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Long Beach, CA, United States

Agency: Cordis | Branch: H2020 | Program: FCH2-RIA | Phase: FCH-01.2-2014 | Award Amount: 4.99M | Year: 2015

The principal aim of the project is to develop an EU-centric supply base for key automotive PEM fuel cell components that achieve high power density and with volume production capability along with embedded quality control as a key focus - to enable the establishment of a mature Automotive PEM fuel cell manufacturing capability in Europe. It will exploit existing EU value adding competencies and skill sets to enhance EU employment opportunities and competitiveness while supporting CO2 reduction and emissions reduction targets across the Transport sector with increased security of fuel supply (by utilising locally produced Hydrogen).

Intelligent Energy Ltd. | Date: 2015-05-07

Mobile water heating systems for producing hot water are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a mobile water heating system includes a water heater having an oval-cylindrical shape. The water heater includes a shell, a lid and a water reservoir having a screen. A first heating coil and a second heating coil can extend between the screen and a first cone and a second cone, respectively. A first burner and a second burner can be configured to mix and combust fuel and air and direct the resulting flames through the heating coils. Pall rings can at least partially fill an interior volume of the water heater and the combustion of the fuel and air can heat the heating coils and the pall rings. Water can be heated by being directed through the heating coils and through a water manifold positioned to spray water on the pall rings.

Intelligent Energy Ltd. | Date: 2015-03-04

A hydrogen generator system and a fuel cell system including the hydrogen generator system are disclosed. The hydrogen generator system includes a replaceable cartridge that is removably contained within the system, and an external pump disposed outside the cartridge housing and configured to pump a fluid. The cartridge includes a cartridge housing, a liquid reservoir disposed within the cartridge housing and configured to contain a liquid including a reactant, a reaction area disposed within the cartridge housing and within which the reactant reacts to produce hydrogen gas, a liquid flow path disposed within the cartridge housing and through which the reactant liquid can flow from the liquid reservoir to the reaction area, and an internal pump disposed within the cartridge housing that can be operated by the external pump and is configured to transport the reactant liquid through the liquid flow path.

Intelligent Energy Ltd. | Date: 2015-10-20

An electrochemical cell system includes a fluid manifold having a layered structure. The fluid manifold includes at least one conduit layer having a first side and a second side. The at least one conduit later has at least one conduit channel.

Intelligent Energy Ltd. | Date: 2015-02-23

The invention relates to mixed metal borohydrides used for solid hydrogen storage. The mixed metal borohydrides are synthesized through solution synthesis using multiple metal borohydrides. First and second precursor solutions are prepared and combined to create a mixture in which the mixed metal borohydride is formed. The solvent is removed, leaving the mixed metal borohydride. The first precursor solution consisting essentially of lithium borohydride, and the second precursor solution consisting essentially of a borohydride compound containing one or more metal cations selected from the group of metals consisting of sodium, magnesium, calcium and titanium.

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