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Chacabuco, Argentina

The Interamerican Open University is a private university in Argentina. Its main seat and rectorate is located in Buenos Aires. It has educational facilities in six locations in the city and in Buenos Aires Province, as well as three locations and an administrative seat in Rosario, Santa Fe.The university was founded in 1995. It is part of a network called Vanguardia Educativa, made up of non-confessional teaching and research institutions. It has the following faculties: Architecture science of Communication Entrepreneurial science Law and Political science Educational Development and Research Medicine and Health science Human Motricity and Sports Psychology and Human Relations Informatics Technology Tourism and HospitalityUAI provides also postgraduate education, granting master's degrees in several fields. Wikipedia.

Rosanova M.T.,Hospital de Pediatria J P Garrahan | Lede R.,Interamerican Open University
Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases | Year: 2014

Studies about risk factors for mortality in burn children are scarce. We conducted this study to evaluate the risk factors for mortality in pediatric burn patients. We included 110 patients. Mean age was 31.5 months (range: 1 to 204). The burn surface was between 1% and 95%(median 27%) Type of burn was: A or superfitial in 39 patients (36%), AB or intermediate in 19 (17%), and B or full thickness in 52 (47%). Inhalatory injury was present in 52 patients (47%). Invasive procedures were: venous catheter, 90 patients (82%), arterial catheter, 83patients (75.5%), urinary catheter, 86 patients (78%), and mechanical ventilation, 75 patients (68%). In 84 patients, 128 infections were diagnosed. in 53 cases (48%). Multiresistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acynetobacter baumannii were the most common organisms isolated. The median length of hospital stay was 33 days (r: 8-139 days). Seventeen patients (15%) died and 14 of them of infection-related causes. Age≤ <4 years, Garcés 4, full thickness burn, ≥ 40% burn surface, presence of inhalatory syndrome, use of venous catheter, arterial catheter, urinary catheter and mechanical ventilation, positive blood cultures, colistin use in documented multiresistant infections, antifungal use and graft requirement, were identified as risks factors for mortality in the univariate analysis. By multivariate analysis: age ≤4 years, Garcés 4, colistin use in multiresistant infections, mechanical ventilation and graft requirement were independent variables related with mortality. Conclusions: In this series of burn children age ≤ 4 years, Garces index score 4, colistin use in documented multiresistant infections, mechanical ventilation and graft requirement were identified as independent variables related with mortality. © 2013 Elsevier Editora Ltda. Source

Acuna V.M.S.,Interamerican Open University
AES: Journal of the Audio Engineering Society | Year: 2015

The change brought by loudness normalization sets newrequirements in audio measurements motivating the characterization of the available meters. The method presented proposes a procedure for characterizing the dynamic response of an audio meter and provides a means to identify it. Laboratory measurements made on classic electromechanical VU meters using the method described in this paper show that they are close to RMS values and provide better representation of volume than today's more commonLEDladder semi-peak responding meters. By utilizing a simplified variation of the above-referenced method, various audio measuring devices were evaluated quantifying their dynamic characteristics. Source

Most of the approaches to the eating disorder considered to have a policausal etiology in which interacting predisposing factors, triggers and maintainers. Among the predisposing factors it noted that dissatisfaction with body image is very important, detecting their presence mostly in women from puberty and specifically in adolescence. Recent studies showed the influence that the aesthetic body model spread by the mass media has on dissatisfaction with body image. This pattern produces dissatisfaction with one's body and increases the levels of dissatisfaction. In the present research we have studied the connection between the two variables in 314 students at high school from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was confirmed that there is a correlation between the variables, detecting that a higher level of influence of the beautiful pattern increases the dissatisfaction with body image. These results allow to hypothesize that both variables act as predisposing factors and provide evidence to theories that consider the eating disorder as culture-bound syndromes. © 2015 Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Facultad de Estudios Superiores Iztacala. Source

Frances R.J.,Interamerican Open University
Experimental and Clinical Cardiology | Year: 2010

INTRODUCTION: Identification of late potentials requires the reduction of random noise by signal averaging. The importance of using a very low noise level (NL) as the end point of the averaging process in patients with ventricular tachycardia, the variation of results when a lower than standard NL was used and the modification of the sensitivity of the test when a very low NL was reached were evaluated. METHODS AND RESULTS: Signal-averaged electrocardiograms were recorded in 36 patients with ischemic heart disease and spontaneous or induced sustained or nonsustained ventricular tachycardia. Thirteen patients showed negative or indeterminate results on recordings with an NL of 0.3 μV. Eight patients (group 1) underwent a second recording with an NL of 0.1 μV. Eight normal volunteers constituted the control group (group 2). The total duration of the filtered QRS vector magnitude (QRSd), the root mean square voltage of the terminal 40 ms of the vector magnitude (RMS 40) and the low amplitude signal duration under 40 μV in the terminal portion of the vector magnitude (LAS) modifications were evaluated. A significant difference (P<0.01) in these parameters was observed in group 1 (15.88%, 48.25% and 68.5%, respectively) when both recordings were compared. Tests were positive in all patients (100%) with NL reduction. In group 2, tests were negative in all patients (100%) at both NLs (0.3 μV and 0.1 μV). QRSd was 1.18% longer, RMS 40 was 1.38% lower and LAS was 3.55% longer with NL reduction. CONCLUSION: Late potentials in patients with ischemic heart disease, ventricular tachycardia, and a negative or indeterminate signal-averaged electrocardiogram may be detected if the NL is reduced to 0.1 μV. Reduction of the NL increased the sensitivity of the test without modifying its specificity. ©2010 Pulsus Group Inc. All rights reserved. Source

This work demonstrates that the diagnosis of soils that have been contaminated with dangerous substances after remediation can be done with non invasive techniques, with cost and time reduction, and avoiding the sample cross contamination risks of invasive methods. The noninvasive methods used in this particular case of accidental contamination with concentrated sulphuric acid were electromagnetic induction and geoelectric. According to the results, it is concluded that the complementary use of both methods allows making a correct diagnosis of the remediation effectiveness. Source

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