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Pleasanton, CA, United States

The invention provides compositions and methods for storage of biomolecules. The biomolecules are stored via absorption to a substrate. Absorbed biomolecules can be eluted or recovered from the substrate at a future time, and optionally be subjected to a subsequent analysis or application. Biomolecules absorbed to a substrate for storage may also optionally be preserved, i.e., the absorbed biomolecule is resistant to or resists degradation.

IntegenX | Date: 2015-08-12

Methods and devices for the interfacing of microchips to various types of modules are disclosed. The technology disclosed can be used as sample preparation and analysis systems for various applications, such as DNA sequencing and genotyping, proteomics, pathogen detection, diagnostics and biodefense.

The disclosure provides methods and devices for separating and detecting nucleic acid fragments labeled with a plurality of spectrally resolvable dyes using a single light source or multiple light sources. Use of a greater number of light sources increases the number of spectrally resolvable dyes that can be interrogated. Labeling fragments with a greater number of spectrally resolvable dyes permits more overlapping of fragments with differentiation of the fragments, and thus separation can be conducted on a smaller range of fragment sizes/lengths. To improve the detection sensitivity of a detection system employing multiple light sources, light emitted by the light sources can be spatially separated from one another and/or the intensity of each of the light sources can be modulated. Each of the one or more light sources can be, e.g., a laser or a light-emitting diode. The methods and devices of the disclosure are useful for performing genetic analysis, e.g., analysis of a plurality of STR markers utilized in a forensic database (e.g., CODIS) to identify humans.

The present disclosure provides systems and methods for sample preparation, processing and analysis. Also provided in the present disclosure is a fully-integrated electrophoresis cartridge which has a small footprint and configured to removably engage with the system.

The invention provides a system that can process a raw biological sample, perform a biochemical reaction and provide an analysis readout. For example, the system can extract DNA from a swab, amplify STR loci from the DNA, and analyze the amplified loci and STR markers in the sample. The system integrates these functions by using microfluidic components to connect what can be macrofluidic functions. In one embodiment the system includes a sample purification module, a reaction module, a post-reaction clean-up module, a capillary electrophoresis module and a computer. In certain embodiments, the system includes a disposable cartridge for performing analyte capture. The cartridge can comprise a fluidic manifold having macrofluidic chambers mated with microfluidic chips that route the liquids between chambers. The system fits within an enclosure of no more than 10 ft

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