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Florczak B.,Instytut Przemystu Organicznego | Salacinski T.,Instytut Przemystu Organicznego | Maranda A.,Military University of Technology | Sitkiewicz-Wolodko R.,Military University of Technology
Przemysl Chemiczny | Year: 2013

The com. solid double-base propellants and 2 semi-active cellulose nltrate-contg. masses were studied for sensitivity towards mech., thermal and shock wave pulses by std. methods to det. their chem. stability. Both propellants were unstable and must be subjected Immediately to recycling.

PowalLa D.,Instytut Przemystu Organicznego | Orzechowski A.,Instytut Przemystu Organicznego | Maranda A.,Military University of Technology
Przemysl Chemiczny | Year: 2011

4,10-Dinitro-2,6,8,12-tetraoxa-4,10-diazatetracyc lo-[ 5-903,11]dodecane (TEX) was synthesized by condensation of CHOCHO with HCONH2 to 1,4-diformyl-2,3,5,6tetrahydroxypiperazine and its nitration with a mixt of concd. HNO3 and H2SO 4 in presence of urea at below 50°C. TEX was sepd. by rapid cooling on ice and purified by crystn. from HCONMe2, N-methylpyrrolidone, Me2SO, Me2SO-glycerol mixts. or 100% HNO3. The crystn. from Me2SO-glycerol mixts. yielded product with the best crystal size needed for prodn. of TEX-based plastic-bonded explosives. The addn. of 40% TEX to a hexogen and polytetrafluoroethylene mixt, resulted In a significant decrease in sensitivity to mech. stress without any decrease of detonation velocity of the explosive.

Florczak B.,Instytut Przemystu Organicznego | Bialek M.,ZPS | Szczepanik M.,ZPS | Dzik A.,ZPS | Matlok A.,ZPS
Przemysl Chemiczny | Year: 2013

Tube-like charges of a double-base propellant were studied for burning rate in a lab. rocket motor at 228 K and 338 K. The internal-burning tube grain where the outer surface burning was inhibited and the burning occurred from the inside and on both ends was assumed. The temp, relationship of pressure was detd. and used for caicg. the burning rate and temp, sensitivity of pressure.

NH4NO3 was phase-stabilized by addn. of metal complexes or salts and mixed with Mg powder (16-36%) and hydroxyterminated polyether (10-25%) to produce a solid propellant. The propellant was characterized from thermochem. point of view.

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