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Puławy, Poland

Phosphate P content in the title river water was detd. in 2006-2009 to study the impact of agriculture and mainly of municipal wastewater on the water pollution. The data were tabulated. The storage reservoir at Zemborzyce contributed to decrease in phosphate P content in the Bystrzyca river water.

Korzeniowska J.,Zakladzie Herbologii i Technik Uprawy Roli | Stanislawska-Glubiak E.,Zakladzie Herbologii i Technik Uprawy Roli | Hoffmann J.,Wroclaw University of Technology | Igras J.,Instytut Nawozow Sztucznych
Przemysl Chemiczny | Year: 2012

Fine and coarse phosphate rocks were compounded with elementary S and used as fertilizers In pot cultures of oat, mustard, maize, lupine and rye for 2 years. An Increased crop (15-142%) was achieved after addn. of the mixed fertilizers in the 2nd year of the study esp. at higher phosphate-S mass ratio (14:1 or 10:1). An Increase of P content In the plant tissues (up to 20%) was also detd. The most positive effect was obsd. for lupine, the most negative for mustard.

Skowron P.,University Przyrodniczy w Lublinie | Igras J.,Instytut Nawozow Sztucznych
Przemysl Chemiczny | Year: 2012

Water samples were taken from Bystrzyca River and its tributaries (26 points) each month from May 2006 to May 2009 and analyzed for quality (contents of nitrate and ammonia N). Addnl. results of anal, of wastewater samples taken in 2006-2009 from the Bystrzyca river catchment before and behind of 10 municipal and district wastewater treatment plants and analyzed for BOD and contents of N and P were taken into consideration. Water pollution was connected rather with sewage release than with the fertilizing in agriculture.

Cu was electrochem. removed from an aq. soln. of CuSO4 (1.0 g Cu2+/L) in a cell with 6 bulk cathodes made of graphite cubes 10×10×10 mm, graphite rollers diam. 5 mm, height 5 mm and irregular coke chunks 3-5 mm in size. The final concn. was decreased down to 1-3 mg Cu2+/L when coke chunks were used as the cathode. A new concept of using removable cathodes shell decrease the Cu concn. down to below 0.2 mg Cu2+/L.

Aq. solns, of NH 4NO3 (conc. 40-98% by mass) were heated up to boiling for 10 h optionally in presence of (NH4) 2SO4, Ca(NO3)2 and Mg(NO 3)2 to follow the decompn. of NH4NO3 The decompn. was accelerated in presence of HNO3 and inhibited in presence of NH3 The addn. of (NH4)2SO 4, Ca(NO3)2 and Mg(NO3)2 resulted in a small decrease in NH4NO3 decompn. rate.

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