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Systems and methods for managing and/or improving interference in cells may be provided. For example, in embodiments, a partial-band Almost Blank Subframe (PB-ABS) subframe and/or a spatial Almost Blank Subframe (SABS) may be provided and/or used for coordinating communication with in networks with smaller and larger cells (e.g. pico or macro cells). For example, a PB-ABS may provide a dimension (e.g. frequency) that may be used to define a region and/or particular resources (e.g. resource blocks) reserved for pico cell operations or transmissions and a region or other resources (e.g. not those reserved for pico cell operations) available for macro cell operations or transmissions. Additionally, based on beam parameters (e.g. associated with cell partitioning), SABS may offer an additional dimension (e.g. spatial) that may be used to prevent transmission in a particular spatial direction.

A method and apparatus are disclosed for efficient hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) process utilization for semi-persistent and dynamic data transmissions, wherein a reserved HARQ process identification (ID) can be reused. A subset of a plurality of HARQ process IDs is reserved to use for a semi-persistent allocation, and data is transmitted based on the semi-persistent allocation. A dynamic allocation is received via a physical downlink control channel (PDCCH). At least one of the reserved HARQ process IDs is selectively used for transmitting data based on the dynamic allocation.

InterDigital Inc. | Date: 2015-10-12

A method for cell selection including a closed subscriber group (CSG) cell is described, the method including receiving priority information or reselection information, storing the information at a wireless transmit/receive unit, and applying the priority information for cell selection.

InterDigital Inc. | Date: 2015-10-28

A method for supporting proxy mobile internet protocol (PMIP) in a local mobility anchor (LMA) is described. The method includes receiving a request for multicast information corresponding to a request for multicast services from at least one of a plurality of wireless transmit/receive units (WTRUs) which require multicast services associated with a multicast group. The method also includes transmitting, to a mobile access gateway (MAG) via an aggregated multicast tunnel, multicast information for distribution to at least one of the plurality of WTRUs in the multicast group. The multicast information comprises an IP address corresponding to the multicast group.

InterDigital Inc. | Date: 2015-06-19

A method and apparatus for handling a control channel for carrier aggregation in wireless communications. The method includes determining which component carrier to listen to, detecting the downlink control channel, processing mapping information related to downlink and uplink transmissions and operating discontinuous reception with respect to carrier aggregation. The method also includes detecting a component carrier, determining the component carrier type and locating the anchor component carrier, if necessary, where the anchor component carrier carries the carrier aggregation information.

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