary of GDF Suez.International Power was formed in 2000 by the demerger of National Power. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange from 2000 to April 2012, and was a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index for most of that period. It had a market capitalisation of approximately £16.9 billion as of 23 December 2011, making it the 24th-largest company on the London Stock Exchange. In February 2011, GDF Suez acquired a 70% interest in International Power. The purchase of the remaining 30% was announced by GDF Suez in April 2012, and the transaction closed in July 2012. Wikipedia.

International Power | Date: 2013-01-30

A dynamic high-energy switch used for correcting load imbalance through connecting and disconnecting capacitance in a power feed circuit.

International Power | Date: 2014-09-09

A vehicle after-sales service system has a main controller and a cloud platform communicating with the main controller. The main controller is adapted to be equipped on a vehicle and to transmit vehicle information set by an original equipment manufacturer to the cloud platform. The vehicle information can include vehicle body information, chassis information, motive power information, entertainment information and error information. The cloud platform receives and stores the vehicle information from the main controller for providing after-sales service to provide innovative service and to meet the owners need.

International Power | Date: 2014-08-05

The invention relates to a rapid tri-state bidirectional switching device with three switching states of forward, backward and idle connection positions, comprising a shell and a movable electrode arranged within the shell for switching among the three states, wherein the movable electrode is provided with a movable contact point at either end thereof, the shell is provided with a fixed contact point at the front and rear sides thereof respectively corresponding to the movable contact points, a driving solenoid shaft is arranged above and connected to the movable electrode housing, and provided with a front locking notch and a rear locking notch, the device further comprises a release lock cooperating with a front locking notch and a rear locking notch to lock the movable electrode housing. The rapid bidirectional tri-state switching device is advantageous for its short switching time, small size and contact reliability.

International Power | Date: 2014-12-08

An intelligent, cloud-based and real-time vehicle care system has a vehicle diagnostic device, a remote server and a user device. The vehicle diagnostic device is mounted in a vehicle and has a control unit and a wireless transmission unit. When the control unit receives a trouble code from a diagnostic system or determines that the vehicle encounters trouble based on vehicle information received from a CAN bus system, the control module provides trouble diagnostic information to the remote server, and then the remote server transmits the trouble diagnostic information to the user device. Therefore, the user can operate the user device to review whether the vehicle encounters trouble in real-time.

International Power | Date: 2015-02-12

A pig receiver and method retrieve pigs in pipeline pigging operations. In one embodiment, a pig receiver includes a pig receiver unit. The pig receiver also includes a pig gate valve assembly disposed on the pig receiving unit. The pig gate valve assembly includes a gate valve. The pig gate valve assembly also includes a first actuator and a second actuator. The pig gate valve assembly further includes a cylinder guide. In addition, the pig gate valve assembly includes a tie bar. Actuation of the tie bar actuates the gate valve. An end of the tie bar is attached to the first actuator, and an opposing end of the tie bar is attached to the second actuator. The pig receiver also includes a system for removing contaminants from the pig receiver.

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